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Apocalypse In Progress

by Max Barry
Tue, 29 Oct 2013

I'm not even talking about the zombies. I'm talking about what you all just did to our server. But most of the fires are out now and we're standing by with extinguishers and blankets.

A new global infection has indeed taken hold, as expected. It seems to have initially reached 10% of the population, which is mildly concerning, since last time it started at only 5%. But, as mentioned, back then it took us a while to figure out what was happening, whereas now we are completely prepared.

In further good news, the new infection doesn't appear to be more virulent than before, so it won't spread any quicker. However, early analysis suggests it is more resistant to a cure, and may require a greater collective research effort to defeat. But everyone is prepared, right? So no problem.

Update! The Z-Day Tally Board is up!

Update 2! Superweapons! We have them. Unfortunately, they have them, too. Cure Missiles, Zombie Hordes, and Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads are flying in all directions.

Unfortunately, things aren't looking too good for the world. I have a feeling we're looking at a post-apocalyptic wasteland again. Those huge regions are really just zombie buffets right now.

But there are pockets of hope! Check the Z-Day Tally Board for the latest information, but as I write this, Texas is doing well, Wysteria is hanging in there (for now), and Versutian Federation is doing a fine job. Maybe once a few regions like these have cured themselves, they'll lead a fightback to reclaim other zombie-ravaged areas of the globe! Or maybe when there are 125 trillion drooling undead out there, it's wisest to stay at home.

Update 3! Good news! A defective part was just identified in some Cure Missiles Mk II that was interfering with their guidance system. Expect slightly improved zombie conversion rates!

Update 4! Things are looking up! As the cure fightback continues, the number of survivors has surpassed the number of infected. The hordes were well in control for a while there, but globally we now have 51.5 trillion survivors (18.9%) vs 50.0 trillion (18.4%) infected. Plus 170.6 trillion dead (62.7%). We won't speak of those.