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Region: the South Pacific

Linguiniland wrote:*Dashes quickly through the door and starts tossing individually packaged marshmallows about the room. Sees The Solar System Scope and Si-topia not maintaining safe social distancing practices and gasps in horror. Quickly grabs TSSS while spraying Si with an aerosol can of Lysol™. After tossing the empty can at Si, just for good measure, upends a jug of Purell™ on TSSS and then seals him in a vacuum sealed storage bag before returning him to Si. Douses the pair again with another two cans of Lysol while admonishing the pair for tying to kill poor Drystar and Volaworand who are "high risk" due to their advanced age.*

*coughs and sneezes from breathing in all the Lysol*
Stop it, I can't breathe!! >~<

The Solar System Scope wrote:*suffocates*

*rips the plastic off of you*
Are you okay??