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Most Nations: 327th Largest Black Market: 930th
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Welcome to Lerodas! A 1980s tech roleplaying community with a fictional earth setting!

Administration: Arvene The United Roman Reich Albraltar Ahsenkhawen Aatelisia

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Current Date: 220ME

Regional Events: Have fun and good founding, everyone!

Embassies: Arkonos.

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Lerodas contains 70 nations, the 327th most in the world.

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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Lerodas

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Lerodas is ranked 5,910th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Rogue Nation of Suwa Bike GangBenevolent Dictatorship Temporary Conservative State of Emergency“Cut your toenails”
2.The Solidarity of PlasminiaCompulsory Consumerist State Aspirational Worker State“Route of the Empire”
3.The People's Republic of The Fourth KierseCorporate Police State Entrepreneurial Freedom Zone“Fight with us, Fight for us”
4.The Confederacy of Des BarAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“Strength Through Freedom”
5.The Dominion of MaharayaCompulsory Consumerist State Aspirational Worker State“Where We Tread, Destiny Changes”
6.The Holy Empire of Anti SevaCompulsory Consumerist State Aspirational Worker State“Money is happiness.”
7.The Armed Republic of DeezikstanAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“As much market as possible, as much state as necessary”
8.The Federal Republic of AmericostanAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“freer the market the freer the people”
9.The Socialist Federation of DragovMoralistic Democracy Ordinary Decent Hardworking People“We Will Endure”
10.The Republic of The poulainsAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“For the love of Freedom and God”
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"Who wants juice?" "LEMON JUICE!"

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for too long lapland has been controlled by furries. Norway, Sweden, Finland, soviet union, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia have declared war on furries and bronies(they control some Swedish territory). you can help by posting anti-furry and bronie propaganda.

Post by Norwegian Tsardom suppressed by Shuoria.

Norwegian Tsardom wrote:for too long lapland has been controlled by furries. Norway, Sweden, Finland, soviet union, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia have declared war on furries and bronies(they control some Swedish territory). you can help by posting anti-furry and bronie propaganda.

why did you suppress this I am just making my own war series. I will join another group that lets people make their own war series

Map Update May 3 2021

Read dispatch

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I will send 300,000 soldiers to use as you please

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Hello I don't know what to do

The Southern Membership
Expansion Post

The Southern State membership have been shaky since the day of unification. Once the enemy of ALL state that neighbour both them and Mobius, when the war end, they turn toward the Mobs state asking for time to discuss their membership and eventual unification to the federation. It took nearly 2 decades of “Secret War” before all of the southern alliance join the federation. Yet it seem the other 2 state still more rebellious and dream of take over on the federation from the Mobs Leadership. Yet the Mobs found an Ally in the one state that closer or direct neighbour on The ALL.

The Arscadia Merchant State, is one of the proponent of unification on the Federation. They argue with the other state, that to avoid other ALL state rising again is the need of unified council and senate where all the other state can come and debate or discuss the crisis and question that might befall the people of Arscadia. The Mercantile state itself is a landlocked state and in need a free access toward the port of other state to be able to trade with the outside world. The Mobs itself very delighted with this and declared the AMS as the southern representative, urging and tasking them with the unification of the southern state. The Mobs then help the AMS with both infrastructure and Security. Highways, Railroad and even Airport is built to accommodate the flow of goods and transport between them. The Mobs hope that with this incentive and help the other state will lessen their suspicious and then embrace the idea of unification.

But the Mobs does not expect the southern state upper echelon to be crafty and cunning, in public they give the idea of opening up toward the Mobs. Allowing the Mobs civil aid to be sent toward their government and state, but propaganda and indoctrination is still being done inside the state. This lead to a cold civil war between the Federation and the Southern states alliance. The start of this cold civil war is when the AMS decide to leave the Alliance and join the federation, making it the first member that join the federation voluntary. Then with the Closing Border of the alliances states toward the Mobs. When asked for reason, the southern answer with execution of supposed Federation Agent that spread discontent and “Bad Thinking” within the populace. They then demand the federation to surrender and other ridiculous demand. At that height the Federation fully realize the horror of what is the southern alliance now. With the federation currently hold 3 states resources and manpower, and the rebuilding of the ALL state now renamed into Western Mobius State. Soldier can be diverted to guard the southern border, fearing for military conflict invasion by the south. The south respond back with their own soldier and tank. Then special agents and police is sent to AMS and their state government is to be held and interrogated to avoid any moles within the federation government system.

At that time the Cold Civil War are starting, while the Federation win at one state they instead found another 2 states become their enemies. But not all is bleak nor against the Federation, for they have another northern state that might be their allies and join them peacefully. The 2 states of the horn of Arscadia, The Citystates, and the Monarchist. As the Civil War start turning hot, the inspection and investigation of AMS, is being done with many of southern alliance ideologist sympathiser is being held in prison, killed or banished. Another lucky streak for the federation that AMS membership in the Southern Alliances is all for mutual defense pact against the ALL, and now they dont have any loyalties toward the Southern Idea of “order” in their government. The Federation have bought time and rooms for preparation, but the civil war turning hot and military confrontation will be fully realized the weeks after the northern start joining the federation.

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