by Max Barry

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Z-Day5: The Reckoning

by Max Barry
Tue, 01 Nov 2016

Well! That wasn't so bad!


104.6 trillion



26.5 trillion



326.7 trillion


Congratulations to those regions that survived, especially those who made the Z-Day Tally Leaderboard!

That required some impressive planning and co-ordination, as well as a steel heart, to maintain border security in the face of so many needy infected. Well done, kind of.

This year's global survival rate of 22.8% is the second-best ever, just shy of the 2015 record of 24.4%. Survival rates are definitely trending up, even though each wave has been more infectious than the one before, and this is probably due to solid preparation by large regions.

This means the future is bright! Unless, of course, something fundamental changes to make zombies much more dangerous in the future. But that probably won't happen.

Happy Halloween!