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Don't break the chain

by Sanctaria
Fri, 27 Mar 2015

This post comes courtesy of Issues Editor Sanctaria.

"We need more issues", you said. "Why are the editors taking so long to edit?" you asked. "Damn those Editors are hot", you gasped. And we heard you. We did!

This year we passed 400 issues in-game. Some of them have been controversial - like that time we put in an issue that kicked a few long-term delegates out of their seats (lulz) - but most of them have been widely welcomed. We write and edit issues for your enjoyment, and we always love to hear feedback. And by "we" I mean the other editors, not me, obviously.

But! We decided to do something not really attempted before - issue chains. We've had one in-game for a while which was a trial run for what we've endearingly called The Chain. This 19-issue story has different routes in which to travel, all with different endings. Involving a conflict with a far off nation, you can either solve your problems like the diplomat you are, or you can just be a jerk about it and start killing everybody. Either way is good.

The first issue in The Chain is called Diamonds Are An Expat's Best Friend! I tell you this because this chain is a once-off per nation - if you dismiss a single issue in it, you're never going to get it again.

We've worked on this for about 18-24 months. We hope you like it and let the Team know if you spot an error. You won't though. We're good.