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Governor: The Most Feared Military of TBH Commander

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Silly Little Dude of Pancakeon (elected )

Founder: The Most Feared Military of TBH Commander

Last WA Update:

Maps Board Activity History Admin Rank

Most Valuable International Artwork: 11th Highest Economic Output: 13th Largest Black Market: 14th+7
Most Nations: 83rd Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 137th Most Stationary: 149th Highest Food Quality: 197th Most Patriotic: 206th Highest Crime Rates: 278th Highest Disposable Incomes: 370th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to The Black Hawks. Home of the Most Feared Military Organisation in NationStates!

Founded on the 2nd of July 2005

If you want to get more involved in our community and military, join our LinkForum and our LinkDiscord!

Current Orders:

TBH Mom: Tramiar
Lawn Protection Officer: New South Arctica

Council of the Hawks:

Embassies: The Brotherhood of Malice, The Communist Bloc, Lone Wolves United, Sparkalia, Magna Aurea, Osiris, The East Pacific, Sky Haven, Japan, Conch Kingdom, Lands End, Ijaka, Caer Sidi, Lily, Suspicious, The Blades of Conquest, and 212 others.League of the scaro alliance, The global defense force, Novus Orsa, TBH Graveyard, TBH, Global commonwealth, Black hawks, The Jolly Roger, The Third Coalition, Kyorgia puppet storage, Operation Boom Beach, Free Thought, Third Position Coalition, The Gay Agenda, Fascist Forge, Fascist Union of Germany, The Mystical Council, Reyno de Navarra, The Sith United Nations, The Freedonia Islands, Aliados Brasileiros, PCMPCMPCMPCM, The Clowns, Oofdland, The Slopes, Cult of fire, Confederacy of Layem, Layem Liberation Federation, Republic of Layem, Alstroemeria, PCM, The Koprulu Sector, Alliance Against Anime, The Democratic Commonwealth, The Western Commonwealth, Anime Nations Against Liberals, The Evil Empire, KAP03Region, Kantrias, One big Island, The Grand Empire of Tazann, Moon, Touhou Project, PanAsian Union, Feathered Farmers, Allied States of EuroIslanders, The League of Conservative Voices, Hyperion, United Mapgame Nations, The Promised Neverland, NATO 2022 Frontier, Orca Farm, Yessssss, Violet Irises, Hethrum, Danburg, Freeland RP, Shadowed Terra, The Republican Kingdoms of Europe, NAAO, Sacrumterra, North AtlanticFederations, Lair of the Dragon, Astoria, Advil puppet storage, Alcatraz, The Brotherhood of Blood, Skibidi Toilet Ohio Rizz, Brebina, Damnation, Branson, Owu, gm19, Russia Federation, The United States of TGK, Moestuin, Emery, SJCI, Tyrona, Wolfonia, Space Australia, The Confederacy of Independent States, SPACE COMMAND, Brasilistani territories, Ravioli, The Kitty Roleplay, best people, Velvet haven, Orsa, Mars Command, Antarctic Empire, fh za, The Super Accepting Dictators, Avakon, We are superior, The South East Alliance, Almingway, Portugalistao, Mechanix Monarchists, The Greater England, Velritera, Power, TEA CUP, Lone Tree Gov Per 2, Kostenlos, EmbassyRegi0nia, Ascensionsen, Feria, the Union of Wreath and Rose, operation Tabby Cat, Egglond, Aqua, Oceanography, Coral Reef 5, Carona, We should nuke the uk, Summer, Atlanticana, Bhaal Sahckia, Alternate History, Shirika, Celtica, Billy, The Backrooms, Ardenia, Greater Atlas Nova, Region of Extremely Depolarized Nations, salette, The Steppes, Confederacy of Progressive Nations, Rejected Cards, The ditto and wooper aliance, Chateau, accepts, United Conservative Alliance, Pogang, Demokralja, The Bokoen Federation, Eshereniv, Carioca, What on earth is this2, The northern Atlantic realms, Yvy, Moku, The United countries, The Final Order, The Dausu Region, Open Ocean 5, Union of Independent States, Regency Puppets, Capitalist Federation, Sentry, Facchia, The Cosmos Coalition, Blanket Fort, Commonwealth of Independent Animals, The New Federation, Calibur, The United Antarctic People, TUOFRS Alts, The Region of Frogs, lets see how fast rosa snatches this, Vograterean Centre, Confederation of Outlying Nations, abrasively, The Gallery, The Kingdom of Eladar, The Skyline Empire, Tierra Kepleriana, The ASEAN, Region of Young Money, The Fair Peoples Republic, Celtic Nations, Omnitellus, Your up of Stank, The Coalition of Isolated Farlands, Bim, Dyzia, Land of the Holy, Reich of Kaiser, Freedom From Oppression, Charon, Space Orbit, Wercaw Pact, Vermaina, Green bois, The fakistanian empire, League of Ethereal Nations, Trovons, Government and People, the people, Communist Union United, Regional form, Land of the Free or Something, Pacific North Coast Chinese Revolutionar, Nudeia, BOTs, WEEEEEHHEEEHEEHEHEHEHEHEWEEEHEEHEHEHEHEE, America is Awesome, Xarakuz, Doomerian Alliance, The territorys of the crown, The Fallen Kingdoms, Northern Heitoria Confederation, The Federal States of America, The Shopping District, SALMEGIA, Dorking, Guarks, 9th International, Landland, and Eclipsis.

