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1.The 𝓒𝔬𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫 of New DravlenAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“Hippity, hoppity, give me your property.”
2.The Federation of The Corporate PlanetCorporate Police State Entrepreneurial Freedom Zone“Pacem in corporativismus”
3.The Democratic Republic of State of NKCapitalist Paradise Decent Hardworking Self-Starters“Allied State”
4.The Constitutional Monarchy of The Mashriq KhilafatRight-wing Utopia Utopia“ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ ٱللَّٰهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ”
5.The Constitutional Monarchy of El-IoniaMoralistic Democracy Ordinary Decent Hardworking People“Φοβού τους Δαναούς και δώρα φέροντας - Μολών Λαβέ”
6.The Organization of Petroleum Exportation CountriesCapitalist Paradise Decent Hardworking Self-Starters“To coordinate and unify the petroleum policies”
7.The Armed Republic of CanghinkzanAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
8.The Principality of Monaco-Monte CarloRight-wing Utopia Utopia“With God's Help!”
9.The Holy Empire of Dom ShinediaCompulsory Consumerist State Aspirational Worker State“By The People For The People”
10.The Empire of DonvorthiredInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Hmmm...”
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The Right Path / 정로 / 正路/ Chǒngro

Report on the Work of the Government, delivered at the First Conference of the Far Eastern United Front, with delegations of the Far Eastern Unionist Party, Jeonguidang, May First Academic Society, Nova, Gungminuihim, Chollima Movement, the Kyōsan-tō, and Northern Prosperity in attendance.

KUM CITY — Fellow Delegates and Comrades, on behalf of the Executive Government of the Far Eastern Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, I, Head of State of the Nation Kum Jing-In, will now report to you on the work of the government in the future and ask for your deliberation and approval. I also ask members of the Soviet of the Union and the Supreme Soviet for their comments.

A Review of our Work So Far

    The last several years brought along extraordinary levels of growth in the history of the Union. Having weathered the storm of internal conflict and reversed an economic recession from the previous administration's later years, we the Far Eastern people of all ethnic groups, under the strong leadership of the Far Eastern Unionist Party, responded with tremendous tenacity and immense pride. We have achieved major success in all fronts, once again proving to the world our status as an Asian powerhouse. The Yellow Flower Campaign is poised to lift 17 million people out of extreme poverty within 5 years, and we scored decisive achievements on other fronts towards the construction of a modern and moderately prosperous society.

    So far, the Government has carried out the following work in implementing the decisions and plans of the people to advance economic and social development:

      1. We formulated and implemented policies to ensure the equitable distribution of a social dividend for all.

      The resources of the FEUSSR are owned by the people. Project 004, a public distribution system for necessities such as food and other amenities for the population, serve as a social dividend for the people of the nation. Any citizen can redeem a ration coupon for their entitlement to the fruits of public ownership. This marks a significant step towards the construction of a socialised economy.

      2. We implemented various policies to deleverage indebted sectors of the market.

      Debt limits were placed on the property sector, one of the most indebted sectors of the nation's economy, which restricted borrowers from using unsustainable loans for debt repayment. The debt limits, based on a company having an liability-to-asset ratio excluding advanced receipts at 70%, a net debt-to-equity ratio at 100%, and a 1:1 cash to short-term debt ratio, would limit an entity's ability to borrow from banks, which prompted various firms to cut leverage, spin off non-core assets, and bolster balance sheets by raising equity for affiliates. The goal of curbing corporate debt by 5% will be met eventually, as the deleveraging process is occurring faster than expectations due to proactive willingness by many firms to voluntarily deleverage. Most property developers showed the biggest improvement in the ratio of their cash to short-term debt, while the number of companies breaching the liquidity gauge shrank 64% from half a year earlier. This was done through cutbacks on land purchases, the extension of debt maturities, and cutting down on borrowings. However, there remain 30 major firms that continued to struggle with the ratio of liabilities and assets.

