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Red Wolf Alliance RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Communist Monarchy of Pure Blooded Whites (elected )

Founder: The Free Republic of NewLeinster

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Most Nations: 133rd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 143rd
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Welcome to the Red Wolf Alliance!
A region based around democracy and RP, where all players have equal opportunities! Founded January 30th, 2018.
Please endorse our WA delegate Pure Blooded Whites

LinkJoin our Discord | Master Dispatch | Constitution | Political Parties | Regional Map | Code of conduct | Immigration | Embassy guidelines | RP Guidelines |

  • SM017 on the topic of regional reform has passed, the Monzievard Committee has started it's term

  • Senate currently debating SB076 - "Criminal Record Bill"

Current Roleplay

5th Government of the Red Wolf Alliance

Government Secretaries shown below:

Embassies: Council of Islamic States, The Union of Democratic States, The Democratic Republic, The League of Conservative Nations, Imperial Catholic Alliance, United Bird Nations, The LCRUA, Aukumnia, New Republic of Sovereign States, Force, Enadia, Realm of the Whispering Winds, The Free Nations Region, New Western Atlantic, Donjia, Thaecia, and 1 other.Commonwealth Federation.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Map, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Red Wolf Alliance contains 104 nations, the 133rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Inclusive in Red Wolf Alliance

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, Red Wolf Alliance is ranked 3,416th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of Sation NateCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“Ea incolumēs erunt in populō ā nobis aedificatō.”
2.The Imperial Commonwealth of Provident NationLeft-wing Utopia Drugged-Out Hippies“The nation stands as the people unite.”
3.The Memeland of NotagenjimainDemocratic Socialists Hell“Let us hope for a different outcome”
4.The Federation of The Catt ThessDemocratic Socialists Hell“We Will Endure”
5.The Serene Land of Abrus RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest Nation-Hating Hippies“Peace, Honour, Integrity.”
6.The Parliamentary Republic of MonzievardLeft-wing Utopia Drugged-Out Hippies“Freedom in Unity”
7.The Federal Republic of Mittel EuropeNew York Times Democracy New York Crimes So-Called Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
8.The Constitutional Monarchy of PavanpurDemocratic Socialists Hell“Nyaya, Dharma, Vikas”
9.The Commonwealth of OlishireDemocratic Socialists Hell“You Can't Stop Progress”
10.The Gigantic Gazebo of EstarianaiaAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“Government is for the Weak”
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Regional Happenings


Red Wolf Alliance Regional Message Board

Tenelian Tank factory
Today the military announced it will begin the production of 30 Abrams tanks and be looking for more light tank designs from other nations.

Estarian Government Chooses Winning Space Station Design
It's here, it's out! Amidst raucous cries from the general populace, who have been following the situation intently, Lexi boy today announced in a press conference that the design submitted by EASAR would be accepted. Lexi boy also mentioned that all designs submitted had merit, despite the entry from Bigus Dickus being little more than a crudely drawn phallic object. To quote, "there is little more that could be a better practical joke than spending 150 billion dollars on a giant space penis". However, in this rare situation, reason seems to have prevailed, and Bim Jridenstein gratefully attended the press conference, thanking his design team for their hard work. Lexi boy finished the press conference by thanking the Estarian general populace, who submitted thousands of their own designs from industries and citizens alike, including a "remarkably plausible" design from a class of year 11 students from Xanthamus Senior Boys College, who had worked on it as a collective project outside of school. The design was apparently so plausible that Melon Tusk personally contacted the boys to offer them internships at SpaceE.

Winning Designs Basic Schematics Released To The Estarian Public
EASAR's design submission has now been released to the general public and the region, after being severely redacted and all exact specifications have been removed to prevent other nations or companies stealing trade secrets. The station shall henceforth be called the COSMOA (Celestial Orbital Satellite (with) Magnetic Orbital Accelerator) The design will begin construction immediately, as basic components are already ready. Others, like the LinAc itself, will need to be constructed and researched over the coming years.

Welcome to all new nations who have arrived in the Red Wolf Alliance!

If you want to get involved with our region, join our Discord through the link here!
After that, you can apply for citizenship by telegramming Common Union of the States V2 or DMing him on Discord.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hello everyone and happy Easter, I'm here as a Diplomat from the New Western Atlantic, my main is Sainoland.

Imperial Telegraph Co.
The Press of Liberty

WAR IS OVER! The Imperial Commonwealth is now back to normal.

Foreign Office Minister Salvador Bautista returned from the closed door meeting of the Garo Conference to announce the conclusion of the Pavanpur War. The Imperial Edict regarding the lifting of war precautions has led to an immediate relocation of the citizens to their on-ground locations. The Imperial Parks Authority, together with the Ministry of Defense, is the part of the inter-agency commission that is tasked to maintain and improve underground bunker sites for better defense against advanced technology devices and increased ergonomics.

