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Founded January 30, 2017.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Force contains 168 nations, the 94th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Primitive in Force

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, Force is ranked 18,109th in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Theocracy of BereznikiaAuthoritarian Democracy Slightly Oppressive But A Little Discipline Never Hurt Anyone State“ The sky father is with us”
2.The Holy Empire of Everlasting CrusadeIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Falling never hurt anyone - it's the landing that hurts”
3.The Roman Republic of RomakataCorporate Police State Entrepreneurial Freedom Zone“Popular will or bust!”
4.The Republic of North Solomon IslandsNew York Times Democracy New York Crimes So-Called Democracy“Bavte se překládání tohoto”
5.The Dictatorship of ProodonoznoffCorporate Police State Entrepreneurial Freedom Zone“God, Homeland, Liberty”
6.The Free Land of PumperstrailiaAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“Don’t Stop Beliving.”
7.The Republic of UnizInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Peace, Prosperity, and Money”
8.The Positive Republic of SolvismFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Liberal Dictatorship“Make a Change”
9.The Republic of GlassHalfEmptyAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“We Will Endure”
10.The Republic of ChordeliaRight-wing Utopia Utopia“Once more, with feeling”
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Caduceo wrote:Question #63 - which restaurant do you think has the best french fries and what type of fries?

don't kill me but McDonalds

Caduceo wrote:Question #63 - which restaurant do you think has the best french fries and what type of fries?

McDonald's; Shoestring

Caduceo wrote:Question #63 - which restaurant do you think has the best french fries and what type of fries?

I agree with Tigslarlowducken completely. McDonalds may be some of the unhealthiest food you can buy, but man do they know how to make some good fries.

Caduceo wrote:Question #63 - which restaurant do you think has the best french fries and what type of fries?

The entire south.

Caduceo wrote:Welcome - Sjjdnzaom, Nestocrest, South Hamsburd, Democratic free country of Stalin, New Exelour, Tumultua, Oklahoman empire, Lekumao, and Repubuthaa Plazmarag!

I'm Prime Minister Caduceo and we have a Newcomer's Manual available for your convenience to know how to get involved! Feel free to ask me and anyone else any questions;

Link Join our LinkDiscord Server for the best Force experience and the most enjoyment!


Hello and welcome to the region of Force! Whether you just joined NationStates, are looking for a better region, or just decided to check in - Force is the region for you! You may have joined because of the recruitment telegram or through other methods, but there’s a lot more about us than you may take away at first! From the Government and Civil Service, to Roleplay and a great Community, our region has alot to offer. But that can get overwhelming, which is where this guide comes in handy! Learn about the government, elections, people and activities, while you discover all of the perks of being a citizen!

We hope you enjoy your stay in our beautiful region.

Force was founded on the 30th of January 2017 by Founder and now-Emperor Renegalle, but it only started taking form on the 29th of April, after the creation of the first regional forums and the creation of the Ministries of Internal and Foreign Affairs. This was followed by the creation of the Ministries of Roleplay, Military, and the former Ministry of WA Affairs. Only on June 10th was the first Prime Minister elected and on July 2nd was the first Constitution implemented. And now - on its third Constitution and after six different Prime Ministers within nine terms, the Union is ever-growing and ever-changing, thanks to the people over the years who've helped it become what it is today, and you can be part of our region's journey if you are so willing to seek a name for yourself and a change for the better.

You can find the full, detailed, chronological Force History Linkhere, with special thanks to Renegalle and Diabeetus!

One of the main elements of life in Force is its government. The Government of the Union is divided into multiple branches, each tasked with overseeing lawmaking, communications, management, moderation, and many many more. Multiple branches exist in order to allow for an effective power division, while creating a government with viewpoints and proposals from citizens with different ideas and projects. Every citizen is entitled to participate in the different parts of the government, each serving a different role.

