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A region for liberal democracies committed to open, fair, compassionate society within a market economy where all people enjoy equal protection of civil rights and political freedoms.


The LDU is a new, member-led region, founded on the basis of sensible, pragmatic politics, where freedom of opinion and open debate is encouraged. An antidote to the groupthink and ideological politics of regions occupying the far left and far right.

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Embassies: Grand Peppian Commonwealth, The Blue Star Union, Reminated Euromean Republic, United Nations and Planets, Laraniem, and The Great Union.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Democratic, Enormous, Map, and Offsite Forums.

Liberal Democratic Union contains 126 nations, the 177th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in Liberal Democratic Union

World Census agents infiltrated a variety of out-of-the-way towns and festivals in order to determine which nations have the most developed Basket Weaving industries.

As a region, Liberal Democratic Union is ranked 9,948th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Republic of Thes DendInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Strength Through Compliance”
2.The Republic of Pablo2Anarchy Lawless Wasteland“Driving Fast Porsche”
3.The Republic of HocaidhInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Eat 🏒 Sleep 🏒 Hockey”
4.The Federal Republic of LxonCapitalist Paradise Decent Hardworking Self-Starters“Strength and Honor”
5.The Holy Empire of TaurugiaLeft-Leaning College State Deluded Tax and Spend Hypocrites“You reap what you sow”
6.The Republic of North GolabborawhadAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“Strength Through Freedom”
7.The Matriarchy of KyrzeCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“By The Matriarchs Hand”
8.The Federal Republic of ErimeaNew York Times Democracy New York Crimes So-Called Democracy“Love of country is love for oneself.”
9.The Sultanate of FloopinstanLeft-Leaning College State Deluded Tax and Spend Hypocrites““ Sulasburg stinks! P.U. ””
10.The Commonwealth of BenzoroLiberal Democratic Socialists Ivory Tower Reality Disconnect Zone“Might Makes Right”
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Regional Poll • Is the government doing a great job?

The Dzaapdom of Sjevre wrote:As we know the government is around a month in charge. But we don't know how we are doing it in office. Do you ' The nations of the Region' think we are doing great or not? -Everybody can vote-

Voting opened 1 day 18 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Liberal Democratic Union Regional Message Board

Madrinpoor wrote:Erimea just asked me. I'll copy and paste the TG I sent him. I am finishing up the land of the second part (takes a long time because the second continent is so big) and then I just need to add final touches. Hopefully will be done soon!

TG I sent Erimea:

I'm almost done! When I finish, I'll send it to you before I show everyone else to know what I should be doing with like colirs and stuff, because the colors aren't really going for me. Here's an example.

As you can see, the colors are kind of muted which gives it a marbley look, but not one that looks like a map. I might change it to a different style, for instance making it look like an antique map. Here's one in the style I'm thinking of that I did last year.

That's the style I am thinking of.

Not bad, but can you start adding more countries in according to the LDU Board's requests?

Oruzia wrote:As I've said I will make changes on Oruzia, well here are the beginnings. The factbook is not finished and 90% of it is outdated especially the history part. It should be done in a week or two (I'd finish it in a day if it weren't for school and stuff). I'd like to hear your opinions on the new changes.
The Overview of Oruzia

Primary Information

Anthem: LinkMarch for Oruzia's Freedom

Coat of Arms

Population: 245.924.876

Capital: Naissus
Largest City: Osiris

Official Language: Oruzian

National Languages: Oruzian, Greek, Italian, Romanian

Demonym: Oruzian

- Monarch: King Maximilian Vid
- Vice President: Connor Hamrovic
- Speaker of the House: Perun Mitic
- Chief Justice: Elsa Istric
- Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sasha Blitz

Legislature: Johan Pavlovic
- Upper House: 120 seats
-Lower House: 100 seats

Establishment: from (INSERT OTHER NATION)

Land Area: km²:
Water Area: km²

Highest Point: Triglav
Lowest Point: Zeta River

GDP (nominal): 301 billion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 60.962 USD

Human Development Index (NS Version):page=list_nations?censusid=68

Currency: Oruzian Reichmark

Time Zones: Eastern/Central/Western Oruzian Time

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +38

Internet TLD: Orz

The Federation of Oruzia

The Greater Kingdom of Oruzia commonly called Oruzia, is a Constitutional Monarchy located on the Balkan Peninsula. Oruzia covers [---] square kilometers and has an estimated population of 245.924.876.

