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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Nordic Fenno-Fascist Empire of Atsuria (elected )

Founder: The Hyper-Fascist Wasp Hivemind of P0RTVGAL

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 148th Most Nations: 381st Largest Black Market: 693rd+23
Most Corrupt Governments: 968th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,036th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,051st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,102nd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,183rd Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,190th Healthiest Citizens: 1,471st Most Cultured: 1,521st Most Authoritarian: 1,599th Largest Governments: 1,666th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,756th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,798th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,803rd Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,810th Most Devout: 1,930th Highest Average Incomes: 1,949th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,967th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,989th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,998th Highest Economic Output: 2,049th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,092nd Most Valuable International Artwork: 2,190th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,259th
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Link -AVE~! Ao Quinto Império-

We are a serious and a proud Fascist region comprising of the awakened and aware men and women of the Earth who all share with them in their hearts and minds a bright unified vision of a moral New Order destined to replace the sociopolitical decadence and decay of the 21st century and to burn away the consumerist-globalist darkness enveloping the world around us.

Politically we are above and beyond the political spectrum, as we wish to unify the sociopolitical bodies of the nation under the care and guidance of the Fascist Corporate-Ethical State


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Embassies: International Debating Area, The Imperial Ministry of Truth, The Imperial Ministry of Justice, United Fascist Workers Association, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, The Union of The Greater Axis Powers, Nazi Europa, The Reich, The Metaxist Front, Committees for Promotion of Integralism, Union of Nationalists, The New Iron Order, The Obsidian Order, The Commonwealth of Crowns, United Imperial Union, IMPERIAL EARTH, and 20 others.The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, The Holy Reich of Bunicken, Council of Islamic States, League of Christian Nations, Coalition of Catholic States, The Confederacy of Free Lands, The West Alliance, Virtu League, Nuevo Amanecer, Estado Novo, Die Schwarze Sonne, Autismia, Austritaria, J o J, Farkasfalka, Predappio, Nations of the New Right, The Black Fleet, The Gaztin Pact, and Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

Construction of embassies with Imperial Entertainment Hub has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Fifth Empire contains 40 nations, the 381st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in Fifth Empire

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Fifth Empire is ranked 11,833rd in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dictatorship of Fascist Imperial RemnantPsychotic Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship“Get out of here Communists”
2.The Dictatorship of Northern MemelandIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Three can keep a secret if two are dead.”
3.The Matriarchy of Fascist FrisiaMother Knows Best State Suspiciously Liberal Dictatorship“Eala Frya Fresena!”
4.The Unified Mesozoic Conclave of The Fascist Technocracy of North AmerikaFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Liberal Dictatorship“Peace Through Tyranny!”
5.The New Fascist Empire of PhoenikLeft-Leaning College State Deluded Tax and Spend Hypocrites“For A New Beginning”
6.The Divine Kingdom of Confederation of Southern MemelandIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“The fate of destruction is the joy of rebirth.”
7.The Corporate-Ethical State of Giovanni GentileCorrupt Dictatorship Corrupt Liberal Dictatorship“Credere, Obbedire, Combattere!”
8.The Republica Nacional Fascista of BrazikaDemocratic Socialists Hell“Ergue-te o mocidade. Avante!”
9.The Imperium of ChalybeaCorrupt Dictatorship Corrupt Liberal Dictatorship“Power enables, Duty defines, Integrity binds”
10.The Hyper-Fascist Wasp Hivemind of P0RTVGALIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Against the cannons, bzzz, bzzz!”

Regional Poll • Would you be interested in serving as the next Imperial Minister of World Politics?

The Nordic Fenno-Fascist Empire of Atsuria wrote:Before you answer, please read the telegram I sent to you to get a more detailed sense of the role to know what you'd be signing up for. ( At least 2 candidates are needed for an election process)

Voting opened 2 days 6 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Fifth Empire Regional Message Board

In the beginning we have the Hunter-Gatherer societies wherein primitive MAN combated the forces of nature in the same struggle for survival that all living things did. Through this STRUGGLE glorious MANKIND triumphed over the physical world through the advent of mighty tools and means of survival no other creature on Earth could conceive of. Proving itself the APEX PREDATOR and cementing our GLORIOUS species' legacy as the ALPHA SPECIES at the top of the food chain meant that we not live as the animals did, in filth and squalor. We left our damp and dark caves and built meager and humble shacks of villages, settling down permanently. This was not enough, however. As we settled our populations expanded rapidly. Hunting and gathering was no longer enough to feed us all. We need MORE.

