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by Max Barry
Sun, 20 Feb 2011

The grrrr is because they're sexy. Yes, Feature February rolls on! This is an annual tradition that began this year and may not continue where we add awesome new features to NationStates. Today's update gives nation pages a new set of links beneath the Freedom box: "Overview • People • Government • Economy • Trend Freedom." Clicking these will take you to pages of graphical goodness.

A word on the "Freedom" "Trend" graph: we just started tracking that. So right now, it shows how your nation has changed (or not) in the last seven days. But it will keep adding data points, tracking changes from now until the end of time, or we discover that it's killing the server, whichever comes first.

And Feature February isn't done yet! There's one big new feature still to come!

Update (22-Feb-2011): To avoid confusion, "Freedom" has been renamed "Trend," since it depicts economic strength, rather than economic freedom.