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That's Going Straight to the Pool Room

by Max Barry
Sat, 05 Feb 2011

For many years, the World Census has ranked nations. Eight, in fact. Eight years and a bit. But the glory (or shame) has been fleeting. You're ranked, then forgotten. Who was #1 yesterday? Which scale is your best? Nobody knows.

Until now! Starting today, your nation's achievements in World Census rankings can trigger a note in its National Happenings and a trophy icon, displayed beneath your nation description. Here's an example:

  • GrayTop 10% for Largest Mining Industry
  • BlueTop 5% for Largest Mining Industry
  • OrangeTop 1% for Largest Mining Industry
  • Yellow#1 for Largest Mining Industry

Each nation can receive up to two trophy icons per World Census: one for its regional rank, and one worldwide. Worldwide icons look similar but with a border, like so:

  • Gray with gray borderTop 10% in the world for Largest Mining Industry

There are also a few "special" icons designating notable achievements, such as being the Founder of a region or authoring an Issue or World Assembly Resolution.

As I write this, no nation has a World Census trophy icon. But they will now be awarded daily at the completion of each World Census.

Regions must be of a certain minimum size for members to receive regional trophy icons:

TrophyMinimum # of Nations
Top 10%10
Top 5%20
Top 1%100

For example, in a region with nine residents, no nation will receive any regional trophy icon. (They may qualify for world trophy icons.) In an 80-member region, there will be no #1 or Top 1% regional trophy icons, but four nations will receive Top 5% icons and another four will receive Top 10% icons.

Regional trophy icons are, of course, specific to the region they're received in, and will not display on your nation page if you move elsewhere. They will reappear if you move back to the original region, assuming you have not been gone so long as to lose all Regional Influence in it.

Icons last until the same ranking is next recalculated by the World Census, so your nation can lose them if it falls down the charts.

A special thank you to Icons etc for providing the high-quality free icons!