Thus our PROUD and NOBLE species transitioned to that of an agricultural society, built along the riversides and floodplains wherein the first cradles of PROPER CIVILIZATION began. Here our smelly, overburdened villages transformed into GRAND and GLORIOUS cities. Here we began to truly prove our SUPERIORITY over the other creatures on this world. Though by our modern standards these ancient civilizations were primitive, they were at their time the PEAK and PRIME of humankind. It is from these ancient times that some of the GREATEST civilizations in human history were spawned - legacies so POWERFUL and IMPOSING that their very myths and legends still affects us to this day. It was a time of strong kings, proud cities, mighty empires, and all-powerful gods. Much like before the weak were weeded out as the strong proved themselves capable of surviving in this harsh reality; the GREATEST of civilizations ANNIHILATING those lesser cultures surrounding them with ease and shaping the future for centuries to come.

In the wake of the fall of these GLORIOUS empires came a time of interregnum and uncertainty. With the past behind us and the future unclear, nations STRUGGLED as they rise to clash against one another and entire regions of the world were awakened and revolutionized. In this time the POWER of a kingdom was decided by the POWER of it's GOD. In this time, more so than any other, the POWER of a GOD was unrivaled. GREAT and HOLY WAR was waged between believers to prove the validity of their faiths, whole continents were swallowed by the ambitions of mighty conquerors, and the foundations of a BRAVE NEW WORLD were given life by only the most SHREWD and AMBITIOUS of dynasties.

Then came the DARK AGE - a time of a moral sickness, a great disease of the mind. The hedonist, the libertine, and the degenerate plotted in the DARKNESS to stifle humanity's extraordinary PROGRESS. They told the masses that they must QUESTION EVERYTHING. Be it their LORD, their GOD, their very BEING. Though such it was that GREAT KNOWLEDGE did come from this period, not all this knowledge was desirable. The more cancerous of conceptions began to sunder the power of the STATE, the authority of the CHURCH, and the morality of the NATION. Schisms, revolutions, civil wars, reformations, and other moments of change soon found themselves in the lap of MANKIND'S FUTURE armed with sword in one hand and shield in the other. It was clear they came not to make the human race a more enlightened species as they so claimed, but rather sought to DESTROY all that made us HUMAN. These INTELLECTUAL BLACKGUARDS attacked our very HONOR by implanting seeds of self-centered INDIVIDUALISM and NIHILISM within our societies. They corrupted the very echelons of our greatest empires and force the terrible spread of these VILE and REPUGNANT ideals to foreign lands where they CORRUPTED and RUINED richly-cultured civilizations over several centuries old! Many abominations came from this horrifying time where MANKIND was no doubt at it's CRUELEST and most SELFISH as a result of this sweeping pathogen of mental malevolence. But all of them pale in comparison to one: CAPITALISM.

Humanity's greatest sin - the sin of selfishness - was truly manifested in the form of Capitalism. From the Lake of Fire that was INTELLECTUALISM came the demon-spawn that is CAPITALISM and the world has forever been left the worst for this. The Capitalists were the ones that truly brought about the final DEVOLUTION of the global human civilization by establishing an ENVIRONMENT OF GREED of such unfathomable, astronomical, and biblical proportions that it continues to stain modern civilization across all boards: political, religious, and social. While it is true that ultimately Capitalism brought about many great things to human civilization, they came at the worst cost of all: morality. The Capitalists built the modern world on the BLOOD and BODIES of the WORKING CLASS. Not all were blind to this unnecessary and immoral suffering, and quickly there rose revolutionary figures seeking to bring GOOD WILL back to nation's in the form of EARLY SOCIALISM. Alas, time would corrupt the Socialists into REACTIONARY principles whereby it was no enough for them to oppose the EVILS OF CAPITALISM but that they felt it necessary to continue the VILE TREND of INSIDIOUS INTELLECTUALISM that had spawned these evils in the first place! They believed that the root cause of this PLAGUE was also somehow the cure, a sort of HOLY GRAIL VACCINE for society's woes - but they were of course MISTAKEN!

