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The Three Brothers

by Max Barry
Wed, 19 Oct 2011

Sometimes nations die. It's sad but true. They are neglected, they stagnate, then they simply cease to exist. Empires, silenced. Cultures, lost.

But sometimes they come back! And when they do, they've always refounded in Lazarus, the world's welcome-back region. Over the years, thanks to this steady influx of resurrected nations, Lazarus has grown to become the world's largest region, with over 6,700 residents.

Yesterday, something changed. The regions Balder and Osiris were created as official "sinkers," providing two new homes for returning nations.

For the first hour or two, things were pretty quiet. Then people noticed. Nations moved in. There were celebrations. Questions. And, pretty soon, debates over how these regions should be run. Who should be the Delegate? Various well-organized alliances—I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we have those—got edgy at the prospect of some other, well-organized alliance seizing power. Shouldn't the region be left in the hands of the native residents? But who were they? And didn't they need to be protected?

Solid questions. I don't know the answers. But after only half a day, we can see differences in the new regions' emerging political structures. Good luck, all.