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1.The Grand Duchy of Aqua OceaniaNew York Times Democracy New York Crimes So-Called Democracy“Lets Commit War Crimes!”
2.The Chief Elder of St Abby of Crystal J SummerLeft-wing Utopia Drugged-Out Hippies“We shall over come!”

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A realization
As dawn breaks over the quiet Novorossinezh camp, the men slowly exit their tents as the officers begin rallying their units. After assembly, most go prepare a small morning meal while others check their equipment or set out to their jobs. Meanwhile, in Semyonovich's command tent, he and his staff are puzzled, as their location does not match with any maps on hand. Just then, a Hussar captain bursts into the tent, breathless and with important news. His scouting team could not find the road they were travelling on the day before, and instead found a large river heading south. On sheer gut instinct alone, he gives the orders for the corps to pack up camp, and follow the river south. The Shulovsk Hussars along with the Nazakavkaz Dragoons are sent to scout down the river, as the corps form into column formation and begin their trek. The going is slow, as the soldiers have to march through snow, without roads and dragging their artillery along with them. After a few hours, the men begin to notice the snow thinning and the temperature rising, and not long after that the snow almost completely disappearing as large trees loom in the distance. By dusk, 17th corps has reached a small valley next to the river, where it is decided they will set up camp. The soldiers pitch their tents while foraging parties are sent to gather food.

An encounter
One of these foraging parties is a company of Zaredovo Jaegers led by Major Alesnarovich. His men are spread out, searching for any animals to hunt. Soon a strange whizzing sound is heard and a dull thump follows. A private looks over confused, only to be met with the sight of Alesnarovich dead, with an arrow through his neck. The private is then also hit, although the hit is not fatal, and he screams in pain. This quickly causes the Jaegers to open fire towards the unknown as the Major and private are dragged back. It is quickly decided to fall back as they cannot spot their enemy, who had already slunk back deep into the dense forest.

Home away from Home
Over the last 3 days working parties and the engineering detachment have established a rudimentary trench ring, not the quality trenches the troops are used to but certainly functional and decent ones, and have converted many of the intact train cars into dugout buildings and fortifications. Artillery from the train has been reconverted to regular artillery and placed in dugout emplacements. A lone Valithian flag flies over the headquarters "building", which is made of several of the more modular train cars. The headquarters itself is made out of the command car and a somewhat damaged barracks car, a tarp draped over the broken section. A storage car and several tents have been made into a mechanical shop, with the motor poll being situated next to it. A makeshift runway with just enough space to take off and land has also been established, and a "hangar" made up of cannibalized train cars and tarps houses the two planes saved from the wreck, 2 Orenco B fighters. The base had been dubbed Fort Alvarez, in honor of their late commander, although to call it a proper fort would be an overstatement.

Major León has ordered troops and vehicles to scout the area surrounding the base. Although they may not know it, they are in a new and unfamiliar world. However as the scouts go out, they may begin to notice changes around them.

2nd Lieutenant Garza led his platoon through the dense jungle, cutting away at vines and pushing through the overgrowth. Although it seemed like a laborious task it was nothing the men weren't used to, fighting in the jungles of Valith. He had his Teodoro Rifle clutched in his hands, eyes on the trees and the spaces between them. As of yet they had found nothing, that is until a particular soldier spoke up.

PFC Martinez:"Sir, looks like a fruit in the clearing. Most likely a trap"

PFC Jiménez:"Some weird ass fruit, it looks like a raindrop"

CPL Ramos:"Alright, triggering on your mark sir"

2Lt Garza:"Mark"

Corporal Ramos triggers the trap using a trigger disc (A weighted disc the size of a quarter used to trigger booby traps left), and the fruit is enveloped in a net which was hidden in the dirt, the net flies up with nothing caught inside save for the fruit. The men ready their rifles, eyes on the trees.

Sergeant Banks:"Contact Left!"