  • The Court - as the judicial branch of the government, the Justices of the Court are responsible to see to cases filed against individuals in the court of law, as well as decide upon the constitutionality of bills passed by the House of Representatives.

  • The House of Representatives - composed of representatives from Force and its associated territories and States, the House works to develop bills, resolutions, and amendments that seek to develop the role and actions of the government. It is the second most important body in the government, and is responsible for maintaining the power of other bodies in check, while working on improvements for the government based on the needs of the citizens. The House is led by a Speaker, responsible for communicating passed laws and mediating sessions, representing the House, and maintaining activity.

  • Cabinet - the Force Cabinet is responsible for appointing Ministers, and it is directed and overseen by the Prime Minister, Force’s Head of Govenment.

  • Ministries - The Union has a wide number of ministries, each tasked with developing and reviewing a different aspect of the government. Each ministry is led by a Minister and Deputy Minister appointed by the Prime Minister. The Ministries are as follows:

    • Foreign Affairs - handles diplomatic relationships embassies and ambassadors.

    • Internal Affairs - focuses on recruitment, welcoming, government affairs, and connecting with citizens.

    • Communications - responsible for the writing of The Force Flyer and other government media.

    • Culture - directs cultural activities, regulates national holidays and manages the cultural development of the community.

The Union government has many citizens working in its different bodies and roles, and you can find a full updated list of it here.
For as long as the Force Government has existed, Civil Service has served as one of its most important foundations. Our Civil Service is composed of different offices based in the Ministries, each consisting of developing a specific area or project related to said Ministry.

All citizens are encouraged to participate in the Ministries, in which they can get a shot at developing projects and initiatives from their respective area. For instance, the Communication Ministry offers positions for editors and writers for The Force Flyer; or the Internal Affairs Ministry could offer positions as hosts or recruiters. The point is, Ministries could only exist and work at an efficient rate as they do with the help of citizens who join the Civil Service, and it allows anyone to find people with similar ideas or talents, while helping Force become better every day.

You can apply for the Civil Service Linkhere!

  • The Governorship Program was created to allow Citizens to become a Governor of a territory of the Union and allow them to grow a region, and consequently, a government, under the guidance and watch of the Union. It could allow you to experience firsthand the management of a region with having a steady support backing you up.

  • The Media Policy established allows you to form independent news outlets which can be supported and officially noticed by the Union, for as long as it is related to the Union. It provides greater freedom of press to all citizens. You can find it here.

  • If you have dived head-first into the Roleplay, you may be interested in joining the Roleplay Committee, the moderation team of the Roleplay!

In many NationStates communities, one of the biggest highlights is usually the RP, and the Union is no exception. The RP combines well organized political situations, diplomatic simulation and creative events. There are a few steps involved in getting into the RP, but it has become an experience no member should miss.

In order to enter the RP, you need to:

• Create your nation an account on the LinkForums
• Fill out the Linkapplication in the RP section, consisting of your nation’s info, stats, motives and, of course, cute pictures of foxes (Optional tho).
• In the application, you also get to pick a plot on the map. Once you do that, and hoping your plot doesn’t get picked or invaded, you will officially enter the RP!

When you enter the RP, there are many things to do depending on how you want to manage your nation. Want to create a commercial empire with hundreds of trade routes? Sure! Become a warmonger and seek world domination? Do it! Participate in UN debates and missions, host meetings with your fellow leaders, deal with rebellions, create ground-breaking policies, form alliances and deal with events and foreign relationships? Why not!

The point is, Force’s RP has everything you might want from a nation simulation, and we’re sure you can find something to love in it!

Across its years of existence, the Union has steadily grown to have such a diverse and welcoming community. In our RMB, LinkDiscord, and LinkForums, you will have the opportunity to discuss, debate or just chat with citizens from all over the world, as you share global news, discuss the region’s political state or just have a casual conversation about garlic bread; you will find a neat, comfortable environment in which you can find friends and allies to make your experience more fruitful. Our LinkDiscord server is the main place you'd wanna be if you really wanna be immersed in our beautiful community.

