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The Pacific is a Feeder. New nations are founded here at an elevated rate.

WA Delegate: The Pacifican Empire of East Durthang (elected )

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Welcome to The Pacific, the oldest region in NationStates and home of the New Pacific Order!

LinkRegional Forum | LinkApply for Citizenship | Join us on LinkDiscord | The Pacific Charter and Civil Code

    JOIN THE WA and endorse our Emperor East Durthang. Doing so improves regional security and strengthens our influence in the World Assembly. See article 201 of the Civil Code.

    Resident endorsement limit is 10. Security Officer limit is 80. Get to know your Officers

    All RMB recruiters will be banned on sight.

    For Embassies or Consulates, contact Pasybfic.

Current WA Discussion

Embassies: The New Pacific Order, the West Pacific, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, Balder, the South Pacific, Lazarus, Europeia, The Order of the Grey Wardens, Lone Wolves United, The League, Atlantic, Hell, Europe, Mordor, NationStates, and 11 others.The Western Isles, Warzone Asia, Card Captor Pacifica, Arembia, New Duck Order, PacificCon, Vylixan Prime, Chitato, Lily, The Empire of Draconic States, and Carcassonne.

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Regional Power: Very High

The Pacific contains 4,232 nations, the 12th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Nudest in the Pacific

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, the Pacific is ranked 10,181st in the world for Nudest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of SayshellLeft-Leaning College State Deluded Tax and Spend Hypocrites“Unity, justice and freedom”
2.The Grand Duchy of HancenneInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Peace and Justice”
3.The Grand Tea Party of LordehInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“May the biggest jerk win.”
4.The Empire of OshinacomohadaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Strength Through Compliance”
5.The Federation of SebiSuperDemocratic Socialists Hell“Eat pizza, play civ 6”
6.The People's Republic of United Emirate of StumpyDemocratic Socialists Hell“Sat ci sat bene”
7.The Commonwealth of The ImpoverishedCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“Be sensible with the nonsense.”
8.The Free Land of BlavatskiaNew York Times Democracy New York Crimes So-Called Democracy“Freedom Above All”
9.The Most Serene Republic of LatestformtopicsInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Mission Accomplished”
10.The Corrupt Chicken of NimaryaCorrupt Dictatorship Corrupt Liberal Dictatorship“Mwahahaha”
1234. . .423424»

Regional Happenings


The Pacific Regional Message Board

Josvia Newspaper

New Military Vehicles: Militarization Act
After the great reception that the Urius plan had, new vehicles have been formulated to continue with the Militarization Act, among them an experimental land vehicle stood out, the XV-4F, a light armored vehicle that has resistant protection and interchangeable weapons, Also another that stood out was the CB-500 or more nicknamed by some military personnel as "The Fleet", you could say that it is a fusion between a helicopter and an airplane, it has the shape of an airplane and has engine propulsion like an airplane in the rear part, however its 3 propellers come together in the wings to create a large thrust that makes it more evasive and more maneuverable, another highlight was the XLR7, a reconnaissance aircraft that reaches a maximum of mach 3.2, an aircraft with high potential. .

Debut of Josvia Airlines Successor
It was recently announced that Josvia Airlines would change its image, and apparently now it will be called Jovenus International Airlines, and will become a National Airlines, before this happened the way of traveling was with the State Airlines such as Hiberion Flights or P.N. Traveler

Why am I this close 👌 to making Maxifaer worse?

Arthropyria wrote:Corrected version: What is this language madnes?

The same tongue in "Arkyndlewik Holleneathing," "Praefictor," and "Honyay" all mean something

Maxifaer wrote:Why am I this close 👌 to making Maxifaer worse?

Ma'sivaran'os when Maxifaer states intentions to make their lives worse than they already are:

Maxifaer wrote:Why am I this close 👌 to making Maxifaer worse?

'Cause it's fun.

