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CatholicWith which of the catholic orders to you identify with the most?0The Sovereign Realist State
SlavskaHakislav Amendment 4Bloodia2
Solid KingdomWhich of these questions would you like me to ask?1Luxenermy
One big IslandAnother Epic Breakfast Battle!29BrightonBurg
Conch KingdomWhat's your favourite season?1Nova Briton
Greater Hindu Empire10th General Election 2Hindu Founder
Zona Internacional de LisboaNew Imperialism, what colonies do you choose?4Sao Joao de Brito e Campo Pequeno
World Health Organisation WHOassigning Newlandian Republic to Chief of Field Guards3The Great Scottish
EdlhusWhat animal makes the best pet?2Marcarius Halohin
PrudentiaChoose your most liked game0New Dogland
Grand Peppian CommonwealthChoose Adephia's new national anthem15Adephia
The Empire of Nova RomaWould you be in favor of having a Regional Discord Server?1Thunderbolt Legion
Liberal Democratic UnionElections For President.10Chitral
Two Minutes to MidnightWho will win the Samogitian election of 1958?3Samogitias
AfrikaShould we shut down 0Midal
North AmuricaWho will win the main event of WrestleMania night two for the WWE Universal Championship?3Seberica
A random region with no purpose How do you describe your relations to your fellow nations in your region?4Goraria
BDLQuel est le meilleur canard ?2Pouetotopia
Banana BRRRRRRIs hayden a poopie head?4Sporidium
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