An arrow goes through CPL Ramos' shoulder, and every man opens fire on the assailants, shadowy figures in the trees. Having dealt with this scenario a million times, the soldiers are able to pin each attacker. The attackers arrows fly but in their panicked state manage to hit no more of the soldiers. Two of the enemies bodies hit the ground out of sight, and 2nd Lieutenant Garza orders a squad to secure the area where they fell.

PFC Martinez:"Sir, you might want to see this!"

Garza rushes over to the squad sent to secure the bodies, and finds them gawking. He soon follows in dropping his jaw as he sees the bodies. Their blood is blue-green, but above all, they are not anywhere near human. They were amphibian in nature, with webbed hands and wet, smooth skin. Yet they were strikingly humanoid.

"Send a pigeon to Fort Alvarez, now!"

2 Rey Armored Cars cruised through a less dense jungle, soldiers riding on top of them, though their way is still being cleared by a squad on foot led by Sergeant Flores. They came to a small clearing, which led to a marsh and seemingly a river. They sent a pigeon to alert command to a clean water source. The squad started moving forward towards the marsh.

Sergeant Flores:"Well boys, lets shoot the breeze a bit, where do you all think we ended up?"

PFC Diaz:"Well Sarge, we could be in Umbergal, this definitely isn't Valith and where else remotely near where we were has jungles?"

Private Vega:"Well this certainly isn't Timbostan, hell look around, somethings off, everything is green as well. Stop looking at me like that, I know it sounds crazy but what if we're not on-"

CPL Ross:"Hey Sarge who's that guy in front of us rising out of the water"

Over a dozen amphib-humanoids rise from the water, slings and mace like weapons drawn. One of them clubs CPL Ross, who collapses unconscious, resulting in the squad opening fire, dragging Ross' unconscious body back towards the armored cars. The armored cars open fire, cutting down the amphibs easily, as the few remaining amphibs scatter and retreat, the Lieutenant traveling with the cars demands a pigeon to command

Captain Gutierrez, one of the pilots riding the train, hops into his Orenco B fighter and takes off the rudimentary runway. He finds nothing of note besides canopy for some time. He noticed that he was passing into a more temperate area, and had almost expended the majority of his range. He was going to turn back until he noticed smoke to his right. He flew overhead and noticed that below him was a sea of tents. Figuring it was a refugee camp from the war, he dropped a large box of chocolate rations he always kept in his plane, using a rudimentary parachute made out of a ruined blanket. He checked his binoculars and immediately regretted dropping the box. He saw several flags from Novorossinezh, and troops. Oddly enough though, they looked outdated by about 15 years, at least based off their older uniforms, and their older looking artillery. He turned back, noting his findings, and slightly disappointed that his chocolates didn't go to civilians. Good thing he always keeps spares.

Neo-Trinity wrote:Home away from Home
le big snip

Around the camp, confused men look around to find the source of a strange faint buzzing noise. Eventually even Semyonovich leaves his command tent to look. Soon after a the faint outline of something is seen in the sky, as the noise grows louder. Some men shoulder their rifles and aim at it, but are stopped by their NCO's and Officers. It eventually flies over the camp itself, and drops something. Most quickly run from under it, as they assume it is some kind of attack from the hostile natives, while others remain rooted where they are. As the thing turns around and exits sight, soldiers gather around the package in a ring, wondering what it is. Eventually Semyonovich arrives and has 2 grenadiers move the cloth over top. They cautiously move forward and remove it, only to see a box of what seems to be rations. Many sigh in relief or laugh as the box is handed to the Lieutenant General, with most wandering off to go about their routine. Semyonovich and his staff do the same, heading back to the command tent to inspect the box. It is in a script some recognize, Valithian. The date causes the most confusion, with the stamped '1918' causing some officers to think it a ruse or trick, while others consider the deeper implications of it.

While others in the camp discuss what just happened, one man, Lieutenant Georgiy of the 17th Serpuyevka Grenadiers decides to take action (without consulting anyone) and gathers any willing volunteers to follow him on an expedition to follow the strange flying thing. Around 134 men agree to follow him, mostly from his own regiment, but with a sizable amount from the 34th Apakarino Jaegers. They wait for an opportunity to leave, and eventually one arrives, as a thick afternoon fog rolls into the valley the armies camp occupies. Without hesitation, the men leave the camp as quick as possible and rally a bit into the forest. From there, the set off into the woods, following the general path the flying thing went.

