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Welcome to the Corporation of Lazarus! - We're Dead Serious.

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Embassies: The North Pacific, The East Pacific, the South Pacific, the West Pacific, Osiris, Balder, the Rejected Realms, Gay, One big Island, Hell, Caer Sidi, Pacifica, and The Oasis.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

Lazarus contains 5,811 nations, the 7th most in the world.

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The Most Inclusive in Lazarus

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, Lazarus is ranked 5,408th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Benevolent Queendom of Divine CervineDemocratic Socialists Hell“Tomorrow hasn't been so terrible”
2.The Republic of TellesopiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“What the heck?”
3.The Republic of SilverforkCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“Grand, meaningless statement goes here.”
4.The Democratic Communist Empire of Aguaria MajorLiberal Democratic Socialists Ivory Tower Reality Disconnect Zone“Out of friendship and brotherhood, we forge communism.”
5.The Holy Nation of FuruiaDemocratic Socialists Hell“Peace and Mercy”
6.The Grand Duchydom of VorinInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“We're here first...wait, who are you?”
7.The Monarchy of Glowing DiamondsScandinavian Liberal Paradise Gay Marriage State“Ab intra”
8.The Nomadic Peoples of Fireflower201Scandinavian Liberal Paradise Gay Marriage State“support the environment; it's kind of important”
9.The Participatory democracy of HardcorepunkScandinavian Liberal Paradise Gay Marriage State“EquⒶlity”
10.The Union démocratique fédérale of LegiqueCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“But do you really know? Do you really know?”
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Haedes wrote:I assure you, you all will have plenty of time to enjoy their company... even lazarus will die one day


ASSUMING we can keep NationStates afloat, and

ASSUMING humans will be able to get off earth in time not to be killed by the exploding sun, and

ASSUMING we will colonize the galaxy, all the while have NationStates still be running, and

ASSUMING humans will be able to harness the energy of black holes and survive past the heat death of the universe.

Lazarus never has to die.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Mzeusia wrote:Happy Earth Day everyone!

The Copper States are unsure whether to celebrate Earth day or Genetic Modification day.

Referendums are being held, meanwhile neighbourhoods take sides in what is the true celebration of the day.

Prepare for chaos to ensue.

Greater Saint-Paul wrote:Ooc: beware plot twist (kind of)

Joana stood at the entrance of the nest. From afar, she and her hunting party could see thousands and thousands of glowing golden lights, marching out of the Golden Mountain. “What in the world?” She asked herself. Soon, many other ants stood and watched the spectacle: Golden ants in golden armor marching out the entrance of the nest. She wondered what had made them assemble a army. Then it hit her. Litteraly. She was punched in the face by a red fist. Joana desperately bit the air, and her sisters came to her aid. A crimson corpse layed in the ground, and she watched as many more climbed the Mountain of Claws. “SOUND THE ALARM” an ant shouted. A great horn could be heard from wide and afar. Even the golden spots stopped their agitated movement. The trapjaws were being invaded.

Joana rushed down into the nest to the armoury, where she found hundreds and hundreds of trapjaws in their armour of bronze and bones. She grabbed her armor and charged back up. A great battle happened before her eyes. The defenders were suffering heavy casualties and ants in crimson armour charged ever closely to he entrance. She quickly made it to the front lines. As more professional soldiers and hunters made it to the battle, the slower ether crimson ants advanced. Joana fought fearsomely, and many red heads layed on the ground. Although focused, she could see glimpses of red dots on the Golden Mountain, fighting golden warriors: a double invasion, cutting off the two main threats to the crimson advance.

The jawed warriors fought bravely, but the red ants had the superior numbers. After 3 brutal hours, the queen escaped with the most elite guard after they dug a tunnel that streched 1 meter away from the nest. Finally, the trapjaws retreated. Joana miraculously survived the battle. Her left leg was injured and part of her right jaw was laying in the floor ahead of her, but she survived. After the retreat, the red ants rushed into the nest and quickly killed any resistance.

The once glorious Mountain of Claws was in shambles. The once brave and fearsome Jawed Warriors were broken. The remaining ants of the colony didn’t know what to do, and all were in distress. In the background, the ants could hear the battle for the Golden Mountain. Joana was happy they were already prepared for that. The arrogance of the Trapjaws led to their demise. Suddenly, the confidence they held for being the best warriors of the land went down the sink. But there was still hope. The guard United with the army in shambles and the formulated a plan: they would try to sneak past the crimson camps and try to support the golden ants. All agreed. After some time of preparation, they departed.

OOC: I went a bit backwards in time to before the Shimmering/golden ants were engaged.

The shimmering ants streamed forth from their many nest entrances. They emerged into the sun with great speed, rapidly flooding the bare earth outside of the nest. It was their that they gathered, and gather they did. All the many thousands of ants had answered the call to arms, and as they did so, the lieutenants were there with them, shouting and herding, all to arrange them in terrifying ant units.

Among the smaller ants, the ant majors came. They lumbered out, feet stomping on the hard ground, heads packed with muscle and swaying as they moved into position, as if dancing to some war dance only the ants knew. When the great beasts had gotten into position, the lieutenants ordered a handful of ants onto them. Lieutenant Mand directed a few ants from her unit onto the M ajor ant, and with a "Yes Ma'am!" they leapt onto the nearest Major, whom they would ride into battle and fling themselves off of at first contact with the enemy.