Our region regularly hosts Debate Nights on our Discord, in which a topic with different topics is presented, giving participants a chance to discuss viewpoints and arguments while contradicting the rival opinion’s arguments, giving participants a chance to express their ideals while understanding opposite viewpoints, culminating in a final statement by the debate’s jury. If you want to get your opinion out, debate night is the best place to do it!

One of the most exciting times to be a citizen is during our elections! During this period, the Prime Minister, House Representatives, Prosecutor, and Judge will be elected! All citizens of Force and its territories are allowed to run and vote, creating a widely diverse political environment. During the campaign, candidates will engage in debates and interviews, while rallying support with inspirational activities and posters! For anyone wishing to join the government, election time is the best moment to show your ideals and who you really are.

And of course, we have one of the latest elements of our community, clubs! In the Club Program, citizens can create clubs focused around an activity, interest or piece of media, all while creating activities and events for the club’s development. There’s a wide variety of clubs across force, such as the Writing Club, Cooking Club, and...uh...the Clock Front? Nevertheless, clubs are a relatively new thing, and citizens are encouraged to come up with new ideas to reinforce this idea and make force a better and more fun region!

Well, if you made it through this whole guide, we can safely say you know just about everything you need to know about our great Union. But, you shouldn’t stop here, because Force is a region so varied, we’d need a couple thousand extra pages to write absolutely everything down, and that would be kind of boring. The point is, the Union is about every single one of our citizens, because, let’s be real, what’s the point of having a great community if there’s no one to enjoy it?

Overall, we hope you spend a long time with us here in the Union, and if you do ever decide to leave, we hope you do so with great memories of our little piece of the world.

With Love, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Union Government ♥️

Important Links

Read dispatch

coffin dance memes - available only in force.

Also, Sjjdnzaom apparently rickrolled the entire Commonwealth of Liberty...

Astronomia Coffin Dance wrote:coffin dance memes - available only in force.

Also, Sjjdnzaom apparently rickrolled the entire Commonwealth of Liberty...

He rickrolled Crazybloxian Empire lol

Hello, people of Force. Yep, it’s me, Minister of Communications Azerubia, here to present to you the 22nd edition of the Union Weekly Recap. I know I skipped a whole week without doing it but it’s because I was on vacation with no internet so I couldn’t really do anything. Let’s just jump into the news:

- Aurhany has been appointed as Minister of Immigration, Data Analysis and Outreach of Heart by First Minister Tenjouin.

- The emoji Karl submitted by Caduceo wins the Fourth Emoji Contest by defeating Walla in finals. Here are the full results:

- The Union anthem has been passed by the Cabinet. God save the Owl:

- A new Prime Minister elected, a constitutional crisis, the Court in action and a new roleplay - everything that you will find in this July's edition of the Force Flyer!


A new Prime Minister elected, a constitutional crisis, the Court in action and a new roleplay - everything that you will find in this July's edition of the Force Flyer!


This month in Force, we saw the first-ever General Election in the history of the region. Following the amendment passed by ex-House Representatives Lashnakia, elections
had been reorganized and divided into two big elections. The general election that would elect the Prime Minister and the House seats coming from the territories with enough World Assembly members (Heart and RGBN) while seats for the capital region plus the Court Justices were elected during the Midterm election. The elections also had new assigned dates they would have to follow and on July the 1st. It was time for the first general election.