And from here comes the TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT that MANKIND desperately needed: FASCISM. While most Socialists descended into degeneracy and decadence, the rise of NATIONALISM had awakened the HEARTS and MINDS of those who had not yet abandoned their HUMAN NATURE for idle dreams of UTOPIAN NONSENSE. Here came the Fascists; the vanguard of humanity's final revolution. The all-encompassing might of the entire HUMAN SPECIES made manifest in the form of an easily-applicable philosophical direction that could steer the various nation-states of the world to GREATNESS and GLORY once more. The Dawn of a New Golden Age for our young species! But the STAINS of the PUTRID REGRESSION that began during the so-called "Enlightenment" lingered still and their pull was too great. Humanity refused it's own SALVATION and condemned itself to IGNORANCE and DECAY as a result.

And what does this world look like now that the FORCES OF JUSTICE have been destroyed and vanquished; driven from this world by the INTELLECTUAL ELITE? See for yourself!:

  • A nation's very survival is now dependent on the economic power of foreign countries, providing said countries with inherent leverage of these nations

  • Superpowers may bully any smaller, weaker country they please through bureaucratic imperialism in the form of international law/organizations

  • The lack of struggle has led to weaker populations, weaker societies, and weaker leaders incapable of powering through tough and trying times

  • The very highest offices of a nation can no longer be respected as corruption runs freely throughout even the "greatest" nations' upper echelons

  • The wants of the individual are now placed in priority over the needs of the majority

  • The supposed rights of the individual are deemed inherently more important than the development of a morally healthy society to the point the law is unwilling and incapable of correcting degenerative and self-destructive behaviors

  • Mother Earth, our beautiful environment, is under assault by villainous industries and corporations left unchecked by paid-off governments who supposed duty is to protect their respective peoples'

  • The power of faith has been neutered, emasculated, castrated by the feelings of the weak and ignorant who place their faith not in gods or spirits but in the ideals of dead men from whom nothing great nor glorious has stemmed

  • Selfishness has become the virtue of everyday society, as we now see more than ever during this time of international catastrophe in the wake of a global pandemic

And much, much more! What of the GLORIOUS FUTURE envisioned by science fiction writers? Where MANKIND has CONQUERED the very STARS THEMSELVES and has become the MASTERS OF THE HEAVENS? It will never be if we continue on this trend of DEVOLUTION! It will never be if we seek the answers to our plights through the MADNESS OF COMMUNISM!




Read factbook

Speak to me, I would have your opinions be heard!

I take back what I said about Idi Amin. He is not the greatest. He endorses an outspoken anti-Fascist.


Atsuria wrote:I thank you for sharing this information. You received this telegram before your arrival to our region correct? It would be odd to say the least for Caelapes to try and recruit a nation from within a region openly proclaimings its Fascist-stances to oppose Jocospor in these Sec-Gen elections.

"A sixth candidate vying for a coveted top-five spot is notorious for their fascist views. We cannot allow the sort of people [...] to have a platform in the final round of the Secretary-General election!"

I also received the same message and I've been here for months.

Globalists, who support the UN: "Human Rights are important."

The UN, who appoints frequent human rights abuser to positions of authority regarding Human Rights: "Are they *really*, though?"

Atsuria wrote:I thank you for sharing this information. You received this telegram before your arrival to our region correct? It would be odd to say the least for Caelapes to try and recruit a nation from within a region openly proclaimings its Fascist-stances to oppose Jocospor in these Sec-Gen elections.

"A sixth candidate vying for a coveted top-five spot is notorious for their fascist views. We cannot allow the sort of people [...] to have a platform in the final round of the Secretary-General election!"

I was in this region, I am not sure why I received it.

Kuriko é meu ovo 🤡👍🏼

I am the God of Fascism. I declare war on libertine degeneracy. The hedonists shall shudder in awe as I smite them with my Mace of Wrath.

Blood for the Blood God; Skulls for the Skull Throne.

This dispatch details the events of Round 3 of the 2020 World Assembly Secretary-General Election.


When it became apparent that Jocospor would have enough votes to qualify for the General Election by placing in the top five positions in Round 3, all five other competitive candidates, representing the WA Elite, proceeded to rig the election by redistributing votes from the top two candidates to ensure that Jocospor would not qualify for the General Election.

