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Minor Anniversaries!

by Max Barry
Wed, 12 Jun 2013

NationStates was founded in November 2002, so we're now working our way through 10-year anniversaries of various cool things. I thought I would point some out, if you're interested. Or even if you're not, really. This is happening either way.

Ten years ago:

  • 335,000 nations had been created. (Now: 3.48 million.)

  • We had just added more "feeder" regions (regions where new nations begin). At first, there was only the Pacific. But it accumulated so many nations that it began to cause server performance problems. Some people weren't happy about adding new feeders (the West Pacific, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, and the South Pacific) because it made it even harder for player-created regions to make it into the list of top regions by population. Also, some people liked having 10,000 nations in a region. But the server was not one of those people.

  • We added Game Moderators. First we had no moderators, and that was fine for a while, but then it wasn't, so we had Forum Moderators. But this taste of power wasn't enough for them so they forced me to extend their authority into gameside, even though there wasn't any need for it. Typical mods. No, wait. That didn't happen. We did need game mods. Some names from those days: Reploid Productions, Scolopendra, Menelmacar, Ineptia, The SLAGLands, Neutered Sputniks, [mantle], Enodia, Melkor unchained, Yavin, Amerigo the Mod, TJHairball, and Demoness... and probably a few more I don't have recorded. And that was just the first batch! Some of these are still going, which is really impressive, or scary, or something.

  • We added the ability for Delegates to eject nations from their region. Before that, you just had to live with troublemakers. Which had its pros and cons. But mostly cons. Founders still couldn't eject anyone, though, because there was no such thing as Founders.

  • We fixed some display bugs in Netscape Navigator. I feel old just typing that.

  • The World Assembly was called the United Nations, because we hadn't received the Cease & Desist order yet.

  • Regional Message Boards only kept the most recent 10 messages. If you wanted to see any older messages, you couldn't. Actually, this is a pretty recent feature; we've only had that for two years.

Not enough reminiscing for ya? Then the 10-Year Anniversary page is for you!