This election was going to be a big one as with the high stakes of the office of the Prime Minister being elected, a lot of candidates presented themselves and were thoroughly campaigning to try and get the most voters possible. As always, House elections weren’t really contested in terms of candidates as there were exactly enough people to fill the 2 seats of both Heart and RGBN. In fact, both the Force Unity Party and the Federalist Party each presented one candidate for each of the territories. The incumbent Speaker of the House, Empire of Elysium, was running for reelection in Heart under the FUP while his fellow party member, Alludo, was their candidate for RGBN. As mentioned before, Federalists were the other party to run candidates for the territorial House seats. In Force politics, Federalists are known to be the party of the territories, most of their policies are about the improvement of the non-capital regions of the Union and they hold big roles in the territorial branch of the government such as their co-leaders being the High Commissioner (supervisor of the territories) and the President of RGBN. Anyways, for this election, they were running both of their co-leaders with High Commissioner Salibaic running for Heart under The Scottish Republic and President of RGBN Suter, running well, for RGBN. We could maybe have expected a little more competition for the seats with the Democratic People’s Party running their own candidates but nothing came out of this. They probably would not have had much luck getting seats anyway since before the election started, the Force Unity Party and Federalist Party made an agreement where both parties would be supporting and voting for each other’s House candidates.

But because the Democratic People’s Party didn’t try their luck in the House election, that doesn’t mean that they weren’t doing anything for the Prime Ministerial election. They were putting up Bennisia as their candidate following his win during the DPP primary. This win got Bennisia a lot of power since he was now in charge of the largest party at the time but due to a lot of people not liking him and his policies and also other things that will be mentioned in another article, there was a big secession of members. This caused the creation of the Federalist Party and the gain of power of the Force Unity Party but still, Bennisia had a big campaign with lots of policies and he had some supporters and was a big contender for the election. The Force Unity Party was running Caduceo and they were the favourites for this election and probably the most involved in it. Caduceo produced multiple dispatches for his campaign and advertised it everywhere around Force, obviously because of that it got criticism as people accused him of basically just trying to win by advertising constantly with his fancy formatted dispatches which would make people want to vote for them more due to how professional they looked instead of his policies. The Force Flyer would also like to remind you that we don’t endorse any of these sides and that we are politically neutral and only here to report the news from a bystander point. The Cheese Party also presented a candidate in the name of Cumcision (a puppet of WA Delegate New Legland) but since the Cheese Party is considered a satirical party by most people, everyone knew they didn’t stand a chance to get elected. Finally, the Federalist Party was the only party to not run any candidate, instead, they endorsed independent candidate United Soviet States of Russian Imperial (a puppet of United Soviet States Of Russian Empire) which they had pretty close ties with.

Something unique with this election was the news coverage it had around it. Apart from the Force Flyer, the SBC and the CommUnity also covered the events on live. Both news outlets made their own polls to try and guess the future results. SBC, who had the survey with the most voters, predicted in their exit poll that United Soviet States of Russian Imperial would be the one to win. While asked on SBC Live, political commentator Lashnakia and Azerubia stated that they didn’t really think the final results would be the same. Azerubia explained that Caduceo would probably get more votes during the elections due to his supporters being mostly kinda inactive citizens that didn’t see the poll when it was announced. But that when the election would start, they would not forget to vote. The CommUnity Newsletter, a Force Unity Party media outlet, obviously predicted the win of their leader, Caduceo.

Nothing to say much about the Debate since every candidate manages to answer their questions in time. While all this was happening, campaigning was raging on with the Prime Ministerial candidates sending telegrams to the citizens talking about their program and why people should vote for them. Both Bennisia and Caduceo were the ones that were mainly sending the telegrams and with the accord of the Founder both of them were even allowed to send a region-wide telegram. United Soviet States of Russian Imperial (Texas) wasn’t really campaigning a lot like the others but he had solid supporters which were the ones that were campaigning for him, oddly enough Texas wasn’t not campaigning because he was inactive but more because he didn’t really seem to believe in that strategy and instead talked more to voters personally. Sadly, we didn’t see any campaigning from Cumcision which reinforces the idea of him being a joke candidate. Caduceo was probably the one that was the most campaigning between him and Bennisia with him reminding voters to vote for him almost every day which like we said before annoyed a lot of people but paid off in the end. After being removed the right to hold a public office for 2 years while the election was ongoing, Bennisia decided to endorse Texas near the end in the hopes of making him Prime Minister instead of Caduceo. He stated that he did this because he trusted more Texas than Caduceo as PM due to him having worked with Texas in the New Western Empire before.

