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Have You Got Issues?

by Sedgistan
Thu, 06 Nov 2014

This post comes courtesy of Senior Issues Moderator Sedgistan.

Update: The Issues Contest is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered! More details...

Issues are an integral part of NationStates, blending topical political commentary, incisive wit, and no small amount of ambitious family members. The overwhelming majority of these issues have been written by you - the people playing NationStates. In order to correct the occasional typos, formatting errors and garbled syntax that even the veteran NationStates player can fall foul of, we have a small but dedicated team of Issues Editors.

These Editors pluck promising submissions from the pools of mediocrity, polishing them to a gentle sheen, before dumping them in the laps of our governments.

We're now running an Issues Contest - the third such one, in fact, which offers you - yes you, the chance to become an Issues Editor. How do I enter, you ask? Simple - write a new, original daily issue according to the official guidelines and email it to Submissions are limited to one per player, and please ensure that you include your nation name in the email.

For further information on the contest, see this thread in the Got Issues forum, where you can find additional advice on how to write a winning issue, and also post any questions you might have.