The embassy with Damnation is being withdrawn. Closure expected imminently.

The embassy with Velvet haven is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with accepts is being withdrawn. Closure expected imminently.

The embassy with Regency Puppets is being withdrawn. Closure expected imminently.

The embassy with The Cosmos Coalition is being withdrawn. Closure expected imminently.

The embassy with Freedom From Oppression is being withdrawn. Closure expected imminently.

The embassy with Government and People is being withdrawn. Closure expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with world military has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with Anterior department of the Wesley Region has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with afreurasia has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with The Greater Serendostan Realm has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with The Michaelandrium League has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with New Jahkku has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with United Unions has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with A Rather Large Puddle has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

Construction of embassies with Bisexual has commenced. Completion expected imminently.

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Regional Power: Moderate

The Black Hawks contains 396 nations, the 83rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Crime Rates in The Black Hawks

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Oppressive Oppressors of Israeli AirstrikesIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Remember: We can always make it worse.”
2.The Grand Dictatorship of The Soviet Union of DictatorsPsychotic Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship“If you have an opinion, shove it down your throat!”
3.The Military junta of People Republic of CampucPsychotic Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship“We Militarized to protect the people”
4.The SoP veteran of New South ArcticaCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“Welcome to the best kept lawn in NStates! 420!”
5.The Sovereignty of Cyzon GalacticLibertarian Police State Government-Enforced Political Correctness Society“Glory to the Sovereignty”
6.The Authoritarian Republic of HypranioDemocratic Socialists Hell“Nothing is true”
7.The Carribean Autocracy of KileogiPsychotic Dictatorship Communist Dictatorship“Un Pueblo, Un Imperio, Un Líder”
8.The Imperium Militarum Empire of New Nova HelganIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“You Must Preserve Your Honour. Blitzendegen”
9.The Still Not a Republic of New Republic of RomanDemocratic Socialists Hell“Who needs diplomacy when you have more guns?”
10.The Resurging Empire of The Baden-Wurttemberg StateIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Durch Schweiß und Blut bleiben wir stark”
1234. . .3940»

Regional Happenings


The Black Hawks Regional Message Board

Hi hawks!
We got some new hawklings that I thought I'd introduce! Please put your wings together for:

Welcome to The Black Hawks! The most feared yet friendly group of raiders on nationstates!
If you're interested in learning more, you can learn more about how to start your journey towards greatness here:

Hello, and welcome to The Black Hawks!

If you're reading this, we're guessing you're a bit lost on what to do. First of all, relax! Raiding is about you having fun, and you can't do that if you're all stressed and worried. Trust us - we've spent more time doing this "raiding" thing than any other region on NS. What follows is our simple, short, and easy-to read guide to the very very basics of what we do here in The Black Hawks.

"Hey, I just got a message from your region, and followed it. What do I do here?"

First of all, welcome to The Black Hawks! Please, say "hi" on our Regional Message Board, and let us know if you need any more help after reading this guide! You can also feel free to send a telegram to me, Get Real, at any time. The Black Hawks is a region focused on the art of raiding - one of the main forms of military gameplay here on NationStates. If you want to learn a little more about our history, feel free to read this dispatch. or ask a question on the RMB. We also recommend you Linkjoin our discord in order to better interact with our community in real-time. Most importantly though - join the Reserves Program and follow their orders as soon as possible!

"So what is this 'raiding'?"

Here in NS, we've got a "World Assembly", which nations can join, giving them the power to elect regional delegates (among other things). In many regions, these delegates have certain powers over the region, allowing them to do such things as changing the region's appearance and kicking its members out. In short, raiding (also known as invading) is when a bunch of us get together and use this system of delegate elections to elect one of our members as the delegate of another region and then have some fun there. Since a player can only have one nation in the World Assembly, it takes the combined efforts of many of us to seize and hold regions. If we're not careful, the defenders will take them back from us and return them to their original owners!

"Cool, how can I join in?"/"What's this Reserves Program?"

Well, if you just want to be involved on the basic level, there will always be deployment orders posted in the World Factbook Entry at the top of the region page. These are the orders for our Reserves, though you don’t have to be accepted yet to follow them. To follow these orders, you should create a second nation (known as a "puppet" nation), join the World Assembly on that nation (and that nation only!), move it to the region linked, and endorse everyone the order says to endorse. To endorse, you click on a nation in the same region as you that is also in the World Assembly, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the button that says "endorse <nation>." It's important that you do this on a puppet nation so that your main nation can remain here in The Black Hawks, allowing you to keep chatting here, as well as receive future orders! It is essential that this action occurs as soon as possible, or our operations will fall to our enemies! You may have also seen the Reserves Program dispatch linked above. This dispatch provides more information on how to formally join the reserves, gain points for your assistance, and be promoted to our elite Primary Reserves program!

