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Don't Quote Me

by Max Barry
Tue, 08 Oct 2013

A few little things: Firstly, we're shifting servers (again), and there will be a little downtime, starting with the Forum in just a few moments (EDIT: All done now!). Hopefully this will be brief, but, really, who knows. These things are like wrestling grizzly bears. If we don't come up again, it was nice knowing you all.

A couple of new features: You can quote posts from your Regional Message Board using a faint, barely-detectable button on the right. And Regional Influence accumulated in what we call Feeder and Sinker regions now lasts six months only, in order to recognize the importance of recent activity as well as longevity. More details available here.

Also, it was pointed out in the forums that my previous post about the new NationStates Activity page really left an NSA joke on the table, just begging to be made. I want to say I regret that.

That's it for now! I'm sure our downtime will be brief, and our revival filled with new features. But don't quote me.