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by The Sanatan Samrajya of Hindu Puri. . 269 reads.

India pays the price for our war against fascism!

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India would like to inform the international community of a raid undertaken by Genua against our brother region Indian Mars to revenge against India's perceived Leftist and anti fascist regime.
The situation was aptly handled by Hindu Mahasabha on time.
The Government of India has been saying from a long time that we don't support Fascism.
Today, our brother region Indian Mars has paid the price for Government of India's war against fascism.
This incident should also be an eye opener for members of the international community who have been misled to believe that India supports fascism.
We condemn Genua in the strongest possible terms and reitirate our commitment to anti fascism.
We seek the support of the international community in our war AGAINST fascism.
Hindu Puri
Minister for External Affairs