by Max Barry

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Embassies are Now Good for Something

by Max Barry
Tue, 17 Jun 2014

Not that regional embassies have been pointless. They have had plenty of points. It's just that you've had to decide for yourself what those points are. Now, though, there's something regional embassies are unambiguously good for! Posting!

Delegates and Founders will find a new setting in Region Control for granting posting privileges on the Regional Message Board (RMB) to nations in embassy regions. There are two ways to go with this: opening the board up to every nation that sits in a region with which your region shares an embassy, or only Delegates and Founders. It's entirely up to each region.

Unless that setting is changed, posting on Regional Message Boards continues to be restricted to residents only.

If you're concerned about peace of mind, never fear! Nations banned from a region cannot post there, regardless of embassies.

While we're talking RMBs, did you know you can preface a nation's name with the @ sign to create [nation]-style tags? Probably not! Because it wasn't announced anywhere! But you can!

There are a ton of great new features nearing completion at the moment, so step back, buckle in, and prepare yourself for a FEATURE EXPLOSION. Maybe don't buckle in. I mean, it could be another couple of months, and then you'd just be sitting there, wondering when to unbuckle. And just as you stand up: FEATURE EXPLOSION. We don't want that.