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RGBNWould you like to run for President of RGBN?6Suter
No OoOOos RegionDo not vote on this poll1No OoOOo 2
Greenlandic ForestSwearing in Music2The Greenlandic North
The Empire of KingMakerDo you all think that there should be an updated map for the region? Or is everyone okay without it?0Carian Tanto
LisseumHow good am I doing.6Kor Pantaal
AlvoniaShould Alvonia Move to Become an Imperial Power?1Prussian-Germany
1st Epitome UnitedHow did you come to name your nation?2Dorsla
Bluecrown KeepNational Referendum7Dominioan
The Wild NSYee Haw?4Wexas
EdlhusWhat is the best sport?5Klaizar
The LabyrinthIs the yes the?12Kingdom of Mooshland
The Wooloo PactN-Day Faction name7Mathuvan Union
FylkirvegrChief Justice Wanted0Freedomanica
Universal Dream NetworkOn what day of the week were you born?6DeSpencers Ghost
Da jungleimportant poll1Anprimbania
Far Essos AssiaREGIONAL RESPONSE TO PANDEMIC11Herrlich Kriegs Jaeger Lebensrarum
SpiritusAmerica is really ruined forever!8Alekseandrea
Radiator springsShould we open up our embassies to other nations? 5Forktoon
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