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Peace Returns to the Land

by Max Barry
Sun, 02 Apr 2017

The non-irradiated part of the land, that is.

If you survived the nuclear apocalypse, congratulations! If you didn't, thank you for nuking!

Stats and final leaderboard to come. As I write this, no more nukes can be launched, but there are a few still in the sky. Stand by!


Final Leaderboard

1.Augustin Alliance45,938Conch Kingdom
2.Jak Attack41,050The Black Hawks
3.International Geese Brigades26,813Rushmore
4.The International Brigades25,814The Internationale
6.The Best Pacific!24,590The West Pacific
7.The North Pacific22,206The North Pacific
8.TCB Official19,880The Communist Bloc
9.North Atlantic Treaty Organization19,374North American Free Trade Agreement

Full Leaderboard

Congratulations to Augustin Alliance of Conch Kingdom! They are our "winner," in the sense that nuclear wars can be won, with an impressive 45,938 points.

Special mention to "runner-up" Jak Attack of The Black Hawks with 41,050 points, who also recorded by far the most strikes, landing 123,843 nukes.

In total, there were 2,378,022 nukes launched, with 1,236,500 scoring (striking a target that wasn't already fully irradiated). More than 3.2 million nukes were targeted in total.

That's a lot of nukes. But what I thought was impressive how quickly tactics and strategy evolved, given that nobody knew what was coming or how things worked at first. You would think that given a second chance, it might become even more strategic. But of course, there are no second chances with nuclear weapons.


Update 2: It has been pointed out to me that "second runner-up" International Geese Brigades finished with zero radiation. That's not bad.

Update 3: NSindex has an excellent article on N-Day with more stats and observations!