by Max Barry

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Regional Embassies Spread the Love

by Max Barry
Thu, 17 Mar 2011

It's good to implement features that let people do more easily something they were already doing. Who can complain about that? I can rest easy, knowing it won't be like the Condemn & Commend resolutions, which people wanted to hang me for. I'm still haunted by that, you know. HAUNTED.

What was I talking about? Embassies! That's right. People have been informally creating diplomatic links between regions for years, and listing them in World Factbook Entries. Some are simple acknowledgements that regions have a few things in common. Others are full-blooded mutual defense pacts, complete with written terms. Some are I don't know what.

But now they can be formal. Founders and WA Delegates with access to Region Control can invite other regions to establish embassies, and, if the other party agrees, three days pass, and POW! There are embassies.

What do they do? EVERYTHING. Or nothing. It depends how you look at it. Technically nothing. Except make your region much more visible to anyone looking at the other region. And demonstrate your worth in interregional diplomacy. And possibly some stuff we'll add later. So basically everything.

The point is: nothing is worse.