"There's got to be more right?"/"Hey what are these forums and how do I get training?"

Yep! By the time the deployment process begins, our more advanced soldiers in Active Duty have already preliminary seized the region. These more advanced members of the region also perform various stealth and hit-and-run type assaults. The cool thing is, it's not hard to start down the path of joining those ranks! The biggest steps you need to take is registering on Linkour forums and joining Linkour Discord chat server, where we'll connect you with a trainer after you've introduced yourself. Stick with it, and you'll be on the front lines in just days! And if you find it's just not your thing, you can always go back to hanging out in the region and following the deployment orders like everyone else.

Want to see something more in-depth? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions!

Want to see some more things about NationStates as a game? Check out the What Can I Do? guide!

LinkDiscord LinkForum Region
The Most Feared Military Organisation in Nationstates

Read dispatch

If the modern world is just a little bit too hectic for you to become an active duty member, you can also learn about our reserves program here! For those who want in on the glory but just don't got the time!

Current Reserves Mission
LinkJoin The Reserves
Join The World Assembly
Move To Eclipsis and Endorse Asunnia
LinkCollect your points!

Greetings Hawks!

Welcome to the reserves program! If you are new to Nationstates, you have found yourself the perfect way to meaningfully contribute to our operations while getting the hang of this whole Nationstates thing. And if you've been around for a while, this may just be the best way to kick back, relax and enjoy all the benefits TBH has to offer while you rest your weary head!

Sounds interesting, tell me more!

The Reserve Program is designed to reward members of our region who consistently respond to piling orders. Members score Reserve Points depending on how many operations they attend. These points alongside regional activity are used to determine your Reservist Rank!

New ranks?

Yes indeed! Reservists will be granted the ranks of Reservist and Primary Reservist. Primary Reservist is a rank obtainable to those who are active in either the discord and/or rmb communities and pile quickly often, supplying much-needed support to our operations. Primary Reservists will also be given the privilege of access to our nest on discord, where they will be able to further interact with the community they are a part of! Reservists who pile fast and often will be justly rewarded! You also will get to fly exclusive flags designed for the reserve program!

New Flags?

You betcha! All reservists will get to fly special Reserve flags that show their status as a member of our decorated Reserves program! Primary Reservists also get their own special flag that only they can fly, as an honor to their dedication! You can see the flags by clicking the spoiler below!

The Reservist Flag

The Primary Reservist Flag

New Banners?

That's right! We have created new banners so reservists can flex their ranks! Additionally, we have added a star system to the Primary Reserves. Primary Reservists can now earn additional stars and banners depending on how many missions they have gone on! Those banners can be found below!


Primary Reservist, 1 Star

Primary Reservist, 2 Stars

Primary Reservist, 3 Stars

Primary Reservist, 4 Stars

Primary Reservist, 5 Stars

President Of The Reserves

So who can take part?

Anyone with a nation in The Black Hawks and is currently not an active updating member is eligible for the Reserves. This includes members who are in training or receive the rank of Private! Additionally, formerly active members are more than welcome to join the reserves but will have the collection of Reserve Points frozen if they ever reactivate.

How will this be tracked and collected?

On every operation where we send out regionwide piling orders, we will link a form with which to fill in your piling nation name and nation in The Black Hawks. You won't be able to miss it!

You've sold me! So how do I get started?

Great! To get started, simply fill in this
-->Linkform.<-- Your nation name will be tracked in a separate Reserve Program Dispatch with your rank and a cool emblem to link in forum signatures, dispatches or factbooks!

If you have any further questions or issues, please feel free to get in touch with Octobla!

LinkDiscord LinkForum Region
The Most Feared Military Organisation in Nationstates

Read dispatch

As always, every success we have is the result of a team effort. None of our greatest raids would have been possible had we not had hawks like you following the orders on our WFE!

If you wish to get more involved with the community, I'd highly recommend joining the discord linked on the WFE!

Good luck and happy raiding new friends!

Major Aleena Connolly

This is an automated message.

Hello black hawks, are u guys raiders?

We back, the great Gorow Country

The new NS Mega fun poll is here,the battle of battles,the first leg of the breakfast meat battle! who shall win? its up to you!


• The three way breakfast meat 🍖 poll battle!!

Failure to vote will cause Joe Biden and Donald J Trump to have a jello tub battle in string bikinis on your front lawn. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!! Vote! >:)

The first order I wrote:Hello black hawks, are u guys raiders?

Yes. Yes we are.

I once loved the region. Now it full of gays and furries. Edit:Not to hurt anyones feelings im talking bout TNP btw.

We are so back!

its back...

I enjoyed my time here but after the whole crash, I've had time to think.

Farewell, I'm going to be moving now.

Merien wrote:I enjoyed my time here but after the whole crash, I've had time to think.

Farewell, I'm going to be moving now.

Farewell, friend. May you find succes and happiness where you go.

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