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Hereís a fun fact: The span of time between Concordís founder getting deleted and our liberating it was
shorter than the time it took Paul Revere to warn colonists of the British advance on Concord, Massachusetts.

It was two by the village clock, when he came to the bridge in Concord town.

He heard the bleating of the flock,

And burned the f#cking region down.

Tonight, the combined forces of The League and our valued partners conducted a special operation to seize control of Concord, the last outpost of the soon-to-be-destroyed Confederacy of Layem. This operation was called at short notice, but we managed to pull 41 updaters in under two hours to contribute to the cause. After we got done laughing at, well, *gestures vaguely*, we kicked into gear and struck a region known as an incredible nuisance all across the Gameplay world. The flag of liberty now flies over Concord, and much to their chagrin, the flag of liberty is very, very gay.

Behold, the prophet himself:

Granted, it didn't even take him a day. But God works in mysterious ways. In any case, Concord has now suffered the same fate as Sanctum. It was such a resounding victory, in fact, that the native Delegate abandoned ship long before update, taking his endorsements with him and leaving the region completely open for the taking. This coincided with multiple refoundings of Layemite colonies and dependencies left vulnerable by Mauroa's deletion. Truly, they will find no safe quarter in any part of this community.

Consul Quebecshire (point)
General New Makasta (backup point & trigger)
Lieutenant Raziel
Sergeant Paleocacher
Sergeant Zjaum
Private LinkIkania (backup point)
Reservist Komsomolotis
Reservist Terranihil
Conscript Andaluzia

The Coalition of the Willing
The League
The Order of the Grey Wardens
The Union of Democratic States
The Pacific
The North Pacific
The East Pacific
Warzone Europe
The Communist Bloc
+ all our valued mercenary friends.

But we are not finished yet. The enemy has yet to be vanquished in their totality. We will save our loudest cheers and sweetest of sentiments for the final victory in Layem herself. While the Liberation is pending, we encourage everybody to vote for it and mark themselves as a participant in the downfall of a region that harbours some of the most unsavoury characters this side of GP. We will see you all in a few days.

That's right.

Another settlement needs our help.