      The Far Eastern Reserve Bank has also has ordered all levels of government across the country to lower their debt levels, and compile a composite list of local balance sheets detailing local assets and liabilities. Republican Censors have worked to oversee the liquidation and/or selloff of liabilities, consolidation of assets, and so on to help partially offload debt owed by local governments. Additionally, local authorities have been explicitly forbidden from providing loan guarantees and other commitments that are not part of their budgets, which have cut down implicit debt piles owed by local governments by 7.5% so far. Overall indebtedness for local governments dropped by 15%, and are poised to drop by 24% next year.

      3. We prioritised the provision of employment opportunities to safeguarde the people’s wellbeing.

      Employment is pivotal to people’s wellbeing. Local governments across the country provided more incentives to stabilize and expand employment, thus enabling businesses and their employees to work hand-in-hand to overcome their difficulties. Asides from that, the promulgation of the Five Great Megaprojects, Projects 001 through 005,, help ensure employment for key groups, such as engineers, scientists, pharmaceutical workers, chemical workers, energy workers, construction workers, farmers, retail workers, and so on. The number of new market entities grew rapidly commensurate with the increased demand posed by the Megaprojects, leading to the creation of a large number of new jobs. A total of 4 million jobs, both directly and indirectly, were added as a result of the 5 Megaprojects alone. Other projects, such as FEOC's 20MW onshore wind farm in the Amur SSR, the Sakhalin Tunnel Link, People's Work Programmes, among many other, and so on will directly create 4 million jobs, and indirectly create 6 million more.

      4. We made decisive progress in preserving the pristine environment of the nation as planned.

      We continued working to keep our skies blue, our waters clear, and our lands pollution-free, and accomplished the objectives for pollution prevention and control for the current stage. We carried out major projects for protecting and restoring key ecosystems in various river basins and coastlines, and stepped up our ecological conservation endeavors by mobilising the Datian City Recycling Volunteers to more comprehensively promote and facilitate the recycling of goods. Vehicular emissions will also be curbed as all the nation's vehicles begin to adopt a B5 biofuel blend. Meanwhile, the Far Eastern Reserve Bank has implemented green finance standards and innovate services to allocate credit resources to green industries. The Chosun SSR has embarked on a project to build the world's largest offshore wind farm, producing 1.5GW of green power. Maritime authorities have also invested heavily in artificial reef construction by dumping solid matter into ocean floors for maritime animals.

      5. We vigorously promoted innovation in science and technology.

      We developed Asia's first truly international center for science and technology innovation and comprehensive national science centers in the form of the Northern University Territory (NUT), a world-class, self-contained educational 'city'. We also saw a stream of scientific and technological breakthroughs, like the construction of the GAIA and TITAN constellations of satellites, which will empower our scientific efforts in the fields of astronomy and cosmology.

      We intensified efforts to make major breakthroughs in core technologies in key fields. We began work in the NUT for the VOLTA Supercomputer Lab and HELIOS tokamak reactor, while also encouraging collaborative innovation among small, medium, and large enterprises. The Department of Energy also inaugurated its first Chollima-type Resource-Renewable Boiling Water Reactor, which will permit nuclear waste to be disposed of in a responsible, efficient, and clean manner. Our scientists have performed admirably as well, having participated in efforts to reverse ageing, develop new phototherapies to treat cancers, discovering a PE-eating bacterial blend, creating a human-bovine hybrid, and utilising human adipose to sustainably provide biodiesel for the masses.

      We salute the efforts of our innovative, skilled, and talented citizens, and encourage them to seek out more knowledge to benefit the lives of the people.

      6. We reformed the education system to ensure equal access by all students.

      We pushed ahead with the comprehensive reform of education, and we achieved the goal of increasing student enrollment in vocational colleges by one million, thanks to the state's new distance learning initiative. The Donate a Device scheme has seen over 400,000 electronic devices donated to disadvantaged households across the country, enabling them to access online educational resources and enhance their learning. GST on tuition fees has also been abolished, to lower the financial burden of education on disadvantaged households.

