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The Great Disk Space Disaster of 2005 (Take 2!)

by SalusaSecondus
Fri, 26 Aug 2005

Yes, folks, it happened again. We filled up our hard disk. Apparently our fixes from the first time around didn't quite work. So, what's the situation? We ran out of space and the game tried (valiantly) to go on by making more space, by wiping out your accounts. Clearly it had its priorities messed up. Fortunately, a backup completed shortly before the game crashed. (Personally, I suspect that the backup caused the game to crash.) This means that I think that we lost just a few hours of data. I don't know how much yet. I'll get around to figuring that out after the game is fixed.

Our current status is "inconsistent". This means that the game is a tad confused about what's going on. So, until this is fixed, I've disabled new accounts. If you created an account between the last backup and the crash, your account is gone. Sorry. There are other problems that we'll be dealing with over the next week, but the game should be back to normal for most of you within a day.

Oh, yeah. I'm writing new code to keep this from ever happening again.