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by The United States of Sahcara. . 13 reads.

The Americatain, Sahcara,Johanneslanden, Duck, Canal protection Accord

The nations of Americatain, Sahcara and Johanneslanden hereby create the ASJDCPA the Americatain, Sahcaran, Johanneslanden, Duck, Canal, Protection Alliance.

Sahcara shall grant Americatain and Johanneslanden joint control of the Suez Canal and 2 miles from each shore called the Canal Zone . So this Canal Zone shall be subject to all three nations laws.

If a law from one contradicts the law of another then they will ether negotiate to come up with a compromise with the third nation as a mediator

All three nations also shall jointly occupy the Canal Zone with an amount of force of their choosing

The goal of ASJDCPA is to protect the Suez Canal from attacks and maintain it. Also to protect the ducks living in the canal from poachers

The United States of Sahcara