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Do Not Adjust Your Sets

by Max Barry
Wed, 05 Jan 2011

After a month of beta and over 500 forum posts, the new theme is moving to default! This means the site will look confrontingly modern for anyone who hasn't been playing around with their Theme selector lately.

If the new look stirs within you a wild fury, don't fear! You can select "Antiquity" in your Settings for that old-school feel. Or visit us via

The login/logout buttons are up the top right. I put that in bold because after eight years you get used to things. We haven't removed the ability to log out. That would be cruel to your families.

This is a big change and I bet we broke a bunch of stuff. Please report any bugs you notice and we'll get those straightened out over the next few days. Expect things to move around a little.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and ideas! Special thanks to Unicario, who contributed graphics we wound up using. Anything you don't like: totally Unicario's fault.