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1.The Republic of Vrystaat RhodesieCapitalist Paradise Decent Hardworking Self-Starters“Eendragt Maakt Magt”
2.The Republic of Kepulauan IndonesiaNew York Times Democracy New York Crimes So-Called Democracy“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”
3.The People's Republic of BulzhariiaIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Съединението прави силата”

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Upper koryo

Korean Central News Agency | 조선중앙통신 (KCNA)
December 31, 1979
The Unstoppable Tide Of Socialism | 멈출 수없는 사회주의의 물결

It is no doubt that Korean culture, spanning from the beautiful island of Jeju, to the mountains of Hamgyŏngbukdo, is envied by the rest of the world and the west in particular, whose citizens look upon the accomplishments of modern Korea, yearning for Socialism in their country as well.

In order to further the glory of Korean culture, the Korean government has granted 2 million United States Dollars to the Korean Film Studio in Pyongyang. While 2 million dollars isn't even a dent in the vast wealth of the government, this hefty sum will allow the creative possibility of the workers at the Korean Film Studio to flourish as they make their next film. The details of the film have not been announced to the public yet, however Supreme Leader Kim Il-Sung, the great founder of modern Korea, has assured the public that the film will be great, and a fantastic display of modern special effects.

Founded in 1947, the Korean Film Studio is the premier film studio in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and has produced many award-winning films since. It is highly regarded outside of Korea and even Hollywood is jealous of their abilities. With this extra sum of money graciously given to them, many Koreans as well as foreigners are excited for the studio's next movie.

Ministry of Transportation | Kementrian Transportasi

    January 1st, 1980

Trans Kalimantan Highway Project

    The Ministry of Transportation has put up a bill, proposing the construction of an inter provincial highway, spanning from much of Kalimantan's East Coast. In an effort to boost connectivity, the highway would stretch from two of Kalimantan's major cities, Banjarmasin and Samarinda. With population growth at an all time high, the need for a better transportation system increased.

    So far, only Java had possessed some form of a highway system, and there now has been a call for it's expansion outside of it. The new Trans-Kalimantan Highway would stretch some 579 km, passing through numerous towns and villages, once again boosting inter connectivity in the island. As such, the ministry has put up a proposal for a direct governmental funding from Jakarta for the continuation of this project, and will welcome any investors interested in this project.

    Once complete, the highway would kickstart development of major parts of the island, hence this project is of upmost importance. However, this project is also just one of many other transportation and infrastructural project planned by the Suharto administration.

Berita Negara
Persatuan Sosialis Tanah Melayu

January 2nd, 1980

Mahathir Sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister

Kuala Lumpur: Minister of Trade and Industry Mahathir Mohamad has been sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister by Prime Minister Ishak Haji Muhammad, with the approval by President Ahmad Boestamam. The Malayan People’s Party voted in favour for Mahathir to be the next prime minister of Malaya due to the new coming of era of younger leaders.

Mahathir has held different governmental positions other than as Minister of Trade and Industries. He was the Minister of Education from 1974 to 1978 and Deputy Minister of Health from 1969-1973. He was heavily regarded as the ‘Light of Malaya’ due to his charitable work and frequently on the ground to help the community.

Soviet-Malayan Ties

Diplomatic ties between Soviet Union and the Malayan Socialist Federation is strengthen, with establishing new trade deals and receiving the USSR Stimulus Package to modernise the Malayan Armed Forces.

The package includes an undisclosed amount of T-55 and T-62 tanks, weapons and ammunations. Prime Minister Ishak plans to kickstart Malaya’s manufacturing industry so as to not rely on agriculture and mining. The Soviets will provide assistance in the development for Malaya’s manufacturing industry.

Malaya’s shift from agriculture based economy to manufacturing based is the vision for the nation. Modernising the state is currently top priority to keep up with regional neighbours and other developed nations.

Българско национално радиоразпръскване
София, 2 януари 1980 г.


