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Summer of Endless Regional Message Board Posts

by Max Barry
Mon, 28 Feb 2011

One of the most annoying things in NationStates is checking your regional board to find something like this:

Screenshot of dubious authenticity showing Deep South Borland thanking someone for great trophy-collecting tips

Or this:

Screenshot of dubious authenticity showing Crazygirl flipping out over an apparent insult

Or this:

Screenshot of dubious authenticity showing Afforess rethinking socialism

Who are they talking to? What was the previous message? You have no idea! It's gone! Ten new messages and everything that was on the board scrolls off into the bitter void!

Not any more!

Older Messages

That doesn't really do it justice. Let me blow that up a little:

Older Messages

Yeah. That's it. As of now, Regional Message Board posts are saved forever. Or at least for as long as the region exists. You can also click the timestamp on a message to get a permanent link to it, for future reference.

And that's not all! Regional Founders and Delegates have a new power: S U P P R E S S I O N. This allows them to semi-conceal anyone's posts on their regional board, putting them one click away from public view. Spam? Unwanted recruitment messages? Uncomfortably close political truths? Suppress! Suppress!

Suppressing posts is free and may be used if and when the Founder and Delegate wish. Unless the Founder has denied the Delegate access to Regional Controls. In that case, it's just up to the Founder. As always, whether your region is a democracy, dictatorship, or something in between is up to you.

And that's Feature February! Now for Maintenance-and-Bug-Fixing March!