Four candidates, all of who qualified for the General Election, were directly responsible for the election rigging: Kuriko, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, McMasterdonia and Caelapes.

Three other candidates and/or their campaigns, all within the top eight, were implicit in this rigging: Valentine Z, Auralia and The Bigtopia.


Jocospor had placed fifth in Round 2 of the election, with a total of 6.7% of the vote, well ahead of the 6th and 7th placed candidates by over 2 points.

In response to the "Go aWAy" movement against WA campaign telegrams, Jocospor, unlike most other major candidates, announced their campaign would not likely send a tag:WA telegram at the start of Round 3.

Initially, the race for 5th place was close between Jocospor and Valentine Z, with the two candidates exchanging 5th/6th place throughout the first twelve hours of Round 3.

After announcing ShrewLlamaLand as Running Mate, the Jocospor campaign began to build a small lead over Valentine Z, whose campaign sent a telegram out in response. Jocospor was forced to respond with a late telegram of their own, including a promotional video, which ultimately resulted in a significant polling uplift and a sizable lead being generated.

With approximately eight hours of the vote in Round 3 remaining, Jocospor had overtaken both Valentine Z and Caelapes to take 4th place. Considering the voting trend at the time, Jocospor looked set to place between 3rd and 4th and comfortably qualify for the General Election.

The WA Elite and Election Rigging

With around six hours remaining, the voting pattern for both Valentine Z and Caelapes dramatically began to shift. When Jocospor's vote count increased, the vote count for both other candidates proceeded match this gain in votes. The growth in vote counts for both Kuriko and Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls also began to slow.

Over the next few hours, both Valentine Z and Caelapes proceeded to overtake Jocospor, and their vote count ultimately equalised with McMasterdonia.

For the final three hours of Round 3, their voting totals remained locked and slightly ahead of Jocospor.

The final vote tallies at the end of Round 3 were as below, with McMasterdonia gaining slightly in the final seconds to secure 3rd place.

Evidence of the WA Elite's involvement

Kuriko posted a message on 10000 Islands' RMB asking nations to "keep the fascist Jocospor from the top 5 positions", and also voted for a competitor themself:

Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls sent a telegram implying the same, and also voted for a competitor:

McMasterdonia dropped out of the race shortly after securing a position in the General Election to become Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls' Running Mate.

Caelapes sent a telegram explicity asking nations to "work together to make sure the top five candidates are Kuriko, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, McMasterdonia, myself and Valentine Z".

Valentine Z was ultimately the beneficiary of this election rigging, placing top 5 when they otherwise would have not. They refused to disavow the rigging, and proceeded to thank their "friends" for rigging the election on their behalf.

Evidence suggesting Auralia's campaign was involved was provided from a third-party source. Their running mate, United Massachusetts was confirmed to be involved, while Auralia denied the allegations and refused to support any candidate in the General Election.

The Bigtopia and their Running Mate, The Stalker, were planning to become involved from Discord screenshots. The Bigtopia later denied seriously considering participating in the election rigging, and ultimately did not direct their votes towards competitors.

The Aftermath

The three illegitimate candidates who had placed 3rd-5th ahead of Jocospor in Round 3 were all, unsurprisingly, uncompetitive in the General Election.

As mentioned previously, McMasterdonia dropped out of the race shortly after the start of the General Election to become Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls' Running Mate.

Valentine Z, despite running against three candidates in the General versus dozens in the round prior, failed to even match their vote total from Round 3, finshing solidly in last place.

Caelapes also failed to mount a serious challenge and finished 3rd, well behind the leading two candidates.

Ultimately, as a result of the election rigging, the General Election was uninteresting and uncompetitive: a two-way race between Kuriko and Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls, resulting in the former winning with a near majority of votes.

Read dispatch

What would everyone like changed if I were to be elected?

Imperial Kratos wrote:What would everyone like changed if I were to be elected?

Can you cancel the corona thingy? lmao
tfw spending birthday in quarentine wooo

Just represent yourself and your beliefs in your 'campaign', what you stand for and what you'd like to see different. You are free (and encouraged) to have a flavoured RP take on it! And if you don't win this time there's always next mandate, since they're somewhat short in real time.

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