The Ministry of Economy has announced large scale investments into coastal resorts as the nation steps up it's tourism industry, in light of booming numbers over the past decade. It is hoped that the large amounts of investments will continue to attract tourists from the Soviet Union, East Germany and other socialist states in the continued effort to become the premier holiday destination. Focus will be placed on the resorts of Varna and Burgas, with other smaller towns and villages also receiving attention. The Bulgarian Navy has also been confirmed to assist in some efforts to improve maritime connections in the region and to monitor coastal activity during this process. Todor Zhivkov has placed this at the top of his regional infrastructure developments and has stated that he personally recognises the importance of the tourism industry to the local and national economy.


Bulgarian Air Force pilots continue their acclimatisation process on a new batch of MiG-23 fighters delivered from the Soviet Union. The Bulgarian People's Army now operates over 100 of the aircraft, based at various locations around the nation. Senior officials described the purchase agreement as vital to the protection of the People's Republic, and have insisted that more will be acquired as time goes by. The Air Force, one of the largest and most drilled in the Warsaw Pact, has been training day and night with the new aircraft in a major effort to increase combat readiness and effectiveness going forward.

Belgrade, 1980

Marshal Tito, Father of Yugoslavia, and a Great Man

Marshal Josip Broz Tito, father of the Yugoslav nation passed away earlier this week. Just days before his 88th birthday. This titan of a man lead the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia for the past 35 years, with immense charisma, grace, courage, strength, and poise. citizens, Slavs, Comrades, brothers and sisters from across the Republic of Yugoslavia mourn the loss of its great leader, and father of the Federation.

Marshal Tito's impact went beyond even the borders of Yugoslavia, as representative's from around the world, from the Communist East and Capitalist West attended his Official State Funeral at the House of Flowers. The guest list for the event included five kings, 32 presidents, six princes, 22 prime ministers, and 47 ministers of foreign affairs. Notable guests included, President Ronald Reagan of the United States, General Secretary Honecker of the German Democratic Republic, and His Serene Highness Franz Joseph II of Albus Germanus.

The event was a true testament to the life and career of Marshal Tito, and the impact he had on the world, and those that called him a friend. Despite the tremendous loss the people of Yugoslavia, and indeed the people of the world felt during this event, the SFR Yugoslavia will press forward. After the funeral Interim President Dragoslav Marković, stated " Yugoslavia and the world have suffered a tremendous loss today, but we are not deterred. Yugoslavia, its people, and its government will press forward in continuing the vision of its father. Of a Yugoslavia united in Brotherhood and Unity, in bettering the lives of the common people." Further, the Interim President would declare new statues to honor the departed President would be erected outside the House of Flowers and in the city centers of each of the Republics capitals.

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Rzeczpospolita poland

            WARSZAWA CZASY: Porządek przywrócony w Łodzi
            WARSAW TIMES: Order Restored in Łódź
            4 Jan 1980

Zbiór 25 uczestników zamieszek przeciwko Polakowi i rządowi wstrząsnął dziś rano
opinią publiczną w centrum Łodzi. Wojsku Ludowemu udało się przywrócić porządek
w regionie, który pogrążył się w chaosie. Uczestnicy zamieszek szerzyli kłamstwa
przeciwko Polsce, zagrażając życiu milionów niewinnych ludzi.

Buntownicy maszerowali ulicami i wzywali do zabójstwa naszego wspaniałego
przywódcy Wojciecha Jaruzelskiego. Wezwali do ingerencji wrogów Polski w
wydarzenia polskiego rządu, a także inne kłamstwa, aby malować Polskę w
niekorzystnym świetle. Ci wrogowie narodu polskiego zostali usunięci z miejsca
zdarzenia, a Wojsko Ludowe zadbało o przywrócenie Łodzi pokoju i porządku.

