by Max Barry

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Dispatches Are Now A Thing

by Max Barry
Fri, 24 Jan 2014

In mid-2012, I promised to add more uses for dispatches than Factbooks, and sure enough, practically five minutes later, here they are! How we maintain this breakneck development pace, I do not know.

Now your nation can issue dispatches that are not merely descriptions of its own glorious state, but news, opinions, policies, or articles about whatever it chooses. These are handily collected in the new Dispatches page, which is even more handily included on the sidebar, allowing you to easily find interesting new articles from nations around the world. Or at least, that's how it will work if everyone votes up worthwhile dispatches and votes down less deserving ones. I'm assuming there will be no corruption involved.

And that's not all! Founders and Delegates can pin dispatches to their region's World Factbook Entry, ensuring that residents are exposed to whatever they think passes for vital information.

I know! Polls, new World Census Rankings, Dispatches... it's Feature February come early!