by Max Barry

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by Max Barry
Sun, 27 Oct 2013

As threatened, a zombie apocalypse is likely to occur this Halloween. This is the continuation of an annual NationStates tradition that begins this year.

Apocalypse begins in:

On April 1, 79% of the world population perished, 7% survived, and the remainder were infected. But that outbreak took us by surprise, whereas now we're fully prepared. We even have a countdown timer. So there's little to fear.

What You Need to Know

  • The apocalypse will begin began 7 years 174 days ago.

  • It will run for 30 hours, ending 7 years 173 days ago.

  • You have three options: attempt to exterminate zombies with military force, try to research a cure, or totally join forces with the zombies.

  • Infection rates are region-based. If a region contains many nations with high zombie numbers, all resident nations will become infected quicker. If there are few zombies in the region, few citizens in your own nation will become infected.

  • Extermination quickly converts your zombies into dead citizens.

  • Cure research slowly reduces your region's infection rate, and can send it below zero, converting zombies into survivors.

  • Embracing the zombie hordes quickly increases your region's infection rate.

  • The extermination and the research options are more effective the more survivors you have, being fairly ineffective if you leave them until your military and scientific experts have mostly been eaten. Similarly, pro-zombie nations are more dangerous the more zombies they have.

  • During the apocalypse, Founders and Delegates can close the region's borders at no Influence cost. There will be a special Z-Day Border Control feature available to facilitate this (unlike last time, when regular regional password changes were reversed at the end of Z-Day).

As I mentioned, though, the only reason we lost trillions of lives last time was the apocalypse kind of snuck up on us. Forewarned is forearmed! So I'm confident we can look forward to a relatively calm and orderly global undead pandemic. Good luck.