      A new educational curriculum has been introduced, which seeks not only to improve a student's intellectual and academic ability, but also to inspire creative, problem-solving-based, and critical thinking, along with enabling a more holistic approach towards the determination of final grades. The Asian Students University Mobility Programme will further increase the integration of education with fellow AU states, supporting education, training, youth, and sport talents within the nation.

      7. We stepped up our role as a responsible party in the Greater Asia region.

      The FEUSSR played an important role in the creation of the Asian Union, and it concluded negotiations with numerous other nations on trade and investments. The nation's industrial and supply chains were kept stable, while foreign trade and FDI posted steady growth. We were successful working together in solidarity with our peers, bolstering regional cooperation for all while simultaneously upholding multilateralism and a people-first community with a shared future.

    Our work so far has been challenging, but adequately dealt with by all stakeholders across the country shouldering their responsibilities. Market entities, our people, and other stakeholders have worked hard and fought adversity in close solidarity and with the unyielding spirit of the Far Eastern Union to bring about positive change. That being said, while we acknowledge our achievements, we must also have the fortitude to respond to the difficulties and challenges before us.

    The recent geopolitical situation will lend instability and uncertainty onto the international landscape. As such, the foundation for achieving our country’s economic prosperity must be consolidated, impediments to consumer spending must be removed, and growth must be in line with sustainability. We must make plans to accommodate the needs of our MSMEs and self-employed individuals, continuing our commitments to provide stable employment for all. The capacity for innovation, both in the market sector and in the public sector, should be improved. Budgetary deficits and fiscal mismanagement must be reined in. The environment must be tended to adequately.

    As such, we must face any problems and challenges squarely, make every effort to make improvements, and do all we can to live up to our people’s expectations.

Tasks for the 2nd Five Year Plan Period

    Since the promulgation of the First Five Year Plan, our nation's GDP has increased by $1.34 trillion USD, and by the end of the First Five Year Plan Period, it will have increased by $2 trillion USD. Meanwhile, government revenues are forecast to double by then.

    Now, it is time to plan for the future. The following plans will be achieved during the next Five Year Plan Period:

  • The FEUSSR will continue to expand domestic demand under dual circulation and generate new demand with innovation-driven development and high-quality supply

  • The FEUSSR will remove impediments to the rational flow of production factors along all links of production, allocation, distribution, and consumption to facilitate favorable circulation in our economy.

  • The FEUSSR will promote positive interplay between domestic circulation and international circulation by increasing market access and transparency, while also ensuring corporate social responsibility and sustainable growth.

  • The FEUSSR will put in place frameworks to effectively expand domestic demand, boost consumer spending, and unlock investment potential to create a complete system of domestic demand.

  • The FEUSSR will make steps to ensure an even mix of primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary industries within its economy to prevent the Dutch disease.

  • The FEUSSR will support artisanal industries, such as apiculture from Kumgang Mountain , tourism, foodstuffs, and so on.

  • The FEUSSR will support the socialisation of the economy by providing benefits to enterprises that are 50% employee-owned or more.

  • The FEUSSR will improve its public distribution system to ensure a social dividend for all.

  • The FEUSSR will embark on Megaprojects 006 through 010.

The main goals of the future Five Year Plan Period are as follows:

  • GDP growth of over 6% per annum

  • >5 million new jobs per annum

  • An annual unemployment rate of below 6%

  • An annual CPI increase of around 3%

  • Annual increases in both the volume and quality of imports and exports

  • A basic equilibrium in the balance of payments

  • Annual growth in personal income of around 4-5%

  • Improvements in the state of the environment

  • Annual drops of around 3% in energy consumption per unit of GDP

  • Annual reductions in the discharge of major pollutants of around 9%

  • Constant agricultural outputs

-On the outskirts of Plácido de Castro, Greater Cape-

The morning was windy and overcast, yet the intense humidity made the sticky air feel much warmer than it was. Amidst the blustery gloom, three individuals stood talking, the small Amazonian town serving as a distant backdrop.