Osoby odpowiedzialne za szerzenie kłamstw i terroryzowanie milionów niewinnych i
przestrzegających prawa Polaków zostaną odpowiednio ukarane. Sekretarz
generalny Wojciech Jaruzelski obiecał, że te zakłócenia pokoju w Polsce nie będą
kontynuowane, a dalsze wprowadzanie w błąd polskiej opinii publicznej oraz
krzywdzenie jej fizycznie lub psychicznie kłamstwami Zachodu nie będzie tolerowane.
Cała postawa Zachodu wobec wielkich narodów Polski i Czechosłowacji opiera się na
tych samych kłamstwach, jakie antypolscy terroryści szerzą dziś w Łodzi. W Polsce
pokój będzie prosperował.

A collection of 25 rioters against the Polish people and government disrupted the
general public in downtown Łódź this morning. The Polish People's Army were
successful in restoring order to the region, which had fallen into chaos. The rioters
were spreading lies against Poland, endangering the lives of millions of innocent

The rioters marched the streets and called for the assassination of our glorious
leader Wojciech Jaruzelski. They called for the intervention of Poland's enemies into
the happenings of Polish government, as well as other lies to paint Poland in
unfavourable light. These enemies to the Polish people were removed from the scene,
with the Polish People's Army ensuring that Łódź was returned to peace and order.

The people responsible for spreading lies and terrorising millions of innocent and law-
abiding Poles will be punished appropriately. General Secretary Wojciech Jaruzelski
has promised that these disturbances to Polish peace will not continue, and that
continuing to mislead the Polish public and to physically or mentally harm them with
the lies of the west will not be tolerated. The entirety of the west's stance against the
great nations of Poland and Czechoslovakia are based on the same lies that anti-Polish
terrorists spread in Łódź today. In Poland, peace will prosper.






The Great Expanses, Upper koryo, Malayu-Raya, Kepulauan Indonesia, and 2 othersFederated Yugoslavia, and The baybayin republic

Rzeczpospolita poland

            Reaching Out
            4 January 1980

“Polish and Czechoslovak people in the People’s Republic are safe and happy. Every single person knows they are safe because every single person is equal. Here, the proletariat are liberated. Elsewhere, they are not. In the West, our people are abused by the oppressive west, they are rejected by the people who are there because of where they are from. It is our duty as their motherland to protect them. They are not protected where they are, so we must reach out and help.”

The words of General Secretary of Poland Wojciech Jaruzelski spread around Polish circles today, with First Secretary of Czechoslovakia Gustáv Husák echoing these commands. "Our people have always been on the sour side of history, but as our nation succeeds, so shall our people, even those outside the fatherland."

The Ministry of Oversees Citizens (MinOC) seeks to reconnect Poles and Czechoslovaks with the fatherland. On the surface, they claim to promote language and culture within ethnic Czechoslovak and Polish communities globally. The true motive of the ministry, however, is to realign ethnics and citizens' allegiance from the country they live in back to the fatherland, and to grow the nation's influence internationally.

All Polish Embassies will hoist a banner tomorrow embodying a vertical flag with 'For The Fatherland' written in the three national languages. These banners will also be hoisted up within the nation.

The Great Expanses, Upper koryo, Malayu-Raya, Kepulauan Indonesia, and 2 othersFederated Yugoslavia, and The baybayin republic

BBC News


    New Years of New Opportunities

      The start of a new decade leaves Great Britain and Northern Ireland a new slate to move forward with the Prime Minister’s bold and drastic economic plans to what she calls “A complete drastic overhaul of the British economy.” Prime Minister Thatcher has come out to acknowledge the country must fix the failures of that of the previous labour government which she proclaimed has left the country in a disastrous state. The economic recession of the late 1970s continues to linger on into the new decade, which Chancellor Geoffrey Howe has stated that present policies will deepen the depression, erode the industrial base of our economy, and threaten its social and political stability. The new decade also promises a new light for the royal family with insiders reporting to BBC News that Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer have made frequent visitations to many events leaving speculation that the two may be dating. Buckingham Palace has not commented on these so-called rumours, however, it’s speculated we will know more as the new year progresses.