Decisions and a realization
While that is happening, the general's staff are debating whether to create more permanent structures and 'claim' the valley, or wait for more scouting before deciding. Their debate is ended when a report of a large desertion is received. Usually, 134 men deserting is no surprise, but what changes that is how they all left at the same timeframe without complaining about their situation to other men, which is usual for disgruntled soldiers. All evidence supports the idea of some form of leader, and it is decided to increase patrols of the perimeter and to find some task to distract the men.

Reporting In
Major León calls the incident witnesses leaders in to report what they saw.

Sergeant Flores and Second Lieutenant Garza are completing their report together, due to the similarly linked nature of their incidents. Sergeant Flores is reporting in place of his lieutenant as his squad was directly engaged with the enemy, and the lieutenant was inside the armored car when the incident began. The report goes well, and León is completely filled in on the situation.

However, behind the scenes León is terrified, a guerilla foe is already harassing his men. At the very least they suffered no casualties. Patrols would have to be stepped up, perhaps only with the armored vehicles.

Captain Gutierrez: Yes sir, people. I would say tens of thousands based on what I saw. They're from Novorossinezh, or are at least wearing the uniforms, their equipment is outdated, and they looked like they'd never even heard of anything called a plane before. Plenty of artillery too, though that also looks older.

Major León:Thank you Captain, dismissed.

Major León(To liaison): Get me a man that can speak Russian, and prepare the trucks. Send Lieutenant Garza with 2 of the armored cars on a truck towards the reported Novorossinezhian location, and have them make sure none of those amphibian people can get anywhere near them.

Liaison:"Yes sir"

OOC: Dream World, World of Dreams.

Neo-Trinity, New dragania, and Novorossinezh

A long trek
Lieutenant Georgiy leads his 134 men in the general direction of the object, eventually reaching dense jungle. At one point, the force gets split due to dense vegetation, and thats when they strike.

The skirmish
The whizzing of arrows is heard, followed by screams of pain as the projectiles strike home. Soon a response of rifle fire is heard as the men start firing and the 2 forces separate further as each pushes in a different direction. The natives, spooked by the rifle fire, withdraw, but have failed at redirecting the Novorossinezhians.

A last stand
After a few minutes of running, the section of men under Georgiy stumbles upon a village, filled with an unknown, and hostile species. In an act of desperation, he and his 67 men seize a medium sized house with exterior walls on the outskirt of the village, and are promptly surrounded. Jaegers take position in the windows, raining precise rifle fire onto the natives as the Grenadiers hold the exterior walls. Arrows rain down in the courtyard as grenadiers shoot anything that attempts to climb over the wall, or engage them in melee if they succeed. slowly but surely the Novorossinezhians are pushed back as more men fall to the enemy. The Lieutenant leads a counter charge to retake the courtyard, and a furious melee begins. The tide swings back and forth, as the soldiers fight with desperate courage, but the weight of numbers takes its toll, and soon they are being pushed back again. Suddenly rifle fire is heard from outside the walls, as the other men heard the shooting and changed direction, running to the village. This sudden reinforcement causes the Natives to retreat, and the Novions consolidate their hold over the house, having lost 30 men, with several more wounded.

The remaining 94 men are forced to take shelter inside the house, as the courtyard is routinely peppered by arrows. Every once in awhile a rifle shot is heard when a native gets too bold and approaches the walls, but otherwise all is quiet. The men are quiet, as they attempt to treat their wounds and take inventory, and Georgiy realizes the grave error he has made.

New dragania

“So what did you find?” Sam asked Kait as she entered the bridge of their flagship.

Kait answered. “A clearing in the jungle with minimal life signs. Would be the perfect spot to make our first base.”

Sam agreed but was still cautious. “Yea it would but we need to be careful here Kait. This is still a whole new world for us and while it might seem safe now… you never know what lurks in the shadows.”

