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Progress is Good

by Max Barry
Sun, 26 Jul 2009

Updates are coming thick and fast at the moment. A few highlights:

  • New custom fields! Reaching certain population levels now unlocks additional custom fields, allowing you to name your Capital City, National Leader, and National Religion.

  • New daily issues! We now have a grand total of 250. A code tweak also means older nations are much less likely to see the same issue appear twice in a short period of time.

  • World Assembly Councils! The WA now has two distinct sections: the General Assembly, charged with formulating international laws imposed upon all member nations, and the Security Council, responsible for new WA Resolution types that do not affect nation stats.

Speaking of which, we also have a new Resolution type!

  • LiberationLiberate

A Liberation Resolution overrides any Delegate password in the nominated region, allowing other nations to enter freely. (It doesn't restrict the Delegate's ability to eject, ban, or do anything else; nor does it affect regions with Founders.) This allows the World Assembly to further its aims of bringing freedom and justice to the world, or grossly overstep its moral authority, depending on your perspective.