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Boom Times

by Max Barry
Sun, 10 Jul 2011

I've been distracted lately, with my first novel being made into a movie and my new book Machine Man coming out next month. It's no big deal. Seriously. Stop going on about it.

So please excuse the lack of NationStates news updates. It's been a great few months for the site, with active nations briefly topping 90,000—almost double the number only a year or so ago!—before our traditional Northern Hemisphere summer lull. We have a couple of major features in the works, to be unveiled toward the end of the year, and we continue to implement minor bugfixes and minor improvements.

Such as this one! The real world has just gained its newest nation state, South Sudan. Thanks to our resident flag-maker Tiago Silva, we now include it in our list of inbuilt flags. Just to say hi.