by Max Barry

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Region: Xedas

Golden Company Opens Official Branch in Chalsardu

Yesterday, in a continued expansion of their business operations across the globe, the Golden Company opened the headquarters of their Chalsardu branch. Occupying the former Anansi buildings in the Upper Banks neighbourhood of Euskara, the unveiling ceremony was presided over by Aulonas Kamateros, Mayor of Euskara, accompanied by many other movers and shakers in the Bostra-Euskara business community.

The Golden Company, originally of Nemadon, is one of the world’s few truly international organisations, with full subsidiaries in twelve countries and business dealings in many more. In addition to its subsidiaries, it also manages a network of island entrepôts across the globe, and has stakes in almost every industry under sun, ranging from insurance to security, from tobacco to reprimerium. Even in countries where it does not have a full subsidiary its business often operates, in competition with both local businesses and other conglomerates such as Minon Trading.

The opening of a Golden Company subsidiary in Chalsardu is a major step for the organisation’s business operations in the Commonwealth, no longer needing to report all dealings directly back to Nemadon. It is a sign of the Company’s confidence in its own resources that it has opted to invest so heavily in one of the most competitive markets in the world, and that flood of international money will likely soon make itself felt.

Originally printed in Efimeridia Munduko, Bostra-Euskara