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WA Delegate (non-executive): The United States of Madison and Wisconsin (elected )

Founder: The Free Republic of NewLeinster

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 122nd Most Nations: 263rd Largest Black Market: 1,146th+3
Most Valuable International Artwork: 2,096th Most Cultured: 2,421st Best Weather: 2,499th
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Welcome to the Red Wolf Alliance!
A region based around democracy and RP, where all players have equal opportunities! Founded January 30th, 2018.
Please endorse our WA Delegate Madison and Wisconsin

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  • Moderator and Roleplay Committee By-Election Underway

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  • New RPC event: Anarcho-Primitivism on the rise after the publishing of international best-seller Pulcher Flos Sanguinum!

Government of the Red Wolf Alliance

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Embassies: The Democratic Republic, The LCRUA, Force, New Western Empire, Confederacy of Layem, India, and Union of Allied States.

Tags: Democratic, Featured, LGBT, Large, Map, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Red Wolf Alliance contains 93 nations, the 263rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in Red Wolf Alliance

The World Census conducted frenzied haggling with fishmongers in order to determine which nations have the largest fishing industries.

As a region, Red Wolf Alliance is ranked 7,804th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Socialist Liberation Council of Revolutionary UsaCorrupt Dictatorship Corrupt Liberal Dictatorship“For the Republic and the People”
2.The Most Serene Republic of Changlettormanch de laternasse colenquenIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Obey and move forward”
3.The People's Republic of Yap KaoIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Rise People power ”
4.The Commonwealth of TarantinaiaIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“A Golden Motherland”
5.The People's Republic of Cathartes AuraFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Liberal Dictatorship“We are a people's republic, we promise.”
6.The Kingdom of LothelorienFather Knows Best State Suspiciously Liberal Dictatorship“By The People For The People”
7.The Raj of SpexicoInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Each Endeavouring, All Achieving”
8.The Federation of Lunalian RepublicAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“★★★★★”
9.The Nomadic Peoples of The Unified Mandalorian ClansMoralistic Democracy Ordinary Decent Hardworking People“Vode An”
10.The Dictatorship of PatayinIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“We Kill All”
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Regional Happenings


Red Wolf Alliance Regional Message Board

Helios News
HELCAR may be a future competition for Heliosetic Motorsports

The HELCAR concept has revived thanks to XTH Racing Developments, who made an announcement of the testing of a possible model of a HELCAR. The car was made by Tertech, a Heliosetic car manufacturer, and has a TTCH-38 Engine. XTH Racing Developments has made some testing laps around the new-built Helierian Motorspeedway. An oval track near the Nuevo Helios National Stadium. Famous for its Formula Heliosetic GP. The testing of the car had a positive result and we will see what can happen in the future

Worker's Party members protest at Palace of Congress
Despite the losses suffered by the Worker's Party (AP) in last week's election, its members appear to have not accepted the results of the election. Nearly 1,000 members of the party staged a large protest outside the Palace of Congress this morning, demanding transparency in the tallying of election results. Among the protesters were four members of the party's Congressional delegation that were voted out of office.

Violence was limited to a few attacks on police members who supervised the protests, and a total of 13 arrests were made over the course of the morning. AP leader Konrad Tollemacht, who was not present at the protest, has continually questioned the results and claims without evidence that the Worker's Party won a majority in the Reichstag despite evidence to the contrary. Calls have already been made by Reichstag members of opposing parties to censure or otherwise penalize Tollemacht and the AP for their conduct after the election, arguing it is dangerous to the nation's democratic institutions.

United Socialist Party, Ecological Democractic Party announce Merger
After weeks of discussion and negotiations, the left-wing United Socialist Party (VSP) and Ecological Democratic Party (ODP) have formally agreed to a merger of their parties. The chairs of both parties - Gunther Beyersdorf for the VSP and Alexandra Kopp of the ODP - have agreed to a common declaration that begins the process of the two parties formally merging after a year and a half of independence. The new party name has not yet been revealed, however the agreement speculates that at this time the fused party will be known simply as the VSP-ODP Union.

Both Beyersdorf and Kopp have agreed to a new leadership election for the new party, which will also formally decide the name of the new party. With Congress set to reconvene in one week, it is likely the leadership election will be held some time in June to allow for government negotiations to conclude.

Wolter, Reiner head into second round of voting at CVP Convention
The first ballot of the CVP's leadership election was held just over an hour ago, and the results are showing that Chancellor Hermann Wolter won a plurality of the delegate votes, but narrowly missed the required majority. His opponents, Finance Minister Katherine Reiner and Reichstag Member Friedrich Kardorff, placed second and third respectively. The tally of delegate votes can be found below:

Wolter: 755
Reiner: 639
Kardoff: 156
Scattering: 5

Party bylaws state that Kardorff will be eliminated in the upcoming second ballot scheduled for this afternoon, leaving Wolter and Reiner to face off in a head-to-head match. Many believe Wolter will be reelected as Kardorff's more socially conservative faction will be unlikely to support the moderate Reiner.