      In Her Majesty’s Christmas Speech, she has reflected on the acts of terrorism on British soil committed by the IRA although not naming them publically in their role in the death of the late Lord Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Also aboard the boat were his elder daughter Patricia, Lady Brabourne; her husband Lord Brabourne; their twin sons Nicholas and Timothy Knatchbull; Lord Brabourne's mother Doreen, Dowager Lady Brabourne; and Paul Maxwell, a young crew member from Enniskillen in County Fermanagh. Nicholas (aged 14) and Paul (aged 15) were killed by the blast, and the others were seriously injured. Doreen, Dowager Lady Brabourne (aged 83), died from her injuries the following day. The Queen says the country must go into the new decade with profound faith in God and with each other.

Rzeczpospolita poland

            Przemówienie do Mas
            Speech to the Masses
            January 6 1980

„Czasami liderzy wychodzą przed swoich ludzi i mówią, że wasza lojalność leży w obrębie waszego narodu, potem waszej rasy, potem waszej partii. Coś w tym rodzaju. W Polsce tego nie mówimy. nie jesteśmy nikim. W Polsce nie można oddzielić lojalności wobec swojego narodu, rasy czy partii, ponieważ są one jednym i tym samym. nie życzyć złej woli Polsce lub jej sojusznikom, ale robić wszystko dla dobra narodu.

Ludzie są na pierwszym miejscu, co oznacza, że ​​Polska jest na pierwszym miejscu, co oznacza, że ​​partia jest na pierwszym miejscu. Zdradzasz jednego, zdradzasz drugiego. W Łodzi niektórzy zdradzili partię. Złapali kłamstwa Zachodu i próbowali wepchnąć nam je do gardła. Nic dobrego nigdy z tego nie wynikło! Najpierw przyszli Niemcy i skłamali, a my cierpieliśmy. Potem przyszli ponownie, a my cierpieliśmy więcej. Wtedy zostaliśmy wyzwoleni, a teraz jesteśmy wspaniali. Polska wie, co jest najlepsze, a gdyby Zachód był prawie tak dobry, jak mówią, to ja bym to powiedział.

Faktem jest, że Zachód jest zbudowany z kłamstw i ucisku. Tam proletariat walczy każdego dnia. Idą do pracy, ryzykują życiem, wracają do domu i nic. W międzyczasie burżuazja wykorzystuje tych, którzy są pod nimi, aby uzyskać jak największe bogactwo najmniejszym wysiłkiem. Na Zachodzie ci, którzy robią najwięcej, otrzymują najmniej, a ci, którzy robią najmniej, uzyskują najwięcej. Rodzą się w swoich przywilejach i ignorują je, podczas gdy ci, którzy nie są, są przygnieceni.
Polska jest inna. Tutaj nie ma leniwego i manipulującego burżua. Ci, którzy nic nie robią, nic nie otrzymują. Od każdego według jego możliwości, każdemu według jego potrzeb. Burgeoise nic nie dostają, bo są niczym i nic nie robią. Ale lojalni, pracowici mieszkańcy Polski dostają wszystko. Nie są niewolnikami żadnego pana, są wolni. Nie są bardziej uciskani niż burżuazi na Zachodzie, z wyjątkiem proletariatu na to zasługują. Oni, podobnie jak Polska, od dawna są prześladowani i pozbawieni swoich podstawowych praw. Czasy się zmieniły i jak proletariatowi przywrócono należne mu miejsce w świecie, tak i Polska.

