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Union of Allied States RMB

WA Delegate: The Free Land of United Regions of Israel (elected )

Founder: The United Republics of Unified Waterford

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Welcome to the Union of Allied States!
Founded 7 July 2017

All WA members must endorse Prime Minister United Regions of Israel!
We strongly encourage you to join the World Assembly! This is required for citizenship! Join here: page=un

Join our LinkRegional Discord Server for chatting and games! This is strongly encouraged for any nation looking to participate in government!

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    UAS embassy policy

    FactbookMiscellaneous by Rosuva . 14 reads.

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    UAS Leaders Past and Present

    FactbookPolitics by Cappedore . 224 reads.

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Construction of embassies with Enadia has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Union of Allied States contains 92 nations, the 195th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Gambling Industry in Union of Allied States

The World Census tailed known underworld figures in order to determine which nations have the largest gambling industries.

As a region, Union of Allied States is ranked 10,804th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of ZetoxMoralistic Democracy Ordinary Decent Hardworking People“The Great Gazoo!”
2.The Vaunted Vault of New Fort KnoxCapitalist Paradise Decent Hardworking Self-Starters“If you've got gold, you're good!”
3.The Great Principality of Great Piddly-WiddlyRight-wing Utopia Utopia“Better than Lesser Piddly-Widdly”
4.The Empire of Oblivion GuardInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“What is it citizen?”
5.The United States of Politically Incorrect AmericaCorporate Bordello Patriotic Business Zone“We the people.... I mean, excluding most people.”
6.The Republic of Western Sentinel StatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Freedom”
7.The Constitutional Commonwealth of The Commoners Republic of AmericaCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“Mind your Own Business when Pursuing Happiness.”
8.The Semi-Confederated Federation of ChokokuCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“Brightest Lights, Brightest Citizens”
9.The Matriarchy of MoonbunsInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“This is bananas”
10.The Republic of The United Sentinel SystemsCapitalist Paradise Decent Hardworking Self-Starters“A Beacon of liberty Amongst the Stars”
1234. . .910»

Recent polls: “Senate Vote on C.A.5 - "The Fifth Constitution of the Union of Allied States"”“Senate Vote on S.B.15. - "Union of Allied States Penal Code"”

Regional Happenings


Union of Allied States Regional Message Board

Leria wrote:I'd like to say thank you to all who supported me in this Leadership Election.

It's been an absolute privilege to lead this organization since its founding. We've been through a lot, just over a month ago we were the smallest organization in the region, and now we are the largest, unified under a purpose, progress. It was clear since our defeat in the last election under the coalition that change in the opposition was needed. What we needed was to be in touch with the populous, we shifted away from the radical ideas of the abolition of the Secret Service and the support of non-WA member voting. No more are we that un-electable coalition, we shifted to a set of moderate ideals of reform for the region which the people of the UAS can believe in. Under a continuation of my leadership, along with my running mate, Cappedore, will see a continuation of electability as a stable, united force in a midst of political stagnation, with a manifesto to prove ourselves in October.

Reform isn't about radicalism or controversy, its about stability and unity. We need to create a system that everyone in the region can agree with, we cannot create a constitution written by one, it has to be written by all. This is why I am proposing a conference in October, where we can create a constitution that all can agree with, with a careful examination so that we create a system that works. We won't be pushing through legislation without any prior thought, we need to take it stable on this path of reform. We have to create a system for all, not just the Reformists. Our government will be one for all of the UAS, working for a better tomorrow. We won't be caught in the past as one may suggest, but rather we will be a region looking forwards, carving out a better future for ourselves.

For the Union!
- Leria
Leader & Co-Founder of the Reformist Party

I am exited to see your leadership of the party

I would like to announce my candidacy as Senate Consul. Thank you

Rosuva wrote:thank you

Don't mention it!

Rosuva wrote:Trump himself votes by mail as do many republicans so if its reliable for them why is not reliable for us.

Red Flag Laws infringe on our rights as they allow anyone to get there guns taken away by the federal government without due process.

Again President Trump is not taking away the right to vote by mail, his administration is making sure that mail voter fraud doesn't occur. You can still vote via mail, in accordance to your state laws.

United Osean Federation wrote:Done

Thank you Vice Chairman United Osean Federation! It looks great!

Freedom for Hong Kong wrote:Hello, Kronomia here, from Libertas.

I just read this issue of The Loranian Times, well written by Seven Seas, and I would like to say that I too have had trouble with Yashou japan. He heavily plagiarized a dispatch that I wrote, and continuously maintain, about the Blue Liberation Army. He essentially stole my dispatch to use it for his own military, the Democratic Liberation Army.

I politely confronted him about it, but naturally, my post was suppressed.

Anyways I just thought you guys might want to know this, since it appears that you have a history of dealing with Yashou japan.

Really! wow! Gazoo didn't know! Thank you for informing us!


The Court wants to announce that it is no longer accepting any testimony regarding the current case. The Court will now go to deliberate and review the case in hand so it can provide a decision within the time as stipulated in the law.

The Great Gazoo of Zetox
Chief Justice

Gazoo just noticed that Region 4 left our Union! Why? Region 4 why you left?

Zetox wrote:Gazoo just noticed that Region 4 left our Union! Why? Region 4 why you left?

He lost our party’s internal leadership election and raged quit.

Chokoku wrote:He lost our party’s internal leadership election and raged quit.

That sad to hear! The Union losing Region 4 is a huge blow. He brings a lot of knowledge and wisdom to our Union.

Gazoo want to express the best wishes to Region 4

Chokoku, thank you for letting Gazoo and the Union what happen.

Gazoo's friends, Gazoo will see you later. Gazoo got class in 15 minutes and need to walk from the library to the classroom! Gazoo will try to be online later today but it is not a guarantee

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