Wolter wins CVP Leadership vote, endangering government talks
The second round of voting at the CVP leadership convention has resulted in Hermann Wolter retaining his control over the Christian People's Party, narrowly defeating his Finance Minister Katherine Reiner in the balloting. Wolter secured a majority of 877 votes, while Reiner managed to garner only 678. The former Chancellor gave a short speech after the vote thanking his supporters while also promising to continue government talks with the LDP.

By contrast, LDP leader Judith Eckstein has so far stood by her promise to refuse to negotiate with the CVP should Wolter be reelected as chairman. Without the CVP, the LDP's only other coalition partner that could yield a majority would be the newly created VSP-ODP Union, although Eckstein herself has been hesitant to encourage negotiations with the left-wing parties so far.

HELCAR Approved, teams start to sign up.

Today was the presentation of HELCAR, the new Heliosetic competition, was held in the Helierian Motorspeedway. With a total number of 8 Helcars going on the track and doing some laps, there will be some tryout races, just like in the Formula Heliosetic. And eventually, the season.

Breaking News
Nuevo Helios Runs for the RWA Presidency

Epic News Programme intro

We have some breaking news. our glorious nation, Nuevo Helios,will be running for the RWA presidency. Right now we dont expect any votations. But it could change. Glory to the RWA, glory to Nuevo Helios

The United San Finn Soccer League, also commonly called the USFSL, has taken an intrest in the possibility of the RWA World Soccer Cup. Top ranking officials within the league as well as the coach of the San Finn national team have spoken out strongly in favor of joining the cup. Now it's just a matter of is the Empire of Nuevo Helios is willing to accept a new joinee to the cup.

San Finn wrote:The United San Finn Soccer League, also commonly called the USFSL, has taken an intrest in the possibility of the RWA World Soccer Cup. Top ranking officials within the league as well as the coach of the San Finn national team have spoken out strongly in favor of joining the cup. Now it's just a matter of is the Empire of Nuevo Helios is willing to accept a new joinee to the cup.

You need to be a citizen to roleplay, if you're not a citizen then the roleplay is considered unofficial and won't count, since your nation doesn't exist in the roleplay. Send me a telegram to get started with the citizenship process.

My campaign launch to become a member of the RP Committee

Monzievard for Roleplay Committee


Today I launch my campaign to become a member of the Roleplay Committee.

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate everyone on the success of the region's RP so far. On my return to the region, I was impressed to see the quality and extent of roleplay from citizens on both the RMB and Discord. Especially the variety of RP as well, from formula 1 to technological pursuits it was great to see a change from the usual war RP. The community here is our greatest asset when it comes to ensuring meaningful, creative and enjoyable RP and if elected to the committee this is something I would want to promote and nurture. Though I unfortunately had to leave the region for some time due to personal reasons, I believe that I have the experience and desire to implement plans that will further enhance the region's RP. Personally, I want to begin developing my nation's lore and history and I would love to work with you all as a committee member to create shared connections between our nations and create something we can all be proud of. As the campaign progresses if you have any questions or want to contact me please feel free to do so either through Discord or NS Telegrams.

My experience

Whilst I recognise that I will have to work to regain people's trust after my departure and that action speaks louder than any of the credentials I've been awarded with, I believe it is important that I briefly show you all that I have the experience it takes to be an effective committee member:



  • Creator of the Roleplay Committee

  • Former member of the Roleplay Committee

  • Founder of the RWAGP.

  • Founder of the first political party in the Red Wolf Alliance.

  • First Secretary General of the alliance.

  • Former Secretary of Regional Affairs.

  • Winner of the Shallia Award. The region's highest award possible.

My plans as a committee member
  • Promote realistic RP whilst still allow creativity to flourish by continuing the former committee's land card project.

  • Ensure accountability and fairness by updating the RP Guidelines to stipulate rules regarding time, military sizes and guidelines to ensure responsible roleplay. The guidelines haven't been updated in over 2 years so I believe this should be a matter of priority to ensure that we have guidelines that people can seek accurate help and support from.

  • Implement a long-term pre-approved calendar of events to ensure that roleplay is promoted and sustained during quieter months and periods of inactivity. These would be small yet fun and impactful events as to not disrupt player initiated RP too much such as natural disasters, discovery of resources, minor political events etc. Citizens would be asked for input and would vote on the final plans to ensure community participation.

  • Increase the committee's transparency by publishing regular reports to inform citizens and government of our work and to show to the region whether or not we are meeting targets, future plans and areas of concern.