"When will the new shipment be ready? You know that a Víbora doesn't like to be kept waiting," the tallest and most well-built of the three inquired.

"Look, we're working as quickly as we can. There's only so much product we can make when we're dealing with limited hands, ne? Maybe if we had more people working with us, we could meet a Víbora's quotas," a shorter, thin man defended. "Besides, we haven't even been paid for the last shipment we sent out. I mean, we're stuck in this do-nothing town, it's hot all the time, we barely have any food to keep the team going, and we haven't even gotten our mosquito nets yet. We're miserable here. Tell that to a Víbora."

The tall, brutish man narrowed his eyes and pulled out a cigarette from a soft pack that sat in his shirt pocket. As he lit the cigarette with a cheap looking match, he took a long, slow drag and smirked. "You know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe I should go back to a Víbora and tell him you're reconsidering the deal he made with you and your people."

Quickly remembering the circumstances that led to their involvement with a Víbora's organization, the two shorter men caught each others' eyes and instinctively furled their eyebrows.

"It would be a shame should anything happen to your wives and children, ne?" the larger man mused as he, seemingly absentmindedly, caressed the handle of a pistol poking out from his belt.

With audible worry in their voices, the two meeker men nodded and said nearly in unison, "No, yes, you're right. Tell a Víbora we'll have the next shipment ready by Sunday night."

"Good. And for your insolence, make it an extra fifty kilos. I don't want to hear any disrespect ever again, especially when referring to a Víbora. Is that clear?"

"Sim, senhor. Absolutamente."

The two shorter men glanced at each other and turned to walk back to the village. The third man remained and slowly enjoyed his cigarette. The Rio Abuna meandered behind him, and the occasional sound of birds catching fish broke the tense silence. When the two others were nearly out of sight, the man pulled a satellite phone from a rucksack that was hidden behind a large tree. Dialling a number that had been ingrained in his memory, the man heard but one ring before a silent answer.

"The next shipment will be ready by Monday at dawn. And tell a Víbora there's a little extra to make up for lost time."

Without a response, the call ended and the man threw his cigarette into the river. His small motorboat awaited him on the riverbank just a few metres away. Surely there would be a late breakfast waiting for him at his camp.

Vashnal wrote:Beginning of the End - Part VII: Changing of the Guard

Meeting Room of the Presidential Palace, Xiamen

Gentlemen, I have gathered you here because I would like a broader view of the worrying situation in Indochina "says President Zat, who is seated in a large and elegant armchair. Around the table in the large meeting room are seated, clockwise, the Premier , the Minister of the Interior, that of foreign affairs, that of the economy, that of finance and the chief of staff of the Armed Forces, even if not complete, is the National Security Council.

"We don't know much, but according to some of our sources the country is falling faster and faster into the abyss" says the man in uniform, the Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Huang Shu-kuang, as he opens a folder and passes the paper to the president who reads it carefully.
After a moment of silence, the time to read the paper, the President raises his head and asks "From the AU? What do they say from Taipei?"

"Nothing special, just the messages of solidarity from the individual nations" replies Zhelan.

The president nods thoughtfully "Then try to get in touch with Khan's government" says Zat to Minister Zhelan, who nods and writes something on the paper "tell him we are willing to help them"

"I don't trust at all, if what our sources say is true, all hell is about to break out ..." says Prime Minister Chao as he delicately cleans his precious-looking glasses.

"What do you mean by hell, Xue?" Asks the interior minister, Ms. Long My.

