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Fachumonn wrote:What to do if youŕe economy is at ´Reasonable¨ and none of the issues fix it. I want to be all greens. I guess Socialists and Democrats start of with bad economy?

Yeah, especially if your nation is socialist. If you wanna fix it, just look for any one that mentions an CEO, CFO, or whatever in a positive light for a company

Alfonzo wrote:New poll: page=poll/p=172337

Ah yes, option 1 and option 2.

It's official, we prefer Option 1

Creator Land wrote:It's official, we prefer Option 1


Hey. IRL hit me hard so i won't be active for awhile.

1. I support delaying the elections to at least late june of this year. Many people seem to be busy with exams and they won't have a fair shot of winning.
2. Hello Vardosia! I don't think we've met but would you mind endorsing Creator Land? I wish we could chat more soon and join the discord to chat with others as well!

I hope everyone is having a good time in this region. Hopefully, once my condition gets better I can spend more time on Lake Obsidian.

Besty please come back D:

hello Skackal :)

And is that World assembly agreement too :0

make sure to stop by the discord and join the world assembly (endo Creator Land btw)

Synzia, Vardosia please endorse Creator Land.

new embassy!

Post by Heck21 suppressed by Creator Land.


Alfonzo wrote:Synzia, Vardosia please endorse Creator Land.


Alfonzo wrote:New poll: page=poll/p=172337

your poll & life are useless :)

i haven't been on in like days and i was just wanting to know what happended


World assembly agreement wrote:i haven't been on in like days and i was just wanting to know what happended

nothing much really. just some dirty laundry

The Streeterian EmpirePolithi thank you for coming by the way!
No thanks to Clawstershire. He didn't stay D:

Hygdtonvile nice flag!

we are leaving for the nation

Stellar Gates hello there.


The Streeterian Empire wrote:hello

how are you? (can you join the World Assembly/Discord?)

oh what's this the RMB is active all of a sudden?


PvffVille wrote:Hello