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NationStates 2: Coming Soon!

by Max Barry
Mon, 21 Apr 2008

I know a bunch of you just choked on your wheat flakes, but it's true: NationStates 2 is happening. It's taken five years of discussion, plans, tears, hopes, trials, and floundering, but at last it's come together: I have the right people working on the right design.

Five years ago, I created this site, NationStates, in my spare time, never expecting it to find the popularity it has. I actually designed it to be a passing fancy, something you might find fun for a little while, then move on.

With NS2, the design from day one has been all about longer-term gameplay. While the core principles of NationStates haven't changed—micromanagement is still a dirty word, diplomacy is the focus, and customization rules—NS2 greatly expands your nation's ability to affect its world. It's all about giving you top-level control and letting you take your nation wherever the hell you want.

I'm thrilled about this. I hope you are, too. For more information, including an NS2 FAQ, check out