Lojalność. To ważna rzecz. Bez tego chaos niszczy naród. Jest to zarówno narzędzie, jak i broń, w zależności od tego, jak i gdzie jest używane. Polsko, komunizm to nasz sukces. Jeśli wierzysz w kłamstwa Zachodu, jeśli jesteś tak nieostrożny i głupi, że myślisz, że uciskający burżuazyjni Amerykanie w ogóle się o ciebie troszczą, to się mylisz. Jeśli sprzeciwiasz się komunizmowi, idziesz przeciwko partii. Jeśli idziesz przeciwko partii, to przeciwko mnie. Jeśli wystąpisz przeciwko mnie, przeciwko całej Polsce. Jeśli zdradzisz ten kraj, jeśli odwrócisz się od niego, czy nie jesteś lepszy od nazistów i innych ciemiężców, którzy kiedyś traktowali nas jak szczury i myszy w naszym kraju? Czy nie masz ani odrobiny godności i szacunku za to, czym był twój naród i lud? Mówię wam szczerze, jeśli zwrócicie się przeciwko partii, jeśli staniecie po stronie burżuazji, ciemiężycieli, to zwrócicie się przeciwko swojemu narodowi, swojej rodzinie. Głoszenie kłamstw Amerykanów jest jak pozbawianie matki nieprzytomności. Niespełnienie podstawowych obowiązków wobec partii i narodu jest jak celowe kopnięcie piłki w głowę bratankowi. Podniesienie brytyjskiej flagi jest jak powieszenie własnej córki. Zniesławienie Polski jest jak odcięcie głowy nowonarodzonemu dziecku. Żadna rozsądna osoba, żadna osoba z sercem lub mózgiem nie zrobiłaby nigdy tak okropnie brutalnych rzeczy swoim własnym dzieciom, więc po co miałbyś to robić swoim własnym ludziom, swojemu narodowi, swojej partii, mnie. Dlatego ci, którzy nas zdradzają, są traktowani pokornie, ponieważ z radością po prostu pozbawili ciała własnego dziecka. Polska jest na to zbyt cywilizowana.

Ale lojalność to miecz obosieczny. Choć nigdy nie było ważniejsze, aby szanować i szanować Polskę i Partię, nigdy nie było ważniejsze niż osłabienie lojalności naszych wrogów. Ameryka sama sobie to zrobiła. W latach pięćdziesiątych nikt nie mógł nikomu ufać, a burżuazja traktowała się nawzajem jak chwasty. Było tam wielu naszych poległych towarzyszy, ale już ich nie ma. W latach sześćdziesiątych czarni i biali byli na siebie jak koty i psy, jak koguty w walce kogutów. Musimy pomagać w ciągłym osłabianiu i podziałach naszych wrogów, musimy sprawić, by się bali i nie ufali sobie nawzajem, rozszarpywali się. To znacznie ułatwi nam pracę. Im słabsi nasi wrogowie, tym silniejszy Wschód. Nie do powstrzymania przypływ socjalizmu został zatrzymany po NRD, ale nie na długo. Nasi towarzysze po drugiej stronie kurtyny, mówię do was! Używając słów jednego z naszych wielkich późnych chińskich towarzyszy, zapożyczyłem to zdanie; idź na całość, mierz wysoko i osiągaj lepsze wyniki w budowaniu socjalizmu! ”

"Sometimes leaders go in front of their people and they say that your loyalty lies within your nationhood, then your race, then your party. Something like that. In Poland, we don't say that. That is a saying for nobodies, and we are not nobodies. In Poland, you cannot separate your loyalties to your nation, race, or party, because they are one and the same. To be loyal is to be truthful, to hide nothing and to obey everything. To be loyal is not to wish bad will against Poland or her allies, but to do everything for the good of the nation.

The people come first, which means Poland comes first, which means the Party comes first. You betray one, you betray the other. In Łódź some people betrayed the party. They got the lies of the West and tried to shove it down our throats. Nothing good has ever come from this! First the Germans came and told us lies, and we suffered. Then they came again, and we suffered more. Then we were liberated, and now we are great. Poland knows what is best, and if the West were nearly as good as they said they were, I would be saying so.

