by Max Barry

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Region: The East Pacific

Pablao pats the back of the truck and watches as she is loaded up onto one of Zukchiva's carrier planes. He always feels sad when he sees his trucks go away from him, but he knows it is inevitable. He is one of Zukchiva's most pecuilar mechanics, in that he can tell if he worked on any car, and even when he worked on it and what model it was with an 80% accuracy. It always pained him dearly to see his vehicles destroyed. The closest he could describe the feeling to was that of a mother seeing her 5 month old baby dead in a foreign country, away from her arms.

Whenever he sent off his vehicles, he always goes to the bar and gets a drink. Recently, Palbao had been trying to get a drink from where his vehicles were travelling.

However, Pablao didn't know the destination of his babies. He quickly apprehends the pilot and asks him where the plane is heading. After learning that it is Osterreich und Ungarn, Palbao nods at the pilot and leaves to go back to the garage to help with the loading of the other vehicles.

He'd always wanted to try some German beer.