Oruzia is mostly peacefull and uses its military to protect minorities in opressive dictatorships and civil wars. It has a bloody history fighting many brother wars and tiranical dictators trying to conquer the the peninsula.


The name Oruza comes from the Proto-Oruzian Lenguage meaning ''south''.


The First Oruzians
In 756 b.c several tribes depart the continent in a mission to find new land, they successed finding Oruzianis the islands that are now modern Oruzia. The tribes establish a out post in Proto-Osiris, they usualy did fishing and agriculture to survive soon even establishing the first Oruzian lenguage now called Proto-Oruzian. In 719 b.c the tribes form the ''Kingdom of Osiris'' that saw to explore and if possible conquer the Islands however that dream will be fulfilled in 634 b.c by ''King Jovan Draskovic'' who later forms the ''Empire of Osiris'' becoming one of few nations to unify Oruzianis starting a golden age.

Golden Age Colapse
In 581 b.c the Osirian Empire discovers gold on the islands and rushes to collect it but since the islands where to big, the capital far away and the roads filled with criminals, the Emperor Ivan the Weak leaves the gold business to the local Lords who used the gold to hire mercinaries and build their private armies.In 569 b.c the local lords tierd of the Emperors corruption rise up to take the throne for themselves, instead of the crisis leading to a rise of a new empire it lead to a dark age of rival kingdoms tring to return the glory of the lost Empire of Osiris.

Dynasty Wars
The King of Osiria ''Pavle the Conqueror'' gets cocky ruling the capital of the now long dead empire, establishes a new dynasty of ''Juric'' that he claimsis the rightfull ruler of Oruzianis islands and starts the Reunification Wars to return the empire. Several rulers such as Iriney the King of Morbundia and Ana the Queen of O'adria not to get outdone establish their own dynasties with a same wish to reunite the empire. In 311 b.c the only remaining nations are the Second Osirian Empire, Queendom of O'adria and the Kingdom of Morbundia. Instead of one of them unifing and returning the glory of the Empire they collapsed by the same problems that plagued the empire.
Morbundia was to far streched and to much depended on gold that eventualy led to it collapsing into a civil war, O'adria was ruined by corruption leaving the common folk to starve while the elite partied eventualy leading to a civil war and Osiria collapsed because of the elite fearing the ambitions of the Dynasty.

Endless Warfare (301 b.c to 1541 a.d)
Orusiania was for more than 1800 years engulfed in endles war. Religious leaders fought crusades for power and prestige and corrupt politicians fought for influence. However many legends and heroes rose up from that time. For example the young king Carolus ruler of ''Nordhia'' fought off the coalition of three empires and defeated them with ease but died on the battelfield in 1501. It also doesnt help that a new plague showed up from the foreigners that killed of 35% of the Orusianian people in less then 15 years. The religous leader abused the plague calling it ''The Punishment of God'' using it to start many crusades against ''The Heretics''. This time saw the rise of new empires that will shape the history of Oruzia forever.

Shaping the Continent
Between 1541 and 1890 science and philosophy flourished and the conquests of the ''Kingdom of Alpia'' proved that the religious leaders where corrupt and where not protected by God. New kingdoms and Empires where formed that will rule Oruzianis. Great leaders such as Alexander the Conquerer reunited the ''Moravbundian Empire'' in1756 and through a bloody revolution Nicolay Bonapartovic formed the ''Adrian Republic'' in 1801 which led to the ''Bonapartovic Wars'' where Adria almost unified the islands but was eventualy defeated by the ''Empire of Varium'' in 1815. The war started a new era for Oruzianis bringing forth new tactics and technology.