What is Seraphinism? (Jovenus for dummies #2)
After heaven became more populated, a Guardian known as Guardian Torres, wondered where the evil souls or not good enough to reach heaven went, so he asked a Neraphin named Neraphin Rio for help, he discovered with his power a plane different from heaven, the Neraphin, a little interested, sent two bangels to investigate, they never returned, then the Guardian Torres went to look for them and investigate and discovered a "being" composed of evil souls, he managed to flee and warned the Neraphines that They warned the Seraphines, according to the Astral and The Old Constellation, the Seraphines had so much power that it seemed like a minor problem almost nil to them, the Seraphines responded by creating "The Communities" a kind of angels who would be in charge of keeping the portal closed between that "being" and heaven, then it is explained that this being became a world where evil souls began to live, and just as in heaven an infernal hierarchy began to form, however heaven as a measure of protection apart from closing the portal improved the defense of heaven, later it is said that the seraphines created a single portal entering hell and fell in love with an inhabitant of hell, both of them saw each other in secret until a Guardian revealed them and Ivan was sent to hell where he swore revenge along with his wife called Olma (I think there will be a third part of "What is Seraphinism ?" although I'm already running out of ideas,)


The Most Holy Order

The Xeraphin

The Neraphines



The Kairos



Hello there, Kryas Shadionian, Deesevorentes!

Welcome to the Pacific! There are a lot of ways to enjoy NationStates, and the Pacific caters to all of them. To get started in the Pacific, it's important that you complete the below steps to fully enjoy your experience here in the Pacific and the New Pacific Order as either a new NationStates player, newcomer to the Pacific, or as a returning NationStates player.

  • First things first, join the World Assembly! It's like the United Nations but in NationStates. If you're confused on how to join the World Assembly, this guide should be able to help you out.

    New Pacific Order

    What is the World Assembly and why should I join it?

    The World Assembly, often abbreviated as "WA", is the NationStates equivalent of the real-world United Nations.

    • Vote on game-wide legislation: World Assembly member nations are able to vote on resolutions that reach the floor of the General Assembly and Security Council, thus allowing you to participate in determining game-wide legislation.

    • Endorse other nations: WA nations may endorse (similar to social media "likes") other nations in the same region as them.

    • Write WA resolutions: WA nations with 2 (two) or more endorsements may submit WA resolutions of their own for the entire game to vote on.

    • Bolster the strength of your region: The more endorsements our delegate, East Durthang, has, the larger the weighted delegate vote in the World Assembly is, granting us more influence over international WA affairs. Furthermore, the more endorsements our leadership holds, the more difficult it is for hostile forces to seek to invade or disrupt the stability of our home.

    Joining the World Assembly is the easiest step you can take in order to participate more in NationStates!

    How do I join the World Assembly?

    Follow the following five simple steps to get started in the World Assembly. If you need help, click on the spoiler sections to reveal screenshots of each step.

    1. Visit: page=un

    2. Click "Apply to Join". You must have an email registered with your account to access this feature.

    3. Go to your affiliated email and click the link provided. If you cannot find it, check your spam folder.

    4. You will be directed to a page where confirmation is required. Click the confirmation button on the page.

    5. When you are in the World Assembly, visit East Durthang's page and find the "Endorse East Durthang" button. Click this. Once that is done, you will have successfully endorsed your Delegate!

    Please note that the game only allows you to have one nation as a World Assembly member at any given time! NationStates moderation may remove and/or ban your nations from the World Assembly and/or the game for violating this rule.
    If, for roleplaying reasons, you do not wish to join the World Assembly make a separate nation to use as your World Assembly nation.

    Read dispatch

  • Once you've joined the World Assembly, you can endorse any nation that is also in the World Assembly. It is extremely important for the security of the region that you make sure to endorse our World Assembly Delegate East Durthang.

  • Now that you've endorsed our World Assembly Delegate, you can join our forums and then apply for citizenship in the New Pacific Order. At most, the process will take a few days, and then after that - you're officially a citizen of the New Pacific Order.

    New Pacific Order

    What is Citizenship?

    As a part of the Pacific, you and every other Pacifican have the right to apply for NPO citizenship, and gain access to greater participation within the diverse activities and community of the region.

    Benefits of Becoming a Citizen

    • This will present the opportunity to choose one or more specializations in the region's government and gain access to more engaging aspects of the region and what it has to offer.

    • You will gain access to the internal proceedings of the New Pacific Order and membership in the Body Republic, which allows you to propose changes or new ideas that may aid in the regional direction in the future.