"first they boycott the elections, then attacks in the most important cities, even if they have nothing to do with each other, they are just the beginning .... heck, how many ?! 3.4 attacks in two weeks? Soldiers on the street, the situation is getting out of hand, indeed, it has already gotten out of hand, the government and the president himself, he is doing absolutely nothing ... no statement, he says nothing to his allies "continues Xue shaking his head" I don't I trust ”he concludes.

"You are right," My says addressing the Head of Government "a civil war? Is this what you mean?"

He looks at him and then nods, then looks at the president, who also nods

"Trust is good, not trust is better" exclaims the minister of the economy.

"well said" replies the President, nodding, while his gaze is lost in the void "we must take measures, we have more than 1700 km of border with them"

"What kind of measures?" curiously asks the Premier

"Travel precautions, prepare for any help and strengthen our presence on the borders" says Oliver looking at all those present, who nod when they meet his gaze, the admiral writes quickly on his agenda

"I think it's the best thing to do," he then says after finishing writing

The President nods "I will issue the executive order within 24 hours" he replies

Soon after

"I think the meeting can end here for today," says the President as he stands up
All the participants, after putting papers and documents in their respective bags, greet the President and leave, all except Zhelan who waits for the President to get ready, dismisses the Premier and intercepts him at the exit of the room.

"Mr. President, excuse me, but I would like to tell you something"

"Tell me, Minister Zhelan responds while adjusting his tie, walking with a brisk step through the long corridors of the Palace

"Here… you know that project, One Belt One Road, or something like that…. You asked me to test the waters for a possible agreement .."

"yes sure, I remember very well, did you do what I asked you?"

"obviously, and they liked it a lot, and Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics even offered to co-sponsor the project"

"really excellent, which nations have given the go ahead?

"Eulumia , The Republic of Dhan, The Mashriq Khilafat, Infiny, The Arab-African Republic Of Egypt, Donau-Bundesreich, Labyrnna, Orange-Bourgogne, The Union Between Scandinavians and even Aozhou"says the minister.

"Wonderful, great work, let's get ready to officially announce it" replies the President "now you can go have a good day and good work"

"Thank you just as much sir" says Bai as he changes direction and enters another corridor different from the one along which the President walks.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

to: President Khan I, Unitary State of Indochina

Private correspondence

Mr. President, I am Bai Zhelan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, and I am writing to you first of all to express, on behalf of all of China, our sincere condolences to the families and relatives of the victims who were killed in the attacks on Saigon Hall and the attack on the military outside Hanoi.
China strongly condemns all terrorist acts, anywhere in the world, whatever their motive.
We are ready to provide you with any kind of aid you may need, from military to humanitarian.
As a sign of mourning, the Chinese flag of our embassy in Nakhonruang will be at half mast.
Furthermore, our main intelligence agency is available to join yours in investigating the attacks and the elections.

Thank you for your attention and I greet you cordially.


Bai Zhelan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Ministry of Interior

Press release

Travel restrictions to and from Indochina

The Republic of China, following the recent events in the Unitary state of Indochina, has issued an ordinance that temporarily prohibits all travel to Indochina.
For those arriving from Indochina, additional checks will be carried out for reasons of national security.
The ROC asks any Chinese citizen who is in that country for reasons not strictly necessary to return as soon as possible, in order to protect the safety of Chinese citizens.
This territories temporarily considered to high risky by the NSC (National Security Council).
These measures will be removed immediately as soon as the situation in Indochina is considered stable again.

Military Dispatch - High Command of the Ground Forces of the Republic of China - Ministry of Defense

[highest priority]

A: West Military District> Guangxi and Yunnan Provincial Commands


Following the Indochinese situation, the High Command and the highest government authorities deem it appropriate to strengthen the military presence along the border and in the main crossing points between China and Unitary State of Indochina. Therefore it was decided to mobilize 6 brigades of the Reserve for a total of 33,000 men stationed in military and government structures at a maximum of 12 km from the border with Indochina, ready to intervene for any eventuality.
Border patrols will not be affected.
The Military Police has orders to set up checkpoints in the main provincial airports where flights to and from Indochina arrive and depart.
Passing the level of readiness of the Armed Forces of the Provinces of Guangxi and Yunnan passes from DEFCON 5 to DEFCON 4.


