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New World Union contains 58 nations, the 328th most in the world.

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The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in New World Union

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As a region, New World Union is ranked 8,743rd in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Techno-Theocratic Empire of Khazar AutocracyCorporate Police State Entrepreneurial Freedom Zone“Strength, Industriousness, and Fecundity”
2.The Magic Republic of GilderaFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Liberal Dictatorship“Liberty and industry”
3.The Disputed Territories of CheskAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“It's our land.”
4.The God Emperor's of The Impierum of ManIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Suffer not the Xenos or Heretic”
5.The Most Divine Exalted State of NeturereIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“All the omniverse is subject to Katy Pätra”
6.The Adriatic Republic of FNUInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“May God smile upon the Coast”
7.The Resurgent British Empire of Unified EmpiricusInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“All Hail Britannia”
8.The Confederacy of TeriapCorporate Bordello Patriotic Business Zone“You Can't Stop Progress”
9.The Democratic States of Ent MawkwareInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“You Can't Stop Progress”
10.The Confederacy of DoharskNew York Times Democracy New York Crimes So-Called Democracy“Twirling Toward Freedom”

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God am I glad my schedule for checking the RMB is so inconsistent.

        SEPTEMBER, 2083



      The Unified American Federation wrote:The President looked in awe at the Ornithopter, his son gazing at it in child like wonder as they all began to climb aboard. Toshinori let his Wife and Son enter first before entering last. They each placed on their headsets before adjusting them so they would be tightly fit to make sure all would be well insulated from the noise.

      "How many Ornithopters are in service?" President Yagi asked curiously to the officer as he was bracing himself for the takeoff of the aircraft.

      ARKADIEN — The inside was strangely bare, with the plasma-resistant insulation lining the walls between the bulkheads visible against the back of the seat that were up against said walls. The officer placed his cap in his lap after sitting down in one of the seats, "A couple thousand are in service with the Commonwealth Forces, even more in the other militaries within the Commonwealth. This model is the most produced."

      The two pilots at the front continued with their checklist as the generators continued to run before the pilot yelled out, "Wing Operation! Stand Clear!" in Leithanian. A metallic groan sounded, as if the Ornithopter was reluctant to flap its wings before the six dragon-fly esque wings began flapping rapidly, filling the air with a loud buzz as the canopy doors and the rear tail door began to close.

      "Hrimfaxi 101 to EDDI Clearance. Start up Complete, conducting control check and ATIS."

      The radio came back over allowed through the cockpit, "Hrimfaxi 101, EDDI Clearance. Confirmed start up complete. Transmitting ATIS."

      A robotic voice then played, "EDDI Conditions - Wind 7 Knots West. Visibility 16 kilometers. Parted Clouds. Humidity 29%. Temperature 28 degrees. Pressure 101 kilopascals." The pilots then began to do a control check, moving the yoke and pedals around to test the responsiveness of the aircraft's wings.

      They then proceeded to speak onto the radio again, "EDDI Clearance. Hrimfaxi 101, ready for take off."

      "Hrimfaxi 101, EDDI Clearance. Cleared for Take Off and maintain 600 meter altitude."

      "EDDI Clearance, Hrimfaxi 101. Cleared for Take Off and maintain 600 meter altitude. Roger."

      "Readback correct Hrimfaxi, good day."

      The buzz of the blades got abruptly louder before the insect-like aircraft lifted off the ground, and began ascending to the 600 meter altitude. The take off was followed by some loud thuds and the sound of hydraulics moving as the legs of the aircraft folded up and into the gear bays.

      The officer began speaking via the Internal Comms of the headsets. "This specific aircraft is a V-18 Libelle produced by VFW. She's pretty damn fast but also a bit sluggish on the turns. As I said earlier, they're the most widely produced version of the Ornithopter." It became readily apparent as one of the pilots looked to the starboard side that they were wearing fully-encased helmets with some sort of virtual reality headsets built in along with their normal O2 tubing coming down from their masks and into the dash of the ornithopter.

Xotrayjan wrote:"A good man he was!", Edgar said after Mary spoke of George.

They proceeded towards the main house and stopped outside it, Edgar leading the two towards the back where visibly there was a lone tree near the edge of the property, facing the ocean that gently hit the rocks. Under the tree was six people, all in wheelchairs with servants standing behind them.

