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Post self-deleted by Surrealist Patagonia.


You're the only non-puppet here :P

xd I know

I did not consider making the region into a RP one when I made this :[

And I oop, I just love the nation's here and wanted to be in here :)

I'm always thinking of making another nation but I'm too lazy to write XO

I want to create a nation for this timeline, I am too lazy at writing myself and not good with making good looking factbooks but I think it would be fun and that's all that matters!

Well, get comfy because the next nations are going to be cursed

I'm looking forward to every single one of them, my favorite personally is Jim Jones' Guyanan Commune.

San kalungsod salud0ng

Hi y'all new member here!

You are the only unique member here lmao. The rest are puppet accounts of mine.

San kalungsod salud0ng

Hahaha lol that's fine. I thought this was a large region. Hmmm mind if immerse myself into your world and modify my factbooks and etc. to connect with your other nations?