The summons had been answered with remarkable speed, and by now there were only a handful of ants yet to get into position. The Shimmering army, arranged all as one like this was a truly terrifying sight. With golden armour shining in the light, with mandibles sharp and at the ready, with the sheer size of their force, the ants felt that if there was ever a time for fighting the Red Menace, now was that time.

With spirits high and the tantalising scent of victory in the air, the ants shuffled in their positions, anxious to being the fighting. Nevertheless, they knew what must first happen before they could set off down the path of vengeance. One of the Queens would address the army. They could not fighting, for they were too valuable to colony survival; even stepping outside was a greatly avoided act for the royal, as it meant exposure to predators, but with the entire colony assembled and ready for war, one Queen had agreed to grant her royal blessing for just a moment, safe with the knowledge that no predator would dare attack her while in such a protected situation.

The ants grew silent as the Queen and the Royal Guard cam slowly out of the nest. No-one moved from their unit, all standing to attention with bated breath for her first words. The Queen moved to slightly higher ground, being guided and protected by her bodyguards. She stood over the army now. She looked out at them all, and began to speak.

"My warriors, I have told you all what we must do to prevent the Red Menace from further threatening our lands. You all know your purpose, and on this day, you will achieve that purpose, I am sure. I wish you luck, strength and courage in battle, and I give you all my royal blessing. I have full confidence in your ability, and know that you shall return home clutching victory between your mandibles."

With those words, the Queen, paused, looked out at her army once more, and made her way back into the nest. When she was gone, an ant that had been by her side on the rock, stepped forward. This was Supreme General Antisia, the great leader of all Shimmering forces. She was famed throughout the ant world for her strategic prowess and ability. She had led the Secure Border initiative and galvanised mass support for 'Operation Shimmering Strength', a military operation that had seen Shimmering influence greatly expand in the ant world. Now she stood before the army, ready to led them into battle.

"Lieutenants!" she said, voice charged with deadly purpose. "You all know the plan. On this day, we protect the colony. We fulfil our combined duty to the colony. This day will go down in history beside the most triumphant of days. You soldiers may have only heard of great deeds carried out by Shimmering Warriors, but this is your chance to go down in history. This is your chance to join the greats, the heroes, those that sacrificed all for the common good. Let us march!" She scampered down from the rock and charged forward. The rest of the army followed her letting loose a wild cry that shot into the air.

Just as she was speaking, a horde of red ants erupted from the undergrowth. They were a fearsome sight to behold but with acting swiftly, the Shimmering army turned to face them, quickly recovering from the surprise of the counter-attack. Luckily there was enough of a gap still left for the now defending ants to position themselves appropriately. As the red ants crashed against the lines of the yellow ants, Supreme General Antisia ordered the major ants forward. With their heavy bodies and many ants holding on, they ripped into the invaders, using their great heads to batter ants out of the way.

Following them, the infantry of the yellow ants pushed forward, spraying acid and dodging enemy attacks. Despite the vigour with which they defended their nest, the Red Menace had superior numbers, and every time one of them was killed, two Shimmering ants seemed to go down amid the crush of bodies. Seeing that a frontal attack would not be in the yellow ant's favour, Supreme General Antisia ordered several units of ants around the sides of the red army, forcing the invaders to fight on three sides. Next, she grabbed on to her Major ant and urged her own unit of elite ants forward, sweeping around the battle.

Situated near the back of the Red Menace forces, the commander of their army shouted orders in an attempt to direct the fighting. Then, like a bullet, the Supreme General and she unit crashed through the leader's own unit, slaying ants left and right. Within a few minutes, Antisia held aloft the head of the Red Menace commander. She let out a cry of encouragement to her troops, and the Red Menace soldiers watched in horror. Now, not only had their leader been killed, but they were fighting a loosing battle on three sides.

One by one, the red ants began to buckle under the pressure, turning around and heading for the only side which wasn't blocked by the ever-advancing wall of yellow ants. As the first few went, a chain-rout ensued as more and more red ants turned and tried to flee.

"Onward!" the Supreme General cried. "Do not let one ant among them get away. We have the advantage and it must be pressed!

Dear leader prepared to roll out the new "chores are just life skills" rebranding advertising campaign for the twins. There will be cake but sadly no fireworks.

Hello Lazarus! I am Galfni and i was apart of this lovely region a little under 2 years ago! I hope to be active on this site again and was wondering if anyone would be willing to endorse me? Thanks for everyone who takes the time to read this!

Mrs. Tubbius, for once, has a busier day than His Immensity. Her Motherhood has been asked to visit a training class for first-time mothers-to-be, advising them about the joys and woes of pregnancy, and She will then have to try on some new MaTubbity wear at a nearby Tubbabies. By contrast, His Rotundity gets to stay home with the children and pets, cleaning and feeding and playing as necessary.

Galfni wrote:Hello Lazarus! I am Galfni and i was apart of this lovely region a little under 2 years ago! I hope to be active on this site again and was wondering if anyone would be willing to endorse me? Thanks for everyone who takes the time to read this!

Welcome back, and as for the endorsement, you need to join the WA first.

Galfni wrote:Hello Lazarus! I am Galfni and i was apart of this lovely region a little under 2 years ago! I hope to be active on this site again and was wondering if anyone would be willing to endorse me? Thanks for everyone who takes the time to read this!

Hello Galfni, once you are back in the WA, Leonism will endorse you.

Leonism wrote:Hello Galfni, once you are back in the WA, Leonism will endorse you.

Dear leader will too

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