Kait however wanted them to get set up as soon as possible. “Still good enough for me. I’m authorizing the mission for building the base there once our scouts confirm the area is clear.”

Sam had questions still. “What did our scouts figure out about this world?”

Kait answered. “It’s absolutely covered in Draganium. Even in the air. Any humans that go there would probably get Dragon abilities just like Brian said.”

Sam. “But since our people have already been effected by it on Abbaddon in one way or another there shouldn’t be any problems with it here. However it does mean that any natives still alive here will either be Dragons like us… Or something else entirely.”

Kait agreed. “Brian did tell us that there were more than Dragons in his father’s Empire before it fell.”

Sam continued. “My grandfather also gave us what Intel he still had about them and copied it into the fleet’s databases. Not sure how much it would really help us though if we do run into them.”

Kait. “We shall see soon enough. It only takes a few minutes for the military firebase to be built and from there we can use the replicators we have to start making materials for civilian structures. This will let us build what we need with minimal damage to the surrounding environment.”

Sam finally gave it the green light. “Ok Kait go do what you need to. But please be careful down there. Until we get more Intel ourselves I wouldn’t trust anything down there.”

The Firebase would be quickly created in the clearing and the factory part of it would begin creating materials for them to use for civilian structures outside of the Firebase.

Kait. "Within a week this will be a small city. Now we just have to defend it."


Captain Christopher Zamarron and his crew are chasing traveling down the peaceful river of Crystal Falls. Trying to escape the long, and harsh conditions his people have been suffering. King Roco I had come into power with the intent to destroy the great colony of Escewie. Escewie was a peaceful colony of the former great country of Avalar. Sadly Rico only wanted one thing from the colony. He wanted the daughter of Captain Zamarron to be his wife, and in return he would grant pity to the colony. The colony was already suffering from high taxes, no protection from raiders, and little food could be grown because of the fire set by King Roco in the battle of Avalar. In the dead of night Captain Zamarron, and his crew packed up quickly, and took the only boat they had. Their journey would be far! Not sure where they were heading, Captain Zamarron bowed his head to pray. Praying that they could find a civilization that would take him, and about 35 other people. Will where we go? Only time will tell.

The Ulymeinien Federation wrote:OOC: Dream World, World of Dreams.

Enna Giorgia sleeps peaceful and soundly within a rural town in [nation]Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire[/nation, unknowingly a small storm arrives in the area. Some of the townspeople who are awake consider this a normal storm, but suddenly a flash of purple lightning hits a tree lightning it on fire.[i]

"Fire!" [i]A townsperson screams as a blaze of purple fire appears on a dry tree as the lightning struck it. He townsperson was Ulises Fox, a veteran of the Oceanic Army. He had been walking in the town in the dark as the storm poured down on them, the purple fire begins to move violently unlike any fire he has seen. Suddenly a huge lightning strike from above heads down onto the town and suddenly Ulises black's out as the strike nearly hits him but knocks him onto a wooden wall of a house.


Enna wakes up and notices something strange about the house she is in, instead of the bare wooden walls. The walls are covered in moss. She stares at the walls confused before she gets up and notices her clothes are in uneven piles. She changes her clothes and walks outside to see the townspeople confused.

Enna, "What happened."

Ulises turns around with red eyes at Enna. His light brown hair is all shriveled and messed up.


New dragania

Promo for what is coming.
All these quotes are from different scenes.

Sam. "Admiral's Log: We have found the world that used to be the home of the Dragon Empire. But things are not as they seem."

Kait. "Someone or Something is teleporting everyone here."

New Character. "We are all here for a reason. However it is up to us to find out what that reason is before it's too late."

Sam. "We thought we were escaping the Darkness. Instead we are now facing it head on."

Kait. "This is why we are all really here. This is the key to stopping the Darkness once and for all before it destroys everything."

Sam. "But at what cost?"

Darkness. "We are your Salvation. The end of life is always death and destruction. There is no escaping your destiny."

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