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Welcome to Lazarus!

Welcome to the Lazarene Corporation!
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We hope you enjoy your stay in Lazarus!

What our Corporation could offer you!

As a company we are dedicated to creating a fun and safe space for our Shareholders, Employees and Guests. As a corporation we offer:
  • The opportunity to become a LinkShareholder (Citizen) and to join our regional Assembly, free of charge!

  • An active Regional Message Board (RMB), filled with Role-play, discussions and more and made for Shareholders, Employees and everyone else to enjoy.

  • A corporate LinkDiscord Server with space for any discussion and filled with awesome people from inside and outside the corporation.

  • A neutral Regional Guard for any of our Paralegals.

  • A LinkRegional Forum filled with both serious and non-serious discussions, whether you wish to spam or discuss current events, our forums as a place for you!

  • And more!

What you can do for the Corporation!

As a Shareholder or Employee you can join the World Assembly and endorse our delegate Treadwellia! Doing so will help keep insurgents outside our headquarters. You could join the corporate LinkDiscord Server and LinkForums. Joining our Forums allows you to become a Shareholder and with it, many opportunities to get involved in Corporate Management, such as the chance to join Internal Management and become an official Lazarene Ambassador.

Current Management.

Chief Executive Officer: Treadwellia,
Chief Operating Officer: New Rogernomics,
and Managing Director: Honeydewistania.