  • Work with the cartographer to reform the map to allow for more interesting plots for newcomers and increase the number of geographical landmarks (rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts etc.) to allow for diverse geopolitics which will further enhance RP.

Read factbook

Government Talks Stalled as Deadlock between three largest parties loom
Despite having met three times in as many days, the leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Christian People's Party, and the newfound VSP-ODP Union have failed to come to any sort of a consensus on forming a new government for Stalstatt. LDP leader Judith Eckstein has confirmed she would not consider a coalition with the CVP due to the reelection of former Chancellor Wolter as its leader, while she has also been hesitant to accept the multitude of government intervention programs proposed by the Union. Wolter and Union leaders Gunter Beyersdorf and Alexandra Kopp also have been unable to start negotiations due to their disparate political differences.

Kaiser Friedrich, having returned from Hummelshaven to a growing political crisis, has attempted to settle the situation by requesting the party leaders continue to meet, but has been met with growing discontent as well as those on the political left have begun demanding a republic once again.

For the first time, CVP leader Wolter acknowledged that his party may have to enter negotiations with the Conservative Nationalist Party to try to find support, even though this too would not be sufficient to form a stable government. The Reichstag is set to reconvene on May 10, and per the constitution a government or coalition has to be presented to the body for approval. Should this not occur, 30 additional days are allotted to permit for the formation of a government, after which a new election would have to be held.

Rail Disaster claims 30 lives and multiple injuries outside Hotzendorf
A ReichsBahn inter-city commuter train crashed into a stopped freight train outside Hotzendorf this morning, claiming the lives of 30 while causing nearly twice as many injuries. Initial inquiries are placing the blame on the nearby switch yard, which was responsible for sending the commuter train on its way out of the city and northbound towards Falkenstein. The commuter train rear-ended a 44-car freight train that was holding for permission to continue westward, with a final destination being Strassenburg. No one on the freight train was injured in the crash.

First responders to the crash noted that the first two carriages of the commuter train had compacted due to the high speed prior to the crash, while all of the remaining cars except the last two had derailed in a zig-zag pattern against the first two cars. Most of the deaths occurred in the first two cars, while the injuries were scattered around the remaining carriages. Two signal boxes were present and showing red prior to the siding the freight was on, however these preceded the switch that the commuter train was put on.

Helios News
Helierian GP postponed due to insane crash in FP1.

3 Cars.
3 Drivers.
1 Crash.
Great Damage.

Today, Dean Weaven from HeliosTech Motors, Ael Park from LightRay Racing and Hugo Aguilera from StrayNrg racing were involved in a massive fireball crash. As they were really close and they headed into turn 5. Ael Park Hit Hugo Aguilera at a really high speed and Dean Weaven went into both of them when he had DRS activated. All 3 cars set on fire and the drivers are now in the hospital. The session was immediately red flagged and the race will be postponed due to the drivers' injuries.


All of Nuevo Helios' Airports closed temporarily due to really big storms breaking out in all the Nation

Helierian-Helia National Airport received the last flight in all Nuevo Helios due to really big storms in all the nation. The conditions to fly were impossible as winds reached 55 knots and there was a great rainstorm in all the nation. This weather will continue for most of the week and it is expected for the airports to open approximately in 3 days. All the flights are cancelled or delayed and SolisJet and Hydrair, the 2 airlines of Nuevo Helios, will be giving their customers their money back or a flight when the airport is re-opened.

Heliosetic Radars detect another ICBM

Some military radars detected an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile last night, it was inside the Crackensburg airspace and it flew just above the city of Crackensburg. It is the 5th ICBM detected this month. And it could become a cause for concern. Before all airprts were closed, SolisJet Flight 7465 saw the missile fly on the Crackensburg Airspace in one of its routine flights from Nuevo Helios Intl Airport to Oktorbus Intl. This was the Captain's conversation with the ATC.

-Good day Crackensburg Radar this is Solis 7465, we are currently watching a non identified object just above the Airspace.
-Copy, could you describe that object?
-Looks like a missile to me.
-Roger that, stay away from it and keep on your cruise altitude. If it gets closer descend to 20,000Ft
-Copy that, Solis 7465.

(5 minutes later)

-Good day Solis 7465 this is Crackensburg Radar, i have just been informed it is a missile, stay away from it and descend to 20,000Ft and maintain cruise speed.
-Copy that. Descend to 20K and maintain cruise speed. (Autopilot Disconnection Sound)
-Also maintain the separation between Hydrair 029, descend maintain 20,000Ft, Oktorbus Approach 948.5
-Cooopy that. We will switch to Oktorbus Approach 948.5 and descend and maintain on 20,000Ft
-Good Day.

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