by Max Barry

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Region: Xedas

Report - Special Division "Lenaceri"

Most of the Akritai, the light infantry of the Commonwealth armies, are general levies of subject populations, mediocre in equipment, loyalties, and training. The one exception to this has always been the highland skirmishers of Vindeirnesi, the only Elves to serve in such a capacity. Theirs is a tradition drawn all the way from the earliest days of Druchii inhabitation there, and in the form of the Lenaceri it continues to this day.

The Lenaceri take their name from the now long-dead Lenacer clan, the first to unite that sceptred isle over two thousand years ago after the death of Vindeir. Vindeirnesi, known for its marshes and hills, was never conducive to mounted combat and large formations; warfare instead was a matter of small, light, mobile forces on foot that knew the terrain and could slip in and out of the clan holds unnoticed. Such forces were how the Lenacer became kings; such forces were how the Adenar, Aevir, and Oderil likewise became kings.

The history of the Lenaceri as a standing unit dates back to the Oderil kingdom of Vindeirnesi, some four hundred years ago, when the monarchy sought to reduce its reliance on the feudal levies of the clans and subject peoples. The Lenaceri at the time were recruited from the finest young men of the clans, a united fighting force that owed its allegiance not to the whims of the clan patriarchs (despite who was in it) but rather to the king or queen alone. The force maintained its strength despite the fluctuations of Vindeirmeri power, and even in the turmoil of the country's final years before its unification with Chalsardu the corps d'esprit stayed strong.

In Commonwealth service the Lenaceri proved their worth despite the short time since their incorporation, serving with distinction in Valassyria, Seniker, and the Aralur as part of the regular army. Now, it is a separate unit once again, its ranks continuing to be maintained by the fine men of Vindeirnesi and augmented by other Druchii men and women of similar origins throughout the Commonwealth. Their ability to operate across all terrains, their ability to infiltrate where none expect, and their ability to serve equally well at all times of day shall continue to prove of immense value to the Chalsardi people in matters where surreptitious security is key, within the Commonwealth's borders and, if necessary, without them.

Originally printed in Military Matters Magazine.