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101.The Red Queendom of Jasminlandia18
102.The Rex Publiciana of New Fania18
103.The NaNo Bot of Nakarisaune17
104.The Stuffed leg of lamb with rosemary and pine nuts of The Blaatschapen17
105.The Armed Republic of John 11717
106.The Federal Oligarchy of Blanjiland17
107.The Ancient Empire of Kylarnatia16
108.The Democratic Judgeship of Nullarni16
109.The Error 404 Nation Not Found of Idzequitch16
110.The Constitutional Republic of Marxist Germany16
111.The Pizza Delivery States of Infected Mushroom16
112.The Commonwealth of Saltstead15
113.The Grand Duchy of Laurenburg15
114.The Kingd' o' t' Herrebrugh Isl' of Herrebrugh15
115.The United Republic of Eminople15
116.The Democratic Republic of Countriopia15
117.The Victorious Dictator of Nationalist Gold Union15
118.The Scientific Powerhouse of Dark Matter15
119.The Lucky Mutineers of One Small Island15
120.The Peachy Name Changer of Dyanderna15
121.The Irish Republic of Main14
122.The Corporate-Owned Kingdom of Economic Nirvana14
123.The Federation of Free Republics14
124.The Passing Mention of 073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 12114
125.The Republic of Liventia14
126.The Nudist States of Yannia14
127.The Jingoistic Military Junta of Pinochet Executionists13
128.The Cashtitutional Monarchy of Jamil Federations13
129.The LLWS Champion of Todd Frazier13
130.The ထာဝရပျော်ရွှင် ကြောင်ကမ္ဘာ of Valentine Z13
131.The Legendary Pirate Captain of Severus Eragon Kane13
132.The Royal Federation of United Dependencies13
133.The Federation of Driasau13
134.The Fanciful Tales of Refuge Isle13
135.The Nomadic Peoples of Interstellar Mages13
136.The Eternal Councillor of Auphelia12
137.The Kwibohora 26 of Recuecn12
138.The Ex-TBH Sergeant of Woryand12
139.The Republic of LiberNovusAmericae12
140.The Terrible Influence of Zazumo12
141.The Disputed Territories of Bettongia12
142.The Confederation of Dresderstan12
143.The Black and White Dynasty of Pandaland II12
144.The Black Smog of Beef-land12
145.The Narnian Republic of Bisim12
146.The Chocolate Leave of Absence of Darkesia12
147.The State of Renegalle12
148.The Eleven Nations of Tzulum12
149.The Sparkly Rainbow Land of Narwhalstan11
150.The Federation of Euro Asian Republics11
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