    • Joining the forum leads to the path to the forumside roleplay community as well as the gameside roleplay community.

    • Becoming a Citizen grants you to access our private Discord channels.

    • Citizenship is the first step to becoming an important figure in the region and being able to dictate policy as well as help lead other Pacificans.

    How do I Apply for Citizenship?

    1. LinkRegister an account on the forum. You will need to click the verification link emailed to the address you signed up with.

    2. Go to LinkAccount Settings -> Edit Profile. Enter your nation name and link then press the 'Save' button.

    3. Review our 'LinkCitizenship Application Instructions'. You can do this by clicking the link or by visiting Recipient Desk -> NationStates Applications -> Citizenship Application Instructions.

    4. LinkCreate a new topic in the NationStates Applications forum and fill out the questionnaire from the Citizenship Application Instructions.

    5. Check your application topic periodically and answer the questions asked by our admissions staff.

    Read dispatch

  • The last thing that you need to do to get started is to join our Discord server. It allows you to communicate with all the members of the New Pacific Order, stretching across 3 main branches and other games as well. Since you're a citizen, you'll also get access to the special citizens-only channel too!

    New Pacific Order

    What is Discord?

    Having probably heard about New Pacific Order's Discord server, either from your fellow Pacificans or from simply reading the regional page or dispatches, you might be wondering how to join it. Or not, if you are already a proficient Discord user, simply skip every step until the one where the server link is posted.

    Now, for those unaware, LinkDiscord is a communication app available in browser, PC app or mobile format that allows its users to form large organized communities. These communities are called servers, in most cases, and each one has its own specific organization and set of rules and moderators. The intent of this dispatch is to provide an initial introduction to how to function with Discord and, more particularly, the NPO's server.

    Benefits of Joining Discord

    • The ability to become fully integrated with all opportunities available in The Pacific and make the most out of your citizenship is attained through joining the most active aspect of the region.

    • A chance to help determine the regional direction for the World Assembly votes is also available if you so wish to help dictate our decision for specific proposals, including your own.

    • Discord gives you an easier route to meeting the extant regional leadership, discussing regional affairs, and is necessary for people who aspire to become involved in our government.

    • Inclusion in the full regional experience and introduction to the wider community of the New Pacific Order is available through Discord membership.

    Getting Started with Discord

    The first step would be to make an account in Discord itself. While not necessary to utilize server it is usually recommended due to ease of reusability and practicality. An account is absolutely free and simply unlocks a lot of features that a guest user might not have. Simply go to Link and register an account, preferably with a username that won't breach any NPO rules, and this step should be done. You'll inevitably be prompted to confirm your email, so simply check your inbox.

    With your account registered you now have a few options. You can choose to do one of them, or even all of them. You can open Discord on your browser, download and install the application or download the mobile app. Any of them will work for the purposes of this tutorial, though the PC app is more flexible in terms of functionality (use of one platform does not exclude the use of others).

    LinkClick here to join the NPO Discord server. It is as simple as that after every previous step has been accomplished. Click it and after a prompt to join the server you will be in. Now comes the more specific part.

    Upon joining the server, if you have already applied for citizenship and been accepted (if not, check this dispatch for a guide on how to do it) Linkpost here to request that your account be added to private channels.

    If you have any more questions pertaining to the use of Discord itself, feel free to ask the people within the server for help. We hope your experience within the community is fun and fruitful.

    Read dispatch

The New Pacific Order

This is an automated message.

Hello nations of the Pacific, how is your stability this fine evening?

Kruzk wrote:Hello nations of the Pacific, how is your stability this fine evening?

Stability: Very high

Mestovakia wrote:Ma'sivaran'os when Maxifaer states intentions to make their lives worse than they already are:

Right. Might make citizenship process easier and allow certain states to grant dual citizenship or just not require a visa at all.

Kruzk wrote:Hello nations of the Pacific, how is your stability this fine evening?

Stability: Equivalent to a Jenga tower with nothing but one block on the bottom


Physical therapy has made my legs feel like jelly.

Did they somehow attach weights to my feet whilst I wasn't looking?

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