Nearby as well was Rictiovarus talking to a holographic general or something and his words were audible.
"You will inform Lord de Solaris his uncle WILL NOT be releases and his threats mean nothing. Listen in and If he continues threatening the stability of the empire, you'll them all dead."

"Milord.", the Hologram responded.
"Most troubling news.. the Emperor's condition has been leaked to others... they are already talking of war."

Rictiovarus sighed.
"Show me."

Another hologram appeared, showing a map of all Latin territories. All were green except the Southern half of Iberia.
"Traitors-", Rictiovarus then turned, looking at Mary and Arthur before finishing up.
"Dispatch whatever wings we have left.. we'll wipe out these upstarts.", he then said, the holograms disappearing.

Turning around fully now Rictiovarus approached his sister and Arthur, keeping his hands behind his back.
"Maria, Arthur.", he'd greet then gesture for them to follow him, leading them towards the tree.. and six wheelchairs.. and as they go closer their shapes become more noticable, even from behind. All have silver or extremely blonde hair except one, with a head of flowing red hair..
there'd also be a doctor holding an electric drill, behind the last wheelchair, checking the drill.

Rictiovarus then took the two to see the wheelchair bound people from the front.
"Our brother... and our nephews, our nieces..", Rictiovarus said, he looked serious but his eye twitched with anger.

The Emperor, Prince Ragaelyx, Prince Valar, Prince Cyrila, Prince Daemon, Princess Vysera and Princess Renaella. All sat.. their eyes forward in a dead gaze at the ocean.
Daemon of course had history with Arthur, he was sent to Britain as a child to be away from the war. Before ending up like... this, he was quite the personality. Though Valar was Heir due to being the oldest Ragaelyx was always the favorite due to his honour and legend as a commander.
Amongst them all however.. Vysera was.. well, her skin was turning into something like hardened scales, her legs and arms already being taken over by it with the rest of her body seeming like it was cracking. The doctor with the drill then began drying to drill through the scales though the drill began to smoke and then break.

"This.. this is the emergency. They found-", Rictiovarus then looked at Arthur, pausing before continuing.
"They found something, and this is the result.. them too", he then gestured to the sky where the scorched golden wings silently looked down on the guests.

"But don't worry sister.. I have a plan", he then gave a reassuring smile.. or whatever sort of smile he could muster.
He then turned his gaze to Arthur.
"And you, Arthur. Until I get them to wake up we have things to discuss.", he'd say before pausing.
"...It's time to get our house in order."

Mary held her hand over her mouth and gasped, out of shock at their situation. She didn't understand exactly what was going on and neither did Arthur, who was noticeably less perturbed though still concerned, his eyes almost scorning. "What the hell sort of sorcery is this?" he asked rhetorically, as he gently put one arm on his grandmother's shoulder. The announcement that he had a plan seemed to reassure Mary, though Arthur's eyebrow raised at the inference he was considered part of the House. "Well..." he began, "what could you possibly need from me?"

Oghuz Karluk Union wrote:

"Freeing Iran? In such an instance, we would indeed be quite interested by the happenings south of our border. And what you say is true. Iran has deep significance to us, but so does a country which you have invaded recently - namely, Turkey. If we can have an assurance that such an act will not be repeated, we will be most interested in discussing the matter of Iran. What exactly do you have in mind?"

"Turkey?", Rictiovarus questioned before repeating himself,

He sternly looked at the Vizier.
"We have no interest in Turkey hence why there was never an invasion into that hole of anarchy. If you mean Constantinople that's an entirely different thing. Our forces entered Constantinople as peacekeepers and liberators, Freeing the people from terrorism and warlords.", Rictiovarus then continued to stare at Toshev for a few more moments. He didn't expect the topic to be brought up again.

"What do I have in mind? Giving the bloodsuckers a taste of their own medicine. An attack of our own. You send forces to their border, you let us in your country with basing rights and we will help out as well. We'll also send naval forces to land on their coast. It'll be an attack from both sides. I hardly doubt there'd be much resistance."

