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Region: Equilism

The database continues to expand and contract between 650MB and 3.7Gb. I've been doing some forum clean up and archiving. I can't trust any database backups when they vary in size so dramatically, but maybe some cleanup will help.

I was going to close the forums in March, but had extended those plans till August. At the moment though, I don't know if it will stabilize well enough to extend it. I am having to monitor and manually run tasks daily. We shall see. Daily tasks are designed to be run with forum user activity. Being there is no activity, the tasks are not getting run. So I'm running them manually.

The size of our database has been a problem, especially with upgrades, since about 2006, so we've managed well this long. There are also elements of past forum mods still stuck in the database. The Arcade, the Casino, points systems, the Army game. Superfluous data that can't be removed without breaking the database relationships. That's also been an issue for a long time as well.

12 posts away from 361,000 posts on the forum. That's a lot of conversing.