Great Oruzian War (1903-1908)
In 1903 a young Alpian nationalist shot dow the air to the Danubian throne which led the ''Empire of Danubia'' and the ''Empire of Moravbund'' to declear war on the ''Kingdom of Alpia''. ''Empire of Varium'' jumped in to help Alpia and called its ally from the west, the ''Adrian Republic'' to join the war in which they did. Moravbund attacked Adria trough neutral ''Croazii'' forceing the ''Empire of Vardura'' to join the war against Moravbund and Danubia. The war lasted 5 year and was in that time the most brutal war fought on Oruzian soil. Nations used planes, tanks, chemical warfare and commited war crimes against each other. The war lead to Varium becoming a Sindicalist state, Moravbund being turned into the ''Naisus Republic'' and Danubia being partitioned into a western republic and a eastern Sindicalist Dictatorship. In 1921 Moravbund fell into revolution that lasted 2 years turning it into a sindicalist dictatorship splitting the islands into Western Capitalists and Eastern Sindicalists. This splitt will eventualy lead to another great war.

Second Great Oruzian War (1933-1937) (1938-1941)
Oruzianis was in a state of a Cold War, both sides waited for the other one to fire first and that inevitably happend on June 6'st 1933 when the full might of the Moravbundian armed forces marched into Croazii to support the sindicalist rebelion. The Entente made up of Western Danubia, Croazii, Adria and Alpia united against the Scarlet Front made up of Moravbund, Eastern Danubia, Croazii rebels and Varium. The Scarlet Front used brutall war tactics and a new form of warfare called Blitzkrieg to take out the Entente In only 4 years Entente fell under the Scarlet Banner but that wasn't enough for Johan Ivanovic marshall leader od Moravbund who saw a future of a great Sindicalist utopia ruling Oruzianis. He ordered a Moravbundian ocupation of the Entente nations and Formed the Sindicalist Federation of Oruzia in 1938. In the same year he sent a ultimatum to the Scarlet Front to be annexed or destroyed. They refused and the war continued whit the S.F.O. uniting Oruzianis into a Sindicalist Dictatorship.

All hail the Nightmare
comming soon------


The nation is very mountainous except of the Federal Republic od Danuba. Oruzia is very agricultural and provides 30% of the food for the continent.

Climate is very tame except on the hights of the mountains that are covered in snow. Near thr Piranian ocean climate is warm and enjoyable for all 365 day of the year.

Oruzia cares about its natue and usualy uses green energy to protect its flora and fauna.








Largest Cities





Federal Republic






























Danua City













Foreign Relations

Economic Alliance:


Economic Indicators

Currency: Ira
Fiscal Year:

GDP (nominal): 301 billion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 60.962 USD
Labor Force: 167.456,857







Template by The Free Republic of Ponderosa
Template may be found here.

Read factbook

That's amazing! I love it!

Filipinn wrote:Not bad, but can you start adding more countries in according to the LDU Board's requests?

Yeah, I have started that. The map I pasted was just without the new countries, because I have multiple copies and that's just the first one I found.

Hello LDU. How is everyone?

Somehow, every single issue I get affects my Gambling industry in some way. I don't understand. Even things that are completely unrelated to Gambling, like banning metal and subsidizing cardboard bikes which I just did. How does that relate to gambling?

Madrinpoor wrote:Somehow, every single issue I get affects my Gambling industry in some way. I don't understand. Even things that are completely unrelated to Gambling, like banning metal and subsidizing cardboard bikes which I just did. How does that relate to gambling?

It doesn’t. Remember, gambling is legal in Sulasburg yet the industry is less than nonexistent.

Sulasburg wrote:It doesn’t. Remember, gambling is legal in Sulasburg yet the industry is less than nonexistent.

Maybe it just affects yours negatively

Madrinpoor wrote:Maybe it just affects yours negatively

The mysteries of this game confound me.

Sulasburg wrote:The mysteries of this game confound me.

Welcome to NationStates, where your weaponization is determined by how many pounds of clothing your nation makes a year.

Madrinpoor wrote:Somehow, every single issue I get affects my Gambling industry in some way. I don't understand. Even things that are completely unrelated to Gambling, like banning metal and subsidizing cardboard bikes which I just did. How does that relate to gambling?

Most stats aren’t primary and are thus affected by other stats. I think with industry (such as gambling) and gov spending stats, if you increase one area the others tend to decrease slightly.

But yeah, a lot of the stat changes feel pretty random.

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