On the 11th of July, Caduceo was elected Prime Minister with a clear majority of 56.75% of the votes. United Soviet States of Russian Imperial came second with 24.32%, Bennisia followed him in third at 13.51% and Cumcision arrived last with 5.4%. As for the House results, everyone was elected with only Suter from RGBN gaining a vote against him. This vote was controversial in the Federalist Party as per inspection from Suter, the one that voted against him also voted for Caduceo for Prime Minister and abstained in his second, third and fourth vote meaning he was a big supporter of Caduceo and probably a Force Unity Party member. This election is currently the one with the highest number of voters in the history of Force with 38 nations going to the ballots to vote for their favourite candidate.


On the 10th of June, incumbent Prime Minister Sir Salibaic was reaching the end of his term and decided to do something special about it by resigning during the last day of his mandate. His goal was to make Deputy Prime Minister New Legland take the office of Prime Minister since he was the first in the order of succession if the PM ever resigned. We asked Sir Salibaic why he did this in the first place and he responded, “I decided to run because it was a meme dreamt up by me and few others and it was kinda funny so...”. Most people thought that nothing big would happen and that it would just be a fun day but that was to underestimate New Legland. In less than a day, New Legland appointed himself to every Cabinet position, refounded the Ministry of Defense and even abused a loophole that allowed him to make a non-citizen his Deputy Prime Minister and then resigned to let him become PM. So now for the first time in history, we had a non-citizen Prime Minister and his name was Tyjarvustivdorker. Representative EGM even managed to get in touch with the new Prime Minister and his answer wasn’t a particularly happy one. Obviously most people panicked because of that and the House lead by the incumbent Speaker, Empire of Elysium, rapidly started the impeachment procedure. The House voted unanimously for his impeachment with only one absence with the provided reasons being his obvious lack of citizenship. Since he was now gone from the office of Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House was the one to take the power due to the order of succession and Tyjarvustivdorker not having any Deputy Prime Minister. Empire of Elysium quickly fixed the whole mess by dissolving the Defense ministry and appointing Sir Salibaic as his Deputy before resigning. Salibaic then appointed back every Minister and everything was back to how it started.

Fun facts concerning the whole event. June the 10th broke the record of the biggest amount of different Prime Minister in power during the same day with 4 (Sir Salibaic, New Legland, Tyjarvustivdorker and Empire of Elysium). During this day, we had the first Cheese Party PM (New Legland) and Force Unity Party PM (Empire of Elysium), Caduceo becoming the second Force Unity Party PM after the July general election but the first one to get elected. New Legland stayed Prime Minister for a mere 2 minutes before resigning and all that time was enough for him to create a constitutional crisis. Tyjarvustivdorker’s mandate lasted around 4 hours while Empire of Elysium was only in power for 4 minutes.


Earlier this month, we saw the General Elections occur, undoubtedly the most awaited type of elections as it sees the inauguration of Local House Reps and the Prime Minister of the Union, the highest seat of the Federal Government - and I was one of this month's candidates and was fortunate enough to win.

My name is Caduceo, and I am your new Prime Minister. It was a fun journey and I had some very well-rounded and challenging opponents, but I thank everyone extensively for supporting me, as well as going against me to give me a reason to strive harder. Though I can't name you all by name, know that you have my extensive gratitude and my love goes to you, thank you.

My campaign consisted of a few points I wanted to prioritize, which was later on reinforced in Linkthis plan I wrote earlier this month for what I wanted to achieve first. I am writing this article today to tell you that your support won't go to waste, as I promise to see our priorities through, as well as update you as what I've already done to progress; So let's tackle my plan step by step.