The fact of the matter is, the West is built off lies and oppression. There, the proletariat struggle every single day. They go to work, risk their lives, return home, and nothing. Meanwhile, the bourgeoise exploit those below them to get the most wealth through the least effort. In the West, those who do the most get the least, while those who do the least get the most. They are born into their privileges and ignore it while those who are not are squashed underneath.
Poland is different. Here, there are no lazy and manipulative bourgeoise. Those who do nothing, get nothing. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The Bourgeoise get nothing, because they are nothing, and they do nothing. But the loyal hardworking people of Poland get everything. They are not slaves to no master, they are free. They are no more oppressed than the bourgeoise in the West, except the proletariat deserve it. They, like Poland, have long been oppressed and starved of their basic rights. Times have changed, and as the proletariat are restored to their rightful place in the world, so is Poland.

Loyalty. It is an important thing. Without it, chaos destroys the nation. It is both a tool and a weapon, depending on how and where it is used. Poland, communism is how we have succeeded. If you believe the lies of the West, if you are so careless and foolish as to think that the oppressive bourgeoise Americans have any care for you at all, then you are wrong. If you go against Communism, you go against the Party. If you go against the Party, you go against me. If you go against me, you go against all of Poland. If you betray this country, if you turn your back to it, are you no better than the Nazis and the other oppressors who once treated us like rats and mice in our own country? Do you not have a shred of dignity, of respect, for what your nation and people have been to? I tell you honestly, if you turn against the Party, if you side with the bourgeoise, the oppressors, then you are turning on your nation, on your family. Advocating the lies of the Americans is like knocking your mother unconscious. Failing to fulfil your basic duties to the Party and to the nation is like kicking a football into your nephews head on purpose. Raising a British flag is like hanging your own daughter. Dishonoring Poland is like cutting off the head of your own newborn child. No sane person, no person with a heart or a brain, would ever do such horrifically brutal things to their own children, so why would you do that to your own people, your nation, your Party, to me. That is why those who betray us are treated lowly, because they just disembodied their own child with glee. Poland is far too civilised for that.

But loyalty is a double-edged sword. While it has never been more important to honour and respect Poland and the Party, it has also never been more important than to weaken the loyalty of our enemies. America did that to itself. In the 1950s, no one could trust anyone, and the bourgeoise treated each other like weeds. Many of our fallen comrades were there, but no longer. In the 1960s, the blacks and the whites were at each other like cats and dogs, like roosters in a cock fight. We must aid the continued weakening and division of our enemies, we must make them fear and distrust one another, make them tear themselves apart. That will make our jobs a lot easier. The weaker our enemies, the stronger the East. The unstoppable tide of socialism was stopped after the German Democratic Republic, but not for long. Our comrades on the other side of the curtain, I am talking to you! In the words of one of our great late Chinese comrades, I borrow this phrase; go all out, aim high, and achieve greater results in building socialism!"

Upper koryo

Korean Central News Agency | 조선중앙통신 (KCNA)
January 12, 2021
The War In Afghanistan | 아프가니스탄 전쟁

The Socialist Brotherhood between Korea, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and Afghanistan has been long-lasting ever since the establishment of modern Korea. Recently, our friends in the USSR have taken upon themselves to intervene in Afghanistan, which has seen a counter-revolutionary insurgency against its socialist government.

These insurgents, consisting of religious fanatics, have been terrorizing the people of Afghanistan who, for what will be 2 years in some months, have worked hard to achieve socialism. The work of these religious fanatics is no doubt supported by western powers, who seek to destroy socialism in whichever countries possible, and this is evidenced by what Koreans saw in our own country. As all Korean knows, during the Fatherland Liberation War, imperialist powers murdered 15% of Korea's population and deprived the people, who desired socialism, from liberating the southern side of the nation, which now remains under illegitimate imperialist occupation.

The danger of these insurgents is furthermore evident in what they call themselves. They refer to themselves as the "Mujahidin," meaning people who engage in a religious struggle. To them, this fight against socialism is a great religious fight for them. They are driven by religious fanaticism rather than the logical science of socialism. If these insurgents win, than it could spell a disaster for the people of Afghanistan, perhaps as awful as what Koreans saw in our fatherland.

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