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While You Were Leading

by Max Barry
Thu, 29 Jun 2017

Plenty has been happening on NationStates! I don't like to bother you with every little thing, but here are some of the more notable updates since I posted last:

Customized Newspaper Images: A large number of issue newspapers now feature images carefully chosen for maximum journalistic and absurdist effect by our diligent Issue Editors.

More Issues: Speaking of which, there are now over 750 issues in total! We had to add a chart to track their numbers because they're coming in so rapidly. For more information on how this happens and why, see this news post from six months ago, back when 600 issues seemed like a big deal.

New Issue Chain: And among those new issues is a major issue chain, "The Enemy Within." An issue chain is a storyline that flows over multiple issues, evolving depending on your choices. These spend a particularly long time in development and it's exciting to have a new one.

Special Edition Issues: A common problem for national leaders over the years has been failing to notice when a particularly important issue arrives, which may unlock the ability to select a national religion, capital, or customize their own office. You don't want to miss those. They're now visually highlighted as special editions.

New Formatting Tags: You can now use the formatting tags [sup], [sub], and [strike] to prettify your text on Regional Message Boards, World Factbook Entries, and in telegrams.

Faster Daily Updates: The speed of the global daily update was cut in half, allowing those nations who enjoy the push and pull of interregional global warfare to conduct their business with less waiting around.

Nation API Private Commands: The NationStates API continues to expand, and now offers the ability for technically advanced national leaders to control their nations via remote automated script.

Telegram Inclusion/Exclusion Filters: Filter Recruiters gained new targeting options, so that telegrams can be sent to, for example, only the WA members of certain regions, or nations that will one day be founded in a particular region.

And More! Prettier colored bars in World Census ranking tables, clickable times for the World Activity feed, an auto-pluralization upgrade, backend engine improvements... and bug fixes! Lots of bug fixes!

Plus! We have a new admin! Eluvatar has been a Tech Modling for quite a while but was recently trapped into becoming a full admin.