VE Day Celebration

In honor of VE Day, Canada will be hosting a parade in Ottawa. It was 76 years ago that the war in Europe ended. Canadians stormed the beaches of Normandy, liberated the Netherlands, and fought in the Battle of the Atlantic. The parade route will take place infront of Congress Hill. Fighter jets from the Canadian Air Force will do a flyby. There will be 10 minutes of silence from 6:01 to 6:11 EST. President Andrew Collins is expected to attend the event and the parade.

Vashnal wrote:Breaking News: Saigon In Chaos

"More breaking news tonight after an attack on the Committee of Saigon. A very large group was said to have attacked the Committee. About thirty minutes after the initial attack, a broadcast originating from the Committee was sent out but it went offline after just a few lines. It is unclear as to who the individual was in the broadcast, but they are being referred to as Sambhatat due to the markings on the mask. Chairman Khan didn't speak on this matter at a podium, but he has mobilized more Troopers to surround the building for the time being. It is unclear as to why he has ordered the Troopers to only surround the building, but people believe this is a tactic to scare the attackers out. The total amount of casualties has yet to be determined. More on this story as it unfolds!"

The Right Path / 정로 / 正路/ Chǒngro

Communique on the Events in Vashnal

SHENCHENG — The Far Eastern Unionist Party and the People's Government of the FEUSSR are deeply concerned with the events that are currently occurring within Vashnal.

Although our official stance within this event is noninterventionism, the FEUSSR will respond appropriately should her citizens, vital infrastructure, or civilians be intentionally placed in harms way. In addition, the FEUSSR will be happy to receive any refugees or others rendered stateless due to the current situation, as per revised immigration guidelines - there will be no asylum applications for any asylum seekers from the Confederation.

The 165,000 migrants of Vashnal* who currently reside within the FEUSSR are advised to stay put and be aware of their own safety.

The People's Government of the FEUSSR will release more statements in the future, authorising the disbursal of humanitarian aid.


The office of Mohammed Abdallah

Mohammed Abdallah was the perfect candidate for what the Mukhabarat had in mind, he wasn't very well known, his ideological leaning wasn't well known besides his populist rhetoric, and he was quite charismatic.

Mohammed Abdallah himself was a simple man, born in 1968, after the quite disasterous six day war, he grew up to become an A student and graduated to become a lawyer at 22. Since then, he has provided his services to people of all backgrounds. Only lately however did he become politically active, having founded the National Unity and Prosperity Party following the establishment of the transitional Revolutionary Command Council which announced free and fair elections within four years.

A black Lada Granta parks outside of Mohammed's office, two men get out of the car. One is recently promoted director of the General Intelligence Directorate, the other is a new young recruit, who goes by Ayman. Ayman was brought along mainly because he provides a quite intimidating figure. Standing at 6'4 it was easy to see why.

Knock Knock

"One second!" A soft masculine voice yells behind the door, as Mohammed opens the door, he is greeted by the sight of the two men.

"I don't think we have had a meeting scheduled gentlemen? But I am currently free if it's an emergency."

"I'm Khalid Mansour, this is my partner Ayman. We are with the Mukhabarat" Khalid says as he shows Mohammed his badge.

Mohammed's face fell as he heard the word Mukhabarat. The Egyptian Mukhabarat's reputation for silencing political opposition using less than humane means is well known with all Egyptians.

Mohammed quickly regained his composure and gestured to the men to enter, "do you want anything to drink? I have Tea, Coffee, Shisha, whatever you want" he said to the men

"No thanks, I had a coffee while on the way here" Khalid replies, while his partner just shakes his head.