Unified Empiricus wrote:

Mary held her hand over her mouth and gasped, out of shock at their situation. She didn't understand exactly what was going on and neither did Arthur, who was noticeably less perturbed though still concerned, his eyes almost scorning. "What the hell sort of sorcery is this?" he asked rhetorically, as he gently put one arm on his grandmother's shoulder. The announcement that he had a plan seemed to reassure Mary, though Arthur's eyebrow raised at the inference he was considered part of the House. "Well..." he began, "what could you possibly need from me?"

"Sorcery? Is that what you want to call it?", Rictiovarus looked up at the scorched Golden Wings then back at the Emperor and his children.
"They touched the flame.", he'd vaguely say before gesturing to Arthur to follow him, thinking it best to leave Mary to take in the situation.

"You're the King of the United Kingdom Arthur, I invited you here not just as a holder of Astraryen blood, or the head of a house we are in union with. But as king, head of a state we are in a... rocky patch with.", Rictiovarus explained.

"These recent confrontations nearly put us into a war and that is something neither of us want or need. We need to take a step back and restore what was lost. Our trade suffered after the situation with the French and the Mediterranean confrontation and public opinion between our nations dropped.", Rictiovarus then stopped walking.
"This visit will do more than you think, between both our nations to improve public opinion and future actions. With you here they all expect dialogue."

Free Jovian Republic wrote:
        SEPTEMBER, 2083


      PORTA OLYMPIAE — As the entered the pit, it was found that the walls of the tunnel were seemingly carved out of one singular piece of rocky material, with spiral carvings, much like rifling, lining the pit. The further inside the station they got, the more spotty the communications were, along with a growing feeling of being watched. Similar to the structure secretly discovered by the Cybertronians, something about the station seemed alive.

      The team on the outside of the ring would find something equally strange. Each of the smaller rings was held in place by large tabs, similar to a brake caliper, with many small antennae at the bottom of the massive trenches. Additionally, the station's orientation was such that flying straight through the ring and keeping that course would eventually lead to the Galactic Core, however it was only coincidence, right?

The teams sent down when finding the rings and antennae went to work to get a response from the machinery. All the while the fleet in orbit was now sending back to CC with on the hour reports about the find. With news from CC that some techs from Stahl Arm's would be coming into system in about serca 1 day's time to help catalog everything about the thing.

Free Jovian Republic wrote:
        𐍉𐌱𐌻𐌹𐍄𐌿𐍃 𐌼𐌿𐌽𐌳𐌹
        SEPTEMBER, 2083



        "The progeny of the Builders looked upon the stars for the Black Sun in search of their creators. Every long, taxing journey brought forth nothing. No charts, maps, or word of mouth could discern the location of the Builders' temple, and the world became Forgotten."
        — Book of Proses; Ambakoum 5:12

      OBLITUS MUNDI, THE FORGOTTEN WORLD — As the vessels arrived, it was obvious from the start the entire system was an anomaly. The star in the center of the system was a strange black mass with a glowing white-yellow border around it. Only two other celestial bodies and a massive ring of asteroids inhabited the system with the strange star, with one being a terrestrial planet with a breathable atmosphere and the other being a brown dwarf.

      Strangely though, the only explorable planet's description matched that of the mythical Forgotten World, the center of a group of stories from ancient texts that predate the Mandalorians by several hundred years. However, preliminary scans would reveal the world was not what was hoped to be long ago. It was decimated, what looked to be ruins or wrecks running along a band of hilly plains along the northern latitudes and not a single life sign. However, further exploration could still bear fruit.

Stand amongst the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer."

The world was as near to a planet wide cemetery with all it's ruins and destruction that had visited the planet. Few Mandalorians had a rule against grave robbing being most times the cause of death. Here it was going to be no different as flocks of Mantis and Fire spray gunships left the miradd of ships most dating back as far as the first "crusades" of the Mandalorians and, ships of the more modern design. Already on the planet the roving bands of hunters where picking over the carcass of the long dead civilization. Some looking for weapons and armor others for cultural items and, others still hunted for what may point to the cause of the desolation that had visited the planet. All the while those still in space stared uneasily at the "sun" of this system. The likeness in appearance of a black hole unnerved many of them.

Slow couple of days then again maybe I should be happy that the coming attack on me. Even if IC I don't know it coming.

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