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Three Small Improvements

by Max Barry
Wed, 14 Dec 2016

Here in the NationStates Innovation Laboratories we're always looking for ways to improve your nation-building experience. After all, those citizens won't oppress themselves. Here are three recent features you may not have noticed:

  1. Recapitalization

    Sometimes when you're founding a nation, some underling screws up the name on the paperwork. Then you're stuck with an embarrassing typo. But you can now correct minor capitalization errors in Settings!

    You can only change capitalization, and names still must begin with a capital. We know some nations want bigger changes, but we're still researching the necessary advanced typography technology.

  2. AutoComplete

    Many places you need to enter a nation or nation name, like the search box on the World page, now auto-suggest likely candidates, taken from your Dossier and the world at large.

  3. Telegram Address Filters

    When sending a telegram to a group of nations, you can mix and match advanced filters for precision targeting. Want to reach only WA member nations of particular regions? Now you can! See here for details.