"I must say I am surprised that the great Mukhabarat has payed me a visit. I made sure to never bring up the military or our past presidents during my speeches" Mohammed says

"Oh no we are not here because of that. This is something far bigger" Khalid starts "You see Mohammed, it's time the military's hold on Egyptian political life ceases to be. There was a time where they were needed, but that time is long gone. The Armed forced have overstayed their welcome and it's time we get rid of them." Mohammed leaned back and crossed his arms as he started to understand what Mansour was implying

"They claim to be the economic masters and development spearhead of the country, but the truth is that they hold back the country constantly. And this is where we come in, for this country to truly achieve it's full potential we must put the power in the hands of the right people. Of course you are now wondering who the right people is? It's the Mukhabarat. We are the only institution smart and powerful enough to truly keep this county stable and head it's development towards the right path. The people are too ignorant and are too reactionary, they can't govern themselves and the military has proven their inefficiency. So we must step in." Khalid says with a grin on his face

"B-but where do I come in?" Mohammed stutters as consumed with fear. This was a dangerous matter they were discussing, if any of this talk came out....he may not be alive another morning

"The Mukhabarat of course has an undeserved reputation for trying to keep this country peaceful, and none of us is really country leader material. So this is where you come in my friend, we want you to be our front man. In the upcoming elections, in 2 and a half years from now. We will rig it in your favour. Until then, we will build you up, make you the most famous political opposition in Egypt."

Mohammed was deep in thought, what they were asking was extremely dangerous, but it also came with massive benefits. And to be honest, he has longed for the end of military rule for as long as he has been alive.

"Can you guarantee my safety until then?" Mohammed asks, if he was to accept he needed some assurances first

"Of course, who do you think takes care of political opposition? It's us of course. We will not compromise an asset of ours." Khalid replies

"Alright, I'm in"

Ministry of Revenues

The Ministry of Revenues is adopting a “forward-looking” investment strategy for the country’s massive foreign-exchange reserves, with plans to “dynamically optimise” its portfolio even as the value of its reserves assets have climbed to a four-and-a-half-year high. This move reflects the FEUSSR’s rising concerns about international uncertainties, a need for economic resilience, and potential challenges from foreign forces.

Since last year, the FEUSSR’s reserve assets expanded by 3.5% year on year, with the Foreign Exchange Fund tallying its foreign exchange reserves at a value of roughly $2 trillion USD. Over the years, the FEUSSR is committed to reducing its US dollar asset holdings as part of a diversification strategy. US Treasury data indicates that the FEUSSR’s holdings of US Treasury securities fell to the lowest level since January 2017, following strong support in the government calling for a drift by the Foreign Exchange Fund away from the US dollar. As such, the Ministry plans to begin holding a more diverse collection of reserve assets, predominantly based in Asian Union economies such as Duma, Vashnal, Eulumia, and The Republic of Dhan.

The exact composition of the FEUSSR's forex reserves is classified information, but the US dollar has been confirmed to account for 58% of country's total reserves, down from 79% in 2005. The remaining foreign exchange assets are held mostly in Labyrnnan currency, Japanese yen, and florins from Orange-Bourgogne. In 2 years, the government aims to radically change the composition of its foreign exchange reserves to the following:

    Gold bullion: 10%
    United States Dollar: 50%
    Japanese Yen: 5.5%
    Aozhouese Dollar: 3.5%
    British Florine: 3%
    Infinian Azuleya: 3.5%
    Egyptian Pound: 0.5%
    Dhan Baleer: 1.5%
    Marathan Rupee: 0.5%
    Confederation Unit: 4%
    Eulumian Rupiah: 4.5%
    Transural Ruble: 1.5%
    Greater Cape Real: 1.5%
    Scandinavian Krona: 1.5%
    Balkandinar: 1.5%
    Renminbi: 7%
    Dirham: 0.5%

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