Markets resumed trading after the lifting of the war. The Royal Provident Stock Exchange inched up 34.92 points to close at 10,887.44. Leading stocks include the Royal Offshore Business Co. which runs the free trade export processing zone in Estarianaia, and Catt Thess defense contractors who bagged the latest contract from the Imperial Government.

Emergency meeting called by the King, promised to revamp Constitution

King Luis in his morning speech last Tuesday has said "the millennia-old Parliament is in dire need of reform, the Parliament of 500 representatives cannot properly represent the 60 million Providenists". Currently, the representatives are elected using first-past-the-post system where the whole country is divided into constituencies, some dating from the initial creation of the Parliament. Households vote on their ancestral homeland, which makes the royal capital and urban cities left with very few voters and the countryside with overwhelming number of voters. The National Parties have lamented for reform but economic reform took precedent. Now, the King, through its Imperial Advisory Council, wants to increase the number of MPs to 1,200 and employ a mixed-member proportional representation method where 600 would be elected in constituencies and 600 will be elected in party lists.

The Council will hold consultations regarding the change through caravans across the country. It shall also consider the creation of an upper house consisting of members being appointed for the rest of their life by the King and Parliament as an alternative to the Imperial Advisory Council.

Elections underway after the Constitutional revamp

The National Electoral Commission suspends the election for an indefinite period until the culmination of the talks regarding the change in Parliament. However, the Imperial Advisory Council in Provident shall remain a purely nominated post by the Crown. Polling stations are now being prepared despite the indefinite postponement of the elections. Imperial Council Halls shall be used as polling stations and universities will act as the watchdog groups to ensure the cleanliness of the elections.

Simple, modest clothing on vogue after forced austerity made people less flashy

Fashion houses across Provident Nation are now releasing their lookbooks featuring a modest look. Pastels and colours derived from nature are taking over the runway. Longer hemlines but shorter sleeves for women is becoming common. Men are now obliged to wear dress pants and short sleeves dress shirt to match the look. Indigenous fabrics are in style and textile imported from other countries are despised due to the nationalist fervour taking over the war.

King Luis donned a simple blue short sleeves shirt paired with black pants on his trip to Lunsaran, the holiest and most significant place in the country where the nation's forefather have first landed in the shores.

Hospitals got rid of wards, basic accommodation now composed of mini-suites

Due to the recent boost in government funding, the Royal Health Service banned the use of multiple occupant wards in all government hospitals. Hospitals are now mandated to offer mini-suites as the most basic type of accommodation to citizens. Mini suites are private rooms with an electronic bed and its own restroom. Private hospitals would still be able to use multiple occupant wards but is not allowed to build new ones.

Emergency rooms will be fitted with ergonomic furniture to further improve patient's experience during their stay. The Royal Health Service, through National Insurance contributions and government subsidy, are entirely free of charge upon the passing of the Universal Healthcare Act. However, in-patient suites are heavily regulated so as to avoid citizens from abusing the service. ITO citizens are entitled to the same amount of care as Providenists in healthcare, education and employment. Notagenjimain citizens are treated as Providenists provided they have documentation with the Imperial Commissioners' Office.

Foreigners seeking treatment shall be subjected to graduated rates depending on their country's affiliation and procedures being taken.

i saw wolf. i joined. been here, done there. im rebuilding a nation, not into game politics. my loyaltys wit the alpha, as i proclaimed 2 him.

Imperial Republican States of America wrote:i saw wolf. i joined. been here, done there. im rebuilding a nation, not into game politics. my loyaltys wit the alpha, as i proclaimed 2 him.

WACK. Anyway, come and join our discord if you'd like, plenty of cool stuff on there, and you'll probably find "the alpha", whoever that is.

Imperial Republican States of America wrote:i saw wolf. i joined. been here, done there. im rebuilding a nation, not into game politics. my loyaltys wit the alpha, as i proclaimed 2 him.

Why does your name sounds like ISNA, GRNA haha

alpha is the 1 i chose. the emporer will only be taken down by him.. and the stupid ass sad love songs his mp3 player keeps wanting 2 play dangit!

Imperial Republican States of America wrote:alpha is the 1 i chose. the emporer will only be taken down by him.. and the stupid ass sad love songs his mp3 player keeps wanting 2 play dangit!

im on a flip u idiots. and the alpha didnt make the forum adress clear. u got a link telegram me. otherwise, im impressed. the emperor thot he was an ass. his hinyness is moved 2 tears as hes n like company.

now please be flip phone friendly or exist stage left. because u dont deserve rite.

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