First off, what I've accomplished;

  • We have finished the Academia de Nocturna's foundation and am planning to start employing people to write for the Academy. All the dispatches that needed to be formatted are done so now it is time to put it into action. Expect more from it soon!

  • Our new Cabinet has been inaugurated and they are settling in nicely. We might see a few rearrangements in the future but overall, the Cabinet has set out their plans and are putting them into action as we speak! Besides that, they have released or are releasing their first progress reports and we have done our first Cabinet Meeting earlier this month.

  • In a more personal duty update, I am trying my best to maintain our population in this summer lull of recruitment by getting hands-on straight into Manual Recruitment, which will hopefully help everyone out.

What we're currently progressing on;

  • The Force's Forces card game has gone a bit slow but we've made very minimal progress by starting to name the cards we'll eventually introduce.

  • Our MoIA has started revamping the Newcomer's Manual to be more informative and hopefully they finish that as soon as possible.

  • Our MoFA is breathing life and activity into the Ministry and our Ambassadors are doing their jobs well!

  • Our MoComm is doing their usual epicness in producing this! And I heard they have other plans brewing ;>

  • Our MoC has done their usual with this month's Emoji Contest and hopefully we see more to come from other members of the Ministry

  • Our MoRP has also done their job quite well as far as I know and is perhaps one of our most self-sufficient Ministries

Plans to come;

  • Our WA Program is still in need of more development so hopefully we see more activity there in the future

  • As I said earlier, our Academia de Nocturna is still in more need of progress so if you're interested in writing about what you're passionate or knowledgeable about, let us know!

  • Civil Dispatch soon™ *cough* Renegalle when

Once again, I thank you extensively for hearing me out and I hope you have a safe and wonderful day! This is your Prime Minister signing off.


On the 5th of July, Minister of Roleplay Sumeka submitted a case to the High Court, charging the Democratic People’s Party Leader Bennisia with Voter Fraud. Sumeka provided evidence that Bennisia had in fact attempted to undermine the recelt election. The Court subsequently accepted the case and began forming a jury. Bennisia demanded that the jury be changed twice, as well as the date and time of the trial. Bennisia attempted to forestall these proceedings by filing charges against both Sumeka and the High Court for false accusations and malfeasance, respectively. The Force vs Sumeka case was quickly dismissed, as bringing charges against a citizen is not a crime. As for Force v. The High Court, Renegalle formed a special committee to rule on the case's validity.
Both events were scheduled 2 days later on the 7th. The committee members were Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 1234567890-, Heonix, and Marmotville. After reflection, the jury voted unanimously against proceeding with legal action, as they determined that there was no legal basis for a trial against the High Court. Finally, some hours later, Force v. Bennisia started with Chief Justice Tigslarlowducken presiding. The jury consisted of Trisword, Chundukeratopia, and Loomburg. The first part of the trial was fairly calm due to Bennisia's failure to attend his own trial. He later stated that he was drunk and was therefore unable to attend, but Sumeka and the Chief Justice Tigslarlowducken argued that he was warned of the time of the trial days ago and that it was his fault for not being there. In his absence, Sumeka had more than enough time to present his pieces of evidence and bring his witnesses. Among the evidence were numerous screenshots illustrating Bennisia’s wrongdoing to the jury. At this point, Tigslarlowducken opted to hold the trial so that Bennisia would have a chance to present his argument. On day 2 of the proceedings, Bennisia opted not to cross-examine or present evidence. However, he did present a closing argument. In essence, he claimed that the case was unconstitutional because it concerned internal party politics which are not mentioned in the Constitution and that offering positions in the government was not illegal and merely political strategy. He also stated that contrary to what Sumeka said he did not harass anyone since they never asked him to stop. He claimed the trial was all a conspiracy to make him fall since the establishment, he claimed, saw him as an evil force. Sumeka replied that nowhere in the Constitution are party elections exempt from the Constitution's voter fraud clause. Sumeka did not dispute the fact that offering governmental positions to supporters was legal, merely unethical. This article is only a summary of events and if you want to see the full trial transcripts go on the Force forums and you should easily find it. If you can't, join the Discord and someone will help you. (We are unable to link it directly as we believe the NationStates mods would consider this a violation of the site rules.)

