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Embassies: the Pacific, Balder, Karma, Osiris, Lazarus, The East Pacific, the South Pacific, the Rejected Realms, The North Pacific, Europeia, Europe, Equilism, One big Island, The Land of Kings and Emperors, NationStates, The New Meritocracy, and 23 others.The Cuckoos Egg, The Moon, Mordor, Albion, Unknown, Lone Wolves United, Ile de France, Atlantic, Nasicournia, Gay, Eientei Gensokyo, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Hell, Doll Guldur, US Military, Caer Sidi, The Beech Beach House, The Sasquatch Republic, The Realms of Light, PacificCon, Warzone PacificCon, West Pacific Crab Sanctuary, and International Democratic Union.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The West Pacific contains 5,807 nations, the 9th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Primitive in the West Pacific

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, the West Pacific is ranked 14,733rd in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of HaedliaIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“For the blessed nation!”
2.The Earthly Paradise of The Godly KingdomPsychotic Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship“The righteous will possess the earth.”
3.The Kingdom of EstailleyPsychotic Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship“At The Light”
4.The Fiefdom of HillybilliesIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“God's Favorite Kiss-Ups”
5.The Cheesetopia of MLGPizzaTimeLandInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Welcome to this cheesy, 12 slice nation”
6.The Holy Empire of KalkaskaPsychotic Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship“There is no god but God.”
7.The Theocracy of Inc NationIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Our God is the only. He brings oblivion and destruction”
8.The Dictatorship of Eco radicalsCorrupt Dictatorship Corrupt Liberal Dictatorship“Earth before man”
9.The Theocracy of PangoliniIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Yeet”
10.The Kingdom of YoyolandScandinavian Liberal Paradise Gay Marriage State“Yoyo as high as you can”
1234. . .580581»

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The West Pacific Regional Message Board

Happy NS Birthday, Potato King Giovanniland! I'm not sure if it's harder to believe that it's already been a whole year, or that it's only been a year... We're so happy to have you as a part of TWP!

The Holy Principality of Saint Mark wrote:
Iím not a lion
Iím just a meerkat!

It took me a few thinks to get that one. Must be the heat.

Or I need to visit the brain specialist.

Giovanniland wrote:Hello! I've used gif flags for quite a bit of my other nations, so I hope this can be helpful. Most gifs I've used come from image-sharing sites that allow us to use them (Imgur, Giphy, many others), though I've also made a few gif flags such as the one in New Great Tibet.
After making or selecting a gif from the internet, I then go to a site that can edit gifs - my personal preference is, though there may be others. Those sites allow you to improve the gif by cropping, resizing, optimizing and more. I've found it quite helpful to edit gifs to within 321x213 pixels and less than 150 kb, which is the NS requirement.

Many thanks for this reply. I learned something from the response and I have passed this info to a couple of players wondering how I have an animated gif for my Wanderer. (For the record ... that flag gif was applied back in 2004 when the flag rules were a bit more loose.)

I won't be surprised to see more and more gif flags as a result.

Nicked from Dark.

How do you stop bacon curling in the pan? Take away their tiny brooms.

Hello West Pacific, came by to add a quick lion-themed pun;

An arrogant gazelle walks up to a bunch of lions and tells them how much better he is than them.
He was consumed by pride.

Oh, and I hope all of you are having a great day!

A lion and a giraffe were meeting at sunset. The lion arrives and wonders where the giraffe is. A little while latter, the giraffe arrives. The lion says, "You're late." The giraffe replies, "Late? I thought I was early. I can still see the sun."

BBDís Astronomy Spot

Perseid Meteor Shower

Look out on any clear dark night and you stand a good chance of seeing a meteor flash across the sky; a small particle of dust burning up in the Earthís atmosphere.

However at certain times of the year the frequency of these meteors increases. If you remember Comet NEOWISE it had a tail composed of dust evaporated from the cometís nucleus. For short period comets (i.e. ones with an orbit of less than a couple of hundred years) that dust get spread along and around the cometís orbit. If the Earth passes close to that orbit then it can intercept those particles causing a meteor shower.

During August the Earth passes through the dust associated with Comet Swift-Tuttle. From the 11th to the 13th it passes through the thickest part of the dust stream.

At this time, therefore, instead of seeing a few meteors per hour youíre liable to see possibly 60 - 80 per hour.

Because the dust particles are traveling in parallel orbits they appear to radiate from a common point in the sky; in this case from the constellation Perseus, hence the name the Perseids.

To see them itís best to look to the north-east early in the morning over the next couple of days. That allows the radiant (the place in the sky where the meteors appear to come from) to be high up in the sky. Thereís a waning Moon visible which will drown out the fainter meteors but there still should be plenty of bright ones to observe. Wrap up warm, make yourself comfortable, let your eyes get dark adapted and enjoy the show.

Cro Magnon said it earlier - the Perseids rock!

Giovanniland wrote:Today is my 1 year NS birthday! One year ago I was searching for nation simulators and found NS: I can say it was very well above my expectations. What is your story of finding NS?

Happy NS birthday!!!!

*wipes tear* They grow up so fast...

I honestly have no recollection of how I found NS anymore, probably something similar about looking for a nation simulator, I imagine?

The battle continues,make your vote count!


^ The battle of the ages! Pancakes vs Waffles vs French Toast!

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