After brief deliberation, the jury ruled that Bennisia was guilty of all charges presented. His right to vote has been revoked for one year and his right to run for a public office has been revoked for two years, a bitter end to his campaign for Prime Minister.


With newly elected Prime Minister Caduceo being elected, it was time for new faces to enter the executive administration as a cabinet was most likely to happen. During his campaign, Caduceo already released a plan of what FUP members he would appointing to his cabinet. It consisted of Loomburg being appointed Deputy Prime Minister instead of New Legland, in order to help him manage the region more easily, put Lashnakia as the Minister of Foreign Affairs to replace Sumeka and make United Nations of Colombia take up his office as Minister of Internal Affairs if he was to be elected.

Well, he was and he did appoint all of these people at their promised offices. For the other ministries, all of their incumbent Ministers were re-appointed meaning Federalists Sumeka and Azerubia would keep the ministry of Roleplay and Communications respectively while Independent Heonix would stay Minister of Culture.

Then, more than 2 weeks later, Caduceo made another big decision in the Cabinet by dissolving the Union Research Institute. The URI had been created under ex-Prime Minister Sir Salibaic to help the government know more about its citizens by creating weekly polls such as approval rating polls, political party alignment polls and etc. But after discussion with Chief Research Officer Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia, they both decided it would be best to dissolve it since it was now inactive.


This month, RP minister Sumeka established a brand new RP in the RP server in order to boost activity, the 1855 RP. After polling for opinions on the server, and even holding a vote, a majority of RPers agreed that this was something they would like. The map is all hand-drawn by Sumeka, with resources being placed for balance instead of realism. Every nation starts with roughly equal stats, and they essentially have to work their way up in the world. All of the starting spots have been shrunk down as well, so no player controls huge swathes of land without some kind of drawback. Instead of being in an archipelago style like the main RP, this one has major continents with the occasional large islands. This prevents the “island obsession” that currently plagues RP. (For the most part, anyway.) All in all, it’s a lot more balanced and fair than the main RP and is excellent for new people who want to get into RP.

Editorial Team for this Month

Azerubia - Minister of Communications and Editor in Chief

Caduceo - Prime Minister and Editor

Sumeka - Minister of Roleplay and Editor

We're hiring for new positions! Learn More...
For more information, contact Azerubia through Discord (Azy#4617)
or apply forLink Civil Services!

July 2020 Competition Results




Fourth Force Discord Emoji Contest





WA Nations


166 (-34)

50 (-9)


34 (11)

10 (-2)


33 (-1)

14 (1)

The New Kingdom

9 (-1)

0 (0) =


8 (-1)

1 (0) =

Read dispatch

- Heonix has resigned from his position as Minister of Culture and has been replaced by Sidervida by the Prime Minister.

- Shark Week has started in Canterbury.

Caduceo wrote:Question #63 - which restaurant do you think has the best french fries and what type of fries?

KFC large

Caduceo wrote:Question #63 - which restaurant do you think has the best french fries and what type of fries?

I would have to say Culver's crinkle fries but NO ONE can live up to their CHEESE CURDS

Caduceo wrote:T R I P L E ~ F O O D ~ Q U E S T I O N

Question #60 - what's your favorite vegetable and why?

Question #61 - what's your favorite fruit and why?

Question #62 - if you eat meat, what's your favorite type of meat and why?

- I only really like carrots because I'm weird.
- Pineapple I think
- Chicken, definitely chicken. It can be put or made into many things... southern fried chicken is mmmmm

Caduceo wrote:Question #63 - which restaurant do you think has the best french fries and what type of fries?

